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Sweet cameo: Obama leaving his press conference. VIDEO.


HOUSTON, TEXAS--This is a clip from the ABC News story about Barack Obama's press conference, showing how he brought it to an end. Includes a cameo from me at the end.


Oh come on members of the press! Stop . You can't possibly headline "angry" in reaction to BO having to end the conference to stay on a schedule that is (gasp) more important than yours. By all means ask the tough questions -- however, you continue to make yourselves look petty by manufacturing drama and conflict that is not there. Do better.

Hillary tells you to go after Obama and you do, wow. I wish you would be that tough on Hillary or even the sitting president.

It is about time the MSM started to treat Obama like they treat Hillary.

Is Pres. Bush "angry" when he leaves press conferences while reporters are still shouting queries?

Good job, Ms. Sweet, keeping after him (just like when you stepped around the table to talk to Sen. Clinton several weeks back). But recognize that he does have a tight schedule.

And they call Hillary whiny!?
Hearing him bemoan the 'kitchen sink" being thrown at him is too much. His "c'mon guys" retort is right out of Reagan's playbook. Is this what people really want?! If he can't stand the heat of the kitchen he should get out and let a woman do the cookin'. I think it's time the press to finally put the heat up on him, if he can't handle the press how is he going to handle conflict or pressure from another country!?

Are you proud of your cameo? Proud of turning this into a nasty fight?


Could it be that SNL slapping the liberal news media in the back of the head got them actually ask a few questions (that should have been asked months ago) of Prince Obama????????? Hey BO, welcome to the real world. Looks like Bill Cunningham (Cincinnati Radio Talk Show Host) was right after all. It's like shining the light on a cockroach; it will always run and hide...

First, thank you for reporting the news. Not the horserace. Not the PrObama buzz vacuousness. Not attempting to make a name or get your own Sunday show by predicting rather than reporting.

Here's an idea, run the story the American people deserve to hear and should have long ago. "Obama: Can you take him at his words? And if so, which ones?"

Report nothing else he attempts to spin or promote. Until he engages on the news and stops treating the press like his hired PR agency, headline his dodging questions on

Rezko work, money and land deal,
outright lying on camera re: Canadian meeting taking place,
lying about his NAFTA position to Americans (or to Canada or both),
the inappropriateness of meeting with foreign government as candidate (and how that tells us Obama has moved beyond cockiness to outright hubris),
misrepresenting and misquoting others' assessments of his health care policy, etc.,
attacks on Clinton and fabricated race-baiting while claiming higher ground, etc.

Might not get him to stop dodging and lying, but at least the press will capture the true spirit of the Obama campaign and character of the man.

Geez, maybe you press guys should ask Hillary if she would like another pillow to sit on. You are all so easily manipulated. Hillary complains that she is being treated badly by the press and you all bend over backwards to accommodate her. Last night I kept hearing the press go on and on about how much Obama had out spent Hillary on commercials. Did you idiots ever stop to figure out how much free publicity the woman got from SNL, Letterman, & Ellen in the past week? The press and Hollywood types are drooling over the poor victim Hillary.

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