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Sweet: Obama complained to Saturday Night Live chief about skits.UPDATE. He was joking.


SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS--As he was leaving here for Chicago, Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.), the morning after the toughest week of his presidential run, told reporters he called Lorne Michaels producer of NBC's "Saturday Night Live." This report via Carrie Budoff Brown and Ben Smith at Politico. LINK UPDATE Turns out Obama was joking.

SNL helped get the ball rolling by running a skit about Obama's softball press treatment. And last Saturday (see previous blog) in a cartoon, Obama was portrayed trying to keep the Revs. Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton at a distance from his campaign.

Obama, who has taken to calling the press the "refs" said,

"Complaining about the refs apparently worked a little bit this week. So in addition to my call to [Saturday Night Live producer] Lorne Michaels, hopefully now people think everything has evened out."


I don't think that Sen. Obama has gotten it easy with the press.
He has remained cool-headed when Hillary complains, whines and has temper tantrums. His campaign is well-organized and he keeps in touch with his supporters daily. I was originally for Hillary until she cried on national TV. As the first woman to potentially becoming president, I was turned off with her emotional outburst.

I don't think it was known earlier that Obama had complained about the skit. I can just IMAGINE what would have happened had Hillary done that. She would have been pilloried. So when SHE does it, it's complaining about the refs. When he does it, it no doubt it about trying to achieve balance or something lofty. It also recently has been noted that Obama's people complained, nearly immediately, about a politico story about his support supposedly being soft among Catholics. After a contentious exchange, Obama's people were able to not only get the headline changed, but also more "clarification" inserted into the story. (Personally, I can't believe the author did this, but that's a different matter.) What does matter is that Obama and his people are trying very, very hard to influence media coverage.

I think Obama has or is keeping J.Jackson and A.Sharpton at a distance. They are remaining deathly quite.

I just cant help but think of a 12 year old child yelling this isnt fair. Well I have news for Obama "you havent seen anything yet,,I so hope SNL continues the skits, I hope Lorne Micheal doesnt allows Obama to bully him,,,and also please Lynn Sweet keep up the coverage of Rezko, I think there is tons more there than we have heard yet,,,,,

who is he going to complain to when he gets real new coverage? when the republicans come after him. This is a man that has everything handed to him and is appalled when it isn't. And people say Hillary looks "entitled."

Can you imagine what BO will do in an actual race against McCain, if his skin is so thin that he calls the producer of a TV COMEDY SHOW to complain about their non "kid gloves" treatment?

Get a grip, Obama.

By the way, has BO said a thing about the Second City's review that's been going on for several months now: "Between Barack and a Hard Place"? - oh that's right, they're not on national TV, so why would Obama complain about that comedy show !

Hillary has been on SNL and The Daily Show, meanwhile Obama just calls the TV producers to complain.

Thank goodness the writer's strike ended just in time for comedy shows to do what the MSM is too afraid to do.

Pamela Ashley: calling what Hillary did an "outburst" is really belying your own emotional instability. Even Tom Cruise cried in Top Gun and he was the best of the best.

Only a political neophyte would blame 'the refs' for losing 2 states he could not win due to:
1. Rezko--and he blamed the timing of the case on Clinton--go figure.
2. His lying about Goolsbee (sp) not having a meeting (he had one) with the Canadians about the NAFTA wink wink nod nod.
3. People can connect the dots--a wifey who worked for walmart and got nearly a 1/3 million for doing NADA at a hospital? With day care for kiddies? And a free mansion to boot (see #1)?
If anybody can help these hapless fools spin this properly, it's Bill and Hil.
Time for Obama to give it up or buy some cheese if all he's gonna do is whine.

I think SNL producer is only trying to do something fair to both candidates, I have watched Hillary badly treated(criticized)all the time by the media (TV) for months, we asked each other, why? What has she or Bill done to hurt those people (in the Media such as KABC, CNN, etc.)so much.
I don't believe that her opponant is so perfect that all young girls will be so crazy about him, I believe it is all set-up situation but I admire Bill Burton on his strategy, just like 2 companies are trying to sell the products, so they will try with different strategies to attract the customers.
In this world, we are all human-being, nodody is perfect, we only need to pick the one who is better than the other, that is all. I don't believe either candidate will be so perfect in everything from waht we see on TV about Obama. The truth will come out soon.
Another thing is when you are not present to vote for 130 times, will that tell you something about that person. I think it is 130 times, correct me if I am wrong, I read from somewhere.

I agree he's generally remained cool-headed. It's the Clinton tactic to whine, complain and scream anytime they get caught in a lie until they get the votes. Since Tina Fey is obviously on a one-person crusade against Obama I don't blame him. If people in Ohio (who are already reporting regretting voting for Clinton who is once again vacillating on her promise to bring them more jobs less than 24 hours after she won) were dumb enough to vote on a skit, more people might be too.

And don't worry Lorne Michaels and Tina Fey have more anti-Obama skits at the ready. The problem? Everybody sees through them by now.

The media's blatant SEXISM in this campaign has been out of this world. BOTH candidates have complained about various issues and Obama is on TV just as often doing this as Hillary. However, when Obama points out something he disapproves of, the media uses the terms "disagrees" or "took issue with", whereas when Hillary does the same thing the media across the board uses the terms, "whining", or "playing the ____ card" both of which are demeaning, derogatory terms. People from Europe as well as the Scandanavian countries who are watching this race have posted about this disparity of terms and mentioned how sexist and "caveman" our media looks compared to the coverage in their respective countries. If the media wasn't being sexist, they would be using the SAME verbage. Instead, the media repeatedly uses different terms to describe the EXACT same action and it has nothing to do with Hillary whining and Obama being "statesmanlike"; that's BS. There's been plenty of times when Obama has looked like a spoiled arrogant brat, but the media hasn't said, "Obama pulled another tantrum today..." The media has been so worried about appearing racist that, until very recently, they've actually glorified Obama; but apparently being SEXIST on an almost daily basis, even when Hillary WINS, seems perfectly acceptable.

Perhaps people missed the update tag on this story that mentions Obama was JOKING in his reference to calling Lorne Michaels. this never even happened.

Up until this point Hillary has been backed by a husband who has definitely pulled tantrums, and she has in fact been "whining" about wanting the votes from Michigan and Florida to be counted on what is widely viewd as unfair terms in her favor. Her position on this issue is very far from stateswoman-like. She has also insinuated that Obama's excellent speeches are a waste of time, and she has played the fear card in an almost republican way. It is in fact Clinton herself who has propagated this media bias in Obama's favor.

This is why the media is portraying her as a whiner. The media is far from perfect, but i believe they have actually reported things very accurately to this point. Obama is not perfect, but I have yet to see him stoop to her level of mudslinging. If anything Obama has been TOO laid back, and TOO statesman-like for his own good.

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