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Sweet: Obama on attack ads


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Michelle and Barack Obama on the campaign plane during a press conference. March 4, 2008. Photo by Lynn Sweet.
SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS--Audio of Sen. Barack Obama press conference aboard his campaign plane courtesy of USA Today LINK

Excerpts from Obama presser on the plane

If you lose Ohio will you blame the NAFTA/Canada problem?

" I mean we were 20 points behind a couple weeks ago and now we’re in a virtual dead heat. So just remember where we were and where we’ve been."

Attack ads having an effect?

"Look I mean there’s no doubt that if you’re being attacked every day that it creates a sense of turbulence in the minds of people. Our job is just to make sure that we stay clear about how we are gonna fix healthcare, how we’re gonna provide affordable housing to people and affordable college educations, bring back jobs. Just remember what we’ve been doing has worked. It’s put us in a position now where I am you know confident that we can maintain a pledged delegate lead going into the convention. So there’s no reason why we would want to change our approach in terms of talking to voters."

Any possibility that she could win the nomination?

"I think that they are tenacious candidates and a.. tenacious campaign. I think that she is going to push as hard as she can. As they said employ the kitchen sink strategy and see if it works. And our job is just to stay and keep playing our game."


It is a truly sad situation when as Hilary now feels Negative Personal Campaigning and Attacks - works!! - but that is the politics of The Past and not we want for CHANGE!

But the fight goes onto Pennsylvania with OBAMA and Hilary, it is though the Democratic Party that is losing out.

Right. Obama's bloodied our best candidate for the fall and is proud of it. Great. What are we going to do in the Fall?

Lynn---what were you and Michelle discussing on the plane? Looked intense.

In America politics today, pundits and media reward politicians and say how smart they are when the politician uses Bully tactics and an "assualt-like" mentality when they tear their opponents down by smear, distortions and lies --"swift boating". The news media and pundits like to Praise the unscrupulous Politician up instead of disavowing them. The pundits like to say how Brilliant they are; What a Victory they say; what a Comeback Kid; and justify their use of Negative Ads and reward the worst in us -- this low and base behavior which should be outgrown as a humanitarian society. How many good and decent men have gone down because they were unfairly swiftboated by their opponents, mischaracaterized by those who have no morals or ethics. Something is wrong with that picture.

There is nothing brilliant about lies, distortions, peddling fear, swiftboating, and an assassination of one's character, it's not a physical killing but a killing just the same, an emotional theft and mental crime. It's slander and distortion of the worse kind and should not be rewarded or esteemed as characteristics we need to emulate within our society. Do we emulate the school yard bully? Or the thief who steals one's life's earnings? It's Dirty Politics and should be called what it is, a crime. If America is to ever become better than what she is, than we must disavow this kind of tactics because it has no place in Democracy's arms, no place in a sane and peaceful society.

Running a country is serious business and it is not a game, it is not acting. It's the governing of people and their lives and should be taken as a solemn oath and duty. Dirty politics should not be looked up to as a virtue and politicians should not be allowed to swiftboat their opponent, for the sake of gain by any means at any cost.

There is a Right way to Fight and a Wrong way to Fight. Victory based on lies and cheating should not be condoned. There should be campaign laws about this kind of unscrupulous politicking. It should not be rewarded with the highest office in the land. It should be called what it is a Crime.

America is only as good as her politicians and leaders.

Right Wing Canadian Prime Minister Tied to Leak Slurring Obama

Dirty politics--you mean like not telling the truth about what your advisor said even after you've been caught in a lie about whether your advisor had a meeting?
Dirty politics--you mean like working your way up as a 'community activist' by stepping on the neck of a real community activist (Alice Palmer) to get on your first ballot?
Dirty politics--you mean like taking money from a Walmart corporate ally until it becomes IN CONVENIENT (to quote the cherished SNL?)
C'mon. It's a contact sport. To blame Hilary for all the screw-ups of this neophyte campaign, supported by people who are way too new to reading the political pages to criticize ANYBODY--shows a bankrupt intellectualism.
Obama needs to stick under the wings of Bill and Hil, lest he be called a spoiler when the south and southern thinking folks vote McCain like they planned to all along when they stuffed the ballot boxes in Iowa, Minnesota, and elsewhere. Leave the conspiracy theories in the O campaign HQ.

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