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Sweet: Obama now says he heard Wright make controversial remarks. Told Sun-Times Friday "wasn't in church" during those sermons.


PHILADELPHIA, PA.- -Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.), hoping to sideline a controversy that threatens his presidential quest, said Tuesday he will not “disown” the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, as he pleaded for understanding that simmering anger in this county—from blacks and whites—fuels “a racial stalemate we’ve been stuck in for years.”

Obama is trying to extricate himself from the crisis prompted by the surfacing of racially inflammatory sermons preached by his spiritual mentor, the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, the senior pastor at Trinity United Chuch of Christ on Chicago’s South Side.

Obama admitted in his speech that he personally heard some of Wright’s fiery rhetoric. “Did I know him to be an occasionally fierce critic of American domestic and foreign policy? Of course. Did I ever hear him make remarks that could be considered controversial while I sat in the church? Yes.”

On Friday, Obama, in an interview with the Chicago Sun-Times, Obama said something different. “I'll be honest with you. I wasn't in church when any of those sermons were issued.”

Obama probably made that admission in his speech knowing that reporters were trying to determine if he was in church for one of Wright’s divisive missives.


Where was State Senator Obama on Sunday September 16th 2001 when Christian America flocked to their churches to mourn and seek comfort in the face of national tragedy? On September 17th 2001 the Senator was certainly in Chicago as he was at a local ABC afflilate in Chicago supporting George Bush's nomination of Donald Rumsfeld.

Was he in Springfield? Was he visiting friends out of town? Or was he sitting in a pew at Trinity for one of the three services at which Reverend Wright gave his impassion "Chickens come home to roost" speech? The Obama campaign claims ignorance of the Senator's whereabouts and even demand "Do you know where you were that long ago?" (well yes, I was in church listening to our priest try to find words of comfort for a shell shocked, tearfilled congregation) the parishioners say "No Comment".

It should be easy enough for the Senator to check his diaries of the period--he saves every bit of paper, every adgenda, every email. Can't the Sun Times find out?

Or maybe there is a difference between being in church for THOSE sermons and being in church for "some controversial sermons".

He seems to think that embracing and distancing one's self from Rev. Wright won't confuse people. Is this what he means by unifying?

It sounds like he is square here and you are parsing a bit. He said he wasn't there when those particular sermons were given. That has still yet to be proven untrue. What you are arguing is that since he admits he heard some controversial statements while at church that means he was there for "God Damn America!"

Had Obama instead simply stood there and read the classifiedes section of the newspaper I would expect no less than fawning accolades from those who have surrendered the last vestiges of common sense for a shot at squandering votes.

"I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ." -
-- Mahatma Gandhi

In order to remove himself from the Rev. Wright controversy, Obama lied and said he wasn't in church and heard him. Yet in his speech he stated he was. Once again when push comes only to shove does Obama tell the truth. His speech now makes him a black man seeking the Presidency, instead of a man seek the Presidency who happens to be black. The race to the White House is now a race between white vs black. For Obama to say the white Americans are root of all black Americans ails , is just a continuation of hatred that was spew from the pulpit.


Senator Obama made it very clear to those who chose to listen Friday that he was not in attendance when those sermons continuously played on the news were made. He said he was not aware of those specific statements. How hard is that to understand???? Of course Reverend Wright has probably breached the subject of American's shady politics in previous sermons and in private conversations with Senator Obama, he has never denied that.

Lynn, he admitted to hearing "remarks that could be considered controversial." That does not equate to him saying he heard the remarks that have been played over and over the past few days. That's a subtle but important distinction.

