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Sweet: Obama campaign calls passport snopping "outrageous."


WASHINGTON--The Obama team enters the weekend of one of the roughest patches of the campaign calling the three breaches of the passport file of Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) "outrageous."

“This is an outrageous breach of security and privacy, even from an Administration that has shown little regard for either over the last eight years," said campaign spokesman Bill Burton.

" Our government’s duty is to protect the private information of the American people, not use it for political purposes. This is a serious matter that merits a complete investigation, and we demand to know who looked at Senator Obama’s passport file, for what purpose, and why it took so long for them to reveal this security breach,” said Burton.


This is an important story. But, Obama missed a BIG chance to take on the media distortion of our democracy by--throwing his white grannie under the bus early this week, and, apparently once again yesterday when he referred to his grandmother (the bank executive who raised him for a good while) as a 'typical white person'--and was not called out on it.
Throughout the 2-person race coverage (even while Edwards was still viable) the mainstream media has allowed implicit and explicit sexist comments to be made.
When Barack was about to be exposed as a hypocritical racist, he got a 30 minute news conference aired on the corporate media that is promoting him. Hilary, whom Barack hypocritically bashes as being pro war (their votes to sustain funding since junior joined her in the Senate are identical) held a news conference with VALERIE PLAME on the same day that was virtually ignored. This was MAJOR news.
Barack's 'big speech' in Philadelphia seemed like finger-wagging that I did not need to hear, did not deserve to be lectured on--particularly when delivered by a guy who grew up pretty much as a privileged white person. He NEEDED to address whether he was in the pews hearing and not deciding to quit a church which, while taxpayer funded, engages in political hate speech from the pulpit. He did not. He delivered a 'great' speech and, since there is no Fairness Doctrine anymore, Hilary is powerless to object. So, maybe that's why Barack has done so little on media reform.
He, unlike John Edwards, joins Hilary in having no media reform plank in his platform.
Maybe Hilary will add one now.
I do not expect Barack to, as he's benefitting from such biased coverage from the networks in particular.
I believe there are key things which MUST be pressed:
1. We need to see Barack's and Michelