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Sweet: Obama is "surprised" press bit on Clinton push for tougher press treatment.


EN ROUTE SAN ANTONIO--On his campaign plane on Tuesday, Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) said that he was a "little surprised" the push by the Clinton campaign for Obama to get more scurtinized was working. The comment came a day after Obama was asked about his relations to Tony Rezko, on trial in Chicago on corruption charges and why his campaign at first denied an economic advisor met with a Canadian offiical and talked about NAFTA.

"I wa a little surprised that all the complaining about the refs actually worked as well as it did for them, this whole spin on how the press has been so tough on them and not tough on us," said Obama.

Clinton spokesman Howard Wolfson and Phil Singer--and the Clintons themselves--have stepped up their complaints that Obama is getting softball treatment.

"I didn't expect that you guys would bite on that. But it is what it is. Like I said, our focus is to just keep on talking about the issues"


Why are there quotation marks around "surprised,"? He either was or he wasn't. The quotation marks imply that the author thinks he is being disingenuous, in which case she should make that clear in the text.

Obama thinks the media is stupid, the American people are stupid. He honestly thought he was going to continue to get a free ride, while the media used boxing gloves on McCain and Clinton. He has tried to play the poor me, their picking on me long enough. It is time to stand up like a man and answer the questions , the public as asking for. I guess he thought we would just hand over the nomination with no questions asked. You are calculating and very cunning , but it won't be long when your sheep clothing will be removed.

Say What? He's running for president, and didn't expect to have to answer hard questions. Obama has had it too easy his whole life.

I really believe that Michelle and he expected this to be handed to them. I found this caller on a talk radio show, from Chicago, very interesting:

JP and Jan seem to think that Sen. Obama didn't anticipate having to answer tough questions and vigorously defend himself and his plans and proposals (his substance).

The only explanation for why they would think such is out of pure partisanship. Nothing in the Senator's comments quoted here indicates such. Nothing in what he or his campaign have said or done in the past year+ indicate such either.

Rather, Sen. Obama is pointing out that the press has lapped up Sen. Clinton's chiding remarks like so many kittens at a milk bowl -- a valid point made all the more pertinent by the fact that a gaggle of reporters just spent the weekend with Sen. McCain at his weekend mansion in Arizona eating ribs and getting massages.

Why would anyone think that Sen. Obama expected to have the nomination "handed to him"? If that were the case he wouldn't be raising millions of dollars, recruiting thousands of precinct captains, organizing dozens of campaign offices across the country or speaking with Americans from sun-up til way past sun-down. What a bogus red herring.

I'm an Obama supporter, but I have to say he has run a pathetic campaign this last week. Of course the press is focusing on Hillary's whining...his campaign has done ABSOLUTELY NOTHING for the last week. While she's been levelling attacks and going on talkshows, he has given the press nothing else to yap about besides Rezko, NAFTA-gate, Farrakhan, and Clinton's whining. They have known for weeks that the Rezko trial would start this week, shouldn't they have pulled some media stunts of their own to give the media something else to chew on?

So I assume you will be stalking Hillary this week to ask for her tax returns, and how she can justify staying in the race even though she has no realistic chance to make up Obama's lead in delegates.


Jacklyn--it does NOT imply disengenuousness. It is an abbreviated quote. The nice thing about this campaign is that a lot more people are reading newspapers. The bad thing is that it highlights how little true news coverage we have received in the era after deregulation. People are just not used to seeing any candidates held to account for their actions as PUBLIC people.

I find it interesting that the comments here state that Obama expected the nomination...that he expected the easy route, when in fact, Clinton was the presumptive nominee. She didn't expect this race to go past Super Tuesday. So, I think you've got your parties mixed up. And J.P from Michigan, I'm not sure what part of Obama's life was easy: was it when his father left him and his mother at a young age? Was it when he had to move across the world and learn another language to fit in as a child? Or was it when he was making around 13k a year as a community organizer before he went to Harvard? Yeah, his life has been a cake walk! LOL

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