Wow, if Obama is lying now. What can we expect in the Oval Office? Will Rev. Wright advise him? Scary thought... Let's face it, Obama knew that his minister is a racist and SUPPORTED him anyway. Why? Because he agreed w/it. Now that he wants to be out President, he is making up excuses for this very angry man. White people are reprimanded all the time. Many leaders, sad that they are leaders in the black community are not reprimanded for their racism. Racism is racism and Obama needs to not tolerate it even w/his preacher. If he wants to represent everyone then he needs to rise above it all and deny Wright. Unfortunately he did not do this in his speech today. I have not heard those comments in my Catholic church that some people are saying exists. If I did, I would be contacting my Cardinal and the pastoral council. And I would get up w/my children and leave the church. Probably not go back until situation rectified. Obama is standing by this church, this racist minister, and that bothers me about his beliefs. The do not represent America.

Lynn, I am pretty sure that when he said he "wasn't in church when any of those sermons were issued," he was talking about the sermons in question. While I was not in the ed board meeting, that interpretation seems to most closely resemble his remarks when he made the rounds on Friday. I don't think he was categorically stating total absence during any controversial sermon.

I think you have to listen or read a little more closely. He said he wasn't at the specific sermons that have been repeatedly played on television. What he said in his speech today is that he has heard him make controversial statements in the past.

Those two Obama quotes are not even related. Being a member of Trinity United Church of Christ myself for over 7 years, I can say that I, too, have been in the sanctuary to hear Dr. Wright address American politics and foreign policy in a way which some may perceive as "fiery". However, I was not there for the three different sermons that encompassed the clips that we have seen over the past week. People must understand that this man has preached 3 separate sermons every Sunday for years. Obama may not have been in the church on these specific occasions but it would be difficult to be a member of this very politically adept institution and not hear any of these types of perspectives being communicated to the congregation.


"...a group of men gathered..." without women. Susan B. Anthony Elizabeth Cady Stanton were among abolitionist suffragists who agreed that men (black and white) needed to get the vote first. Obama and his supporters act like white women are now the enemy. We are not now nor have we liberal women EVER been the enemy. But we (like Hilary and Geraldine) are being attacked as if we are. He's the son of a white woman from Kansas and a black man from Kenya (but he phrases it to put the man first). This is subtle, but telling. I find him sexist. I find his wife sexist. I find his campaign sexist.
Obama says he's not heard Reverend Wright speak disrespectfully about whites. Well, Hilary's white and I found Wriight's delivery of this sentence which ended talking about the U.S. being run by " white people--HILARY" He was clearly running the end of the one sentence into the other to make HIS point that Hilary is part of the 'rich white people' running America (into the ground). And for Obama to continue to support this the week after basically red-baiting er race-baiting Geraldine Ferraro from public life (good luck with that, son) is beyond reprehensible.

Obama said he wasn't in church during the extreme sermons being played on TV. But he has heard Wright say controversial stuff.

The real question is whether Republicans and the media have the intellectual maturity and honesty to acknowledge the difference. I wouldn't bet on it.

Posts like this remind me why this country yearns for someone like Obama. This silly hit piece is exactly the sort of thing that makes his thoughtful leadership such a breath of fresh air despite his imperfections.

It's simple - there are witnesses, people have video - Obama was about to be caught in a lie, because he said in lots of interviews that he wasn't "there" - which is a lie. So, he thought he'd better just come out with it and let the Obamabots and the compliant press corps do what they do - sweep it under the rug for him. "No story here, move along. But what about that great speech!" Sheesh!

Are you going to go further in the tank or is this the most ridiculous you're going to get?

At this point, I'm going to assume you're simply arguing in bad faith with Obama unless you can cite evidentially some sort of wrongdoing or misstatements, because this kind of micro-parsing is just silly.

you know what?, I genuinely was so happy to vote for Obama and so were my friends, b/c we believed him,
but now I don't think I can...

as my mother says you are judged by the company you keep, and if Obama has NOW LIED ( HE SAID HE WASN"T IN THE PEWS ON FRIDAY), and now admits he has, I have to believe that Obama has to agree with Rev. Wright...

9/11 is very raw, I cried so often and those towers coming down hurt me as an american...and I cannot vote for Obama, b/c he won't even disawove his relationship with this "GOD DAMN AMERICA" preacher...

and then to hear him call his grandmother a racist like that, and "put her under the bus"...

if this is WHAT THE NEW DEMOCRATIC party represents...COUNT ME OUT!!!! I'll vote MCCAIN rather than let FRAUD OBAMA and his anti-american preacher near the White house....

And I am a male in my 20s...thank you.


There is a difference between hearing controversial things and having been in attendance during the sermons in question. Sen. Obama's speech today is the most direct and contextual correct speech about race in recent memory. He not only took the time to explain the context of Pastor Wright's comments, but balanced it with helping blacks understand that there is a context for why some whites feel the way they do about race in this country. There are some who are trying to, by imputation, make Rev. Wright's views Obama's views. Now I ask you is that fair? When white clergy used the bible to justify the enslavement of an entire race of people, when white ministers both explicitly in their sermons and implicitly through their silence affirmed and perpetuated a racist, divisive and unequal system of segreation. Should the parishioners who sat in the pews Sunday after Sunday hearing and witnessing the racists and divisive rhetoric of their ministers and pastors in churches where they grew up, were married, raised their families for generations,where their children were baptized and family members eulogized, without ever speaking out against such hatred, should their ministers' views be imputed upon them? Absolutely not. Sometimes our religious leaders invoke rhetoric and hold views that we don't agree with. And why...because they're human and fallible just as we are. They come with the same biases and contridictions as we do. So let's listen to Senator Obama's message of hope and the promise of a better future. America's promise must and can be made available to everyone, if we're willing work together for the common good. Because as the greatest uniter, President Abraham Lincoln said "a house divided against itself can not stand".

I was brought up that 'two wrongs don't make a right'. So instead of disassociating himself from the hypocrite racist preacher, Jeremiah Wright, he says, "well my white grandmother said things that made me cringe". HOW GUTLESS ! Blame grandma. And grandma is not around to defend herself on whether he's making this up. Does he think that it is convienient that she isn't? The guy is a phony. He lost my vote.

In my lifetime I have seen dogs released on black folk who only wanted equality in America. I have seen young black men lynched for "reckless eyeballing" of a white woman. I have seen the hope of a nation struck down with the killing of Dr. King, John F. Kennedy, and Bobby Kennedy.
I have seen the hatred of men like Governor George Wallace stand on the steps of a school denying the integration of black school children.
And men like David Duke a klansman who cloaked his candidacy with racial madness and code words that we still hear today, words like reverse racism, which was used to justify keeping the good ole boy network in tact.
The fact that Black men were infected with Syphilis, then allowed to go home to infect there wifes and pass it on to there unborn children. They studied these men and there families for over a 30 year time span. Never telling them they were infected, or giving them the cure which they always possesed.
The list goes on and on and on.
Now tell me,... do I have a reason to hate white America?
Of course I do!!! Yet its not the whole story
What I do have is a Love/ Hate relationship.
I love the good. And Hate the evil.

I now see a black man who is able to bridge the divide. The truth is some would rather not acknowledge the progress and stay encamped in there respective corners.
Most white people will never truly understand the black experience in America. The love hate relationship that has existed for so long for a country that has so much promise yet chose to ignore its double standard for black Americans that still persists (to a lesser degree) today.
Thankfully today this is changing and my grandchildren and their children have an opportunity to live in a country that doesn’t see race as an issue.

We are not even close to achieving the promise of America.
Barack Obama is the hope of this nation. To be united on the things that makes us all Americans. His candidacy brings with it the view of both sides of the ledger. Those who hate him truly are only hating a part of themselves.

Have the Chickens Come Home To Roost? Obama gave an excellent rhetorical response, as he has so well done in the past. However, he seems to employ tactics that help him to get where he needs to be for the next step. This has its advantages and disadvantages. I seriously doubt that he has ever subscribed to the philosophy of Reverend Wright. However, he saw Reverend Wright and Trinity Church as a means to further his political agenda. Unfortunately, the chickens have come home to roost. Two examples of his lack of judgment and commitment to justice follow.
First, it is hard to understand how he could have accepted Reverend Wright, and at the same time did not respond to the plight of his constituents that lived in deplorable buildings owned by Tony Rezko. How can he listen to Black Liberation Theology on Sunday and not abhor the slum lord practices of his long-time friend Tony Rezko who was a substantial contributor to his campaign?
[Obama Sun Times transcripts on 03-14-08.]
Q: At any time during that, did they ever come to you and say there are
problems with the Tony Rezko buildings?
A: No
Q: Are you troubled that Tony Rezko hurt your former constituents?
A: I think it is deeply troubling that he did not keep these properties up, and
I’m very disappointed in that. And I think that every landlord in the city has
an obligation to do right by their tenants, and the fact that he didn’t is
something that shines a different light on it.,transcript031508.stng
Secondly, one of Obama's Earmark requests was for the hospital that employs Michelle Obama. Dan Riehl notes, via Amanda Carpenter, that in the list of earmarks he requested, $1 million was requested for the construction of a new hospital pavilion at the University Of Chicago. The request was put in 2006.
“You know who works for the University of Chicago Hospital? Michelle Obama. She's vice president of community affairs. As Byron noted, "In 2006, the Chicago Tribune reported that Mrs. Obama’s compensation at the University of Chicago Hospital, where she is a vice president for community affairs, jumped from $121,910 in 2004, just before her husband was elected to the Senate, to $316,962 in 2005, just after he took office.”
Why not endorse an earmark that would have helped the Cook County Hospital system of Chicago as well, which included Provident Hospital? Provident Hospital was established by Dr. Daniel Hale Williams in 1890, African American physician who made history by performing the first successful open heart surgery operation. No, instead Obama chose to enrich his interest.
This may not be any different from what other politicians do, but the Obama campaign pledges CHANGE and HOPE.
In conclusion, Obama’s words lack substance, and he lacks judgment based on principles of justice. Obama does not represent the type of character that I would like to see as our next President.

Despite Obama's denials, reputable newsmen were present during the speech and noted Obama nodding his head in approval. If he found those views of Rev Wright so divisive and offensive, why didn't he leave ? Instaed, he denied being there ! Same old stuff---

There is a difference being in attendance when Rev. Jeremiah Wright spoke words which some are taking as unfathomable, and hearing other words from the same minister merely speaking on salacious topics Americans tip-toe around daily.

Some now will view Senator Obama as not truthful. (BUT CAN WE REALLY HANDLE THE TRUTH AMERICAN CITIZENS?!) Not the water cooler talk or even the kind you have with associates of various nationalities (or heaven forbid similar ethnic background shrouded in the safety of your community.) CAN WE REALLY SIT DOWN, TALK OPENLY & HONESTLY ABOUT RACIAL DIFFERENCES?

I believe most still would perfer that it would simply vanish into thin air, but guess what? The more it is pushed into the background of the historical closets of America the more pugent the aroma becomes. Then when opening the doors, BAM! BAM!, now we act as though it is not really that appalling. Ask Geraldine Ferraro questions about race. What do you think her answer will be? Ask the Right-Wing politicos and TALK-SHOW hosts who spew forth venomous diatribes daily how they feel about serious discourse about race.

If nothing else comes from this moment in time (WE NOW KNOW SENATOR OBAMA IS NOT A MUSLIM!) as much of America has tried to label him. He is a Christian! By the way, there is nothing wrong with being one either. But this alone should be the glimmer of light to let Americans know how each really feels talking about race....*Sigh*...

In his statement today, he said he had heard "controversial" remarks in church. He stated he had not heard the "incendiary or inflammatory" remarks which appear on the videos. If you check those definitions as per Websters, there's a great deal of difference between controversial and inflammatory/incendiary. To make an issue of this, appears to be a desperate attempt to, once again, cast doubt on his character/integrity.

Wow Lynn, if this is what you pick up as an important point to discuss today, you've just failed as a legitimate political commentator. You're so far off the mark its hard to comprehend. I actually looked around your blog 3 times trying to work out if I was reading it correctly.


Ms. Sweet,

Sen. Obama's statement that he heard "remarks that could be considered controversial" does not mean that he was present when Wright gave the speeches that are burning up the internets. Any journalist or intellectually honest person should be able to make the distinction.

so-called "Austin Mayor"

You are misrepresenting Barack Obama.

He said "I'll be honest with you. I wasn't in church when any of those sermons were issued."

This is the truth. He wasn't. And you are misrepresenting him by saying otherwise.

That said, did he ever hear him make remarks that could be considered controversial? Yes.

You owe your audience a retraction. Please issue one, or I will have to request one from your editors.

My friend Lenny's made some stupid remarks in his time, but he's a basically good guy, so I'm still friends with him.

According to some people here, that means I agree with everything Lenny ever said. Right?


Does everyone here understand now why this particular line of Obama bashing is incredibly, droolingly stupid?

Is this some sort of joke or are you on a mission to destroy Obama's candidacy with lies, distortions, and half-truths?

He said he was present at SOME sermons where Wright used harsh rhetoric. On Friday, he said he was not present for the sermons that are on YouTube.

You owe it to your readers to draw this obvious distinction. If it was not so obvious to you, perhaps you should contact Senator Obama's campaign for clarification.

I personally don't get how the words that Jeremiah spoke has anything to do with Barack. What's amazing to me is how the media is constantly trying to find ways to bring the Senator down. If it's not one thing it's another, you guys feed off controversy and are continuously trying to find ways to tarnish Barack's name. I am fully aware that he is in the public eye and therefore will be under constant scrutiny, however, this is border line ridiculous. I don't feel that it's right to blame him for the remarks that came from another grown man. It's not right.
How much truth are you willing to accept because I've got an earful for you? Whether we choose to accept or believe it, we still live in a prejudice world. We live in a world that still judges people by the color of their skin. Because that's what this is all about. We still reside in a world that is so full of racial tension and the only thing the media seems to be doing is escalating the problem instead of trying to find a viable solution.
Barack is our future. I don't know how many people actually realize that but I'm guessing not enough considering all the bad publicity he's been getting of late. Barack is our hope, not just for black america but for america as a whole. When we allow ourselves to open our eyes and see past the color of one's skin, and truly unite as one, I promise this nation will be a better place.

why would the remarks have had to have been said in a church to be heard. if BO knows JW personally, and JW's speeches occur in other places, and are available in software format, what part of 'doesn't have to be in church to hear the remarks' eludes you.

your first question is to define controversial. you are stuck on the idea that it is hate speech, but strong ideas are controversial too. your second question is 'does he own other printed or audible media of wright.' which doesn't mean again hate speech. just ideas that may raise the eyebrows of those with differing opinions.

another media mistake.

it's too hard to burn some shoeleather on real stories. you don't seem like you'll be sweating over the clinton library papers until you get a press release to quote and reprint.

As an american of hispanic descent i find it interesting to see the conversations and arguments on this page. my first comment is that he is an "Illinois politician" and as of lately how many of our "great" leaders can we trust. To the backers of obama stop putting extra words or knowing what he said - he said both items and now he must realize that all the things from his past will come "to roost".

i am the independent voter that doesn't get a chance to vote in the primaries because i choose not to pick until the main election day.


It does not matter if he was in church to hear the sermons. (Although I believe he was not) He stated that he has heard Rev. Wright say things that he disagrees with and that he denounces.

The bigger issues in Obama's speech were about America's honest discussion about race. Hopefully we will be able to deal with them. I think that we can. There is so much attention being paid to Rev. Wright. I have watched CNN and heard the talking heads say ask why Wright would say that. Preachers in black and white churches say a lot of things that people do not agree with.

Rev. Falwell and Robertson said the same thing in different words. Not that we should be listening to those guys. But year after year white politicians look for endorsements from the Christian right.

September 11th attacks
After the September 11, 2001 attacks, Falwell said on The 700 Club, "I really believe that the pagans, and the abortionists, and the feminists, and the gays and the lesbians who are actively trying to make that an alternative lifestyle, the ACLU, People For the American Way, all of them who have tried to secularize America. I point the finger in their face and say 'you helped this happen.'" Fellow evangelist Pat Robertson concurred with his sentiment. After heavy criticism, Falwell apologized, though he later said that he stood by his statement, stating "If we decide to change all the rules on which this Judeo-Christian nation was built, we cannot expect the Lord to put his shield of protection around us as he has in the past."

Senator Obama cannot be reduced to a speech. He was not reduced to a speech when he worked his way through Harvard, Laws firms, the south side, Illinois Senate and the U.S. Senate. He worked hard for where he is today.

So....Obama says he wasn't in attendence when Wright made the terrible statements that have since been shown over and over.

OK....I took him at his word..although, I knew that reporters would be checking. Now, he says, "Did I ever hear him make remarks that could be considered controversial while I sat in the church? Yes.” So, you can parse this and say, he was not referring to THOSE SPECIFIC statements in THOSE SPECIFIC video clips of Wright.

Easy enough to solve. Ask those "remarks that could be considered controversial" include any of the statements you previously denied hearing in person? What do you think? Fair enough, right?

As some have said this is probably one of the most important speeches made in a generation. I would expect no less from Senator Obama. Unfortunately, if some of these responses given here and the so-called journalists of this paper are any guide it may be too nuanced for the general intelligence level of the American electorate. That in itself is a pretty sad commentary on the state of affairs in this country. It will only be our loss to paint someone of his caliber into the black corner and fall back into the familiar racial divide.

OMG I am so glad I found your political site. I love you Lynn Sweet and I am so glad you got a shout out in the Politico Article regarding Conference Calls. :) I love every article you are writing and keep up the good work. I am so glad there is one fair reporting site out there regarding these issues, than the bias, slanted and favorable to the great one. God Bless You... I don't feel despair anymore. :)

After listening to his speech...he his obviously a lair. He needed to address the Wright situation in a more direct manner...
leave that church would be a good start. I for one, don't want Rev. Wright as a Presidential advisor.

"He said 'I'll be honest with you. I wasn't in church when any of those sermons were issued.'"

This is the truth. He wasn't. And you are misrepresenting him by saying otherwise.

Posted by: Mark Kraft | March 18, 2008 09:51 PM

So Mark, you know this because you spend each Sunday in the company of Barack Obama? Or you have a crystal ball?


"Sen. Obama's statement that he heard 'remarks that could be considered controversial' does not mean that he was present when Wright gave the speeches that are burning up the internets."

Posted by: so-called "Austin Mayor" | March 18, 2008 09:39 PM

Whether or not Obama was present or not on any specific date is beside the point. What is important is that he was aware of "Reverend" Wright's malicious and bizarrely misinformed views, and has admitted that he was aware of them after having denied it earlier. Read the Friday quote, Mr Mayor.

Furthermore, despite that knowledge Obama saw nothing wrong with deeming "Reverend" Wright his spiritual mentor and a campaign advisor. That certainly would argue that Obama's religiosity is a cynical, calculated political ploy.

Lynn, jp.michigan, jo, cowboy, M
Juckle John:
It appears the 'controversial comments' bit has been already well-addressed here. I'm still concerned because I thought it was quite straight-forward, but apparently not as I've seen similar "he's a liar!" claims on other blogs.

'reputable newsmen'? Kristol (NYT) did indeed make that claim - and had to retract it almost immediately because IT WASN'T TRUE:
Obama was in Miami at the time. Kristol got his 'facts' from Newsmax, a notoriously unreliable source. The NYT is (and rightfully so) quite embarrassed.

Obama has said he and Michelle were at home caring for their new baby. There wasn't any 'no comment' about it.

If anyone wants to watch the video:

I sent a response earlier; I hope it was received

Here`s the thing, Ms. Sweet. Who cares! The dogs bark the caravan passes. Meaning what is the motive of this hair-splitting discourse? Why are you focusing on the inessential if not to destract attention away for what amounted to out of the park homerun for the Barrack campaign. It was clear to me in watching him speak that if nobody manages to assasinate him, he has clearly already won the presidency via the hearts and minds of the American people.

This from Polman....(clearly describes what you are doing)

"One hardy piece of political advice is: Cut your losses, and turn things to your advantage. Obama today tried just that, to knock down a bad story and challenge the electorate in a manner consistent with his core campaign theme. I won't hazard a guess on whether he succeeded; the risk is that too many skeptics will cherry-pick the passages that tick them off, and ignore the rest. But Obama's future as a potentially transformative politician may hinge on the outcome."

This is a National news story, but what are the thoughts and feelings about Rev Wright in Chicago? Does he reach out to other churches, regardless of religion or race? Does he only offer church services or comfort to Blacks? What do other clerg members in Chicago or in other places that have interacted with him think of him? The answers to these questions provides a basis of whether he should have been thrown under the bus. My daughter, who is fourteen years old, made the statement over three months ago that "Everybody has a racist grandma." When I read Sen Obama's speech, I laughed out loud.
Sen Obama has not lived in a community where folks like him made a majority. He has always been a minority searching for himself. Others saw him as an African American, but he chose the African American community. Will his perceived race or his stated solutions for what ills America be the focus of this campaign. You will decide.

I strongly agree that there is no contradiction about what Barack Obama heard and when -- read what he actually said:
"Did I ever hear him make remarks that could be considered controversial while I sat in the church? Yes. . . . But the remarks that have caused this recent firestorm weren’t simply controversial. "

Because he admitted to having heard some controversial remarks DOES NOT MEAN that he heard the remarks in question.

How hard is that to understand?

Remember people, if all else doesn't work ----- BLAME YOUR GRANDMOTHER. Especially if she's dead and , therefore, can't confirm or deny the grandson's allegation. Talk about cowardly.

Welcome Guerrette, glad that you're here so you can see firsthand that not all of us Chicagoans are brain dead Obama groupies. Which leads me to an important question. In two years when Obama runs for his Senate seat again, are you Obama groupies still going to vote for this clown?

clearly he was being a little slippery when he said he wasn't there for THOSE PARTICULAR sermons. i remember listening to him very carefully on several of those cable news interviews when he was doing his rounds and he never said that he never heard anything controversial at all.

you can call it flip-flopping, but what could you really expect the guy to do? i don't think he could have condensed the nuanced reality of what he said in his 37 minute speech in 37 seconds.

Just out of curiosity... why do you have a vendetta against Obama? Where is the objective in your objective journalism? What did Barrack do to you?

Imagine that! Some of the things Rev. Wright said was wrong -however looking at some of these posts - Rev. Wright has done more to help people than any of you! One would think too that since Rev. Wright has played such a major role in Obama's life - he doesn't talk like Rev. Wright. Also - Don't forget America - Obama is your black and white baby - your african-american child. Deal with it! What I don't understand is how so many stupid people are saying I don't believe Obama was in church on some days his pastor made certain remarks. Who cares what you believe - Obama nor Rev. Wright have commit any crimes. Hell - Rev. Wright hasn't rape little boys considering all the fuck-up kids/men that were raped in church by their bishops! Some of you who are no-body is just jealous of Obama and the fact that you just can't stand the fact that a black american is living the American Dream...

you took his comment out of context
he said he heard controversial statements that wright made in church ABOUT THE BLACK COMMUNITY, like fathers always leaving women, or promiscuity. he didn't say he heard wright say damn america

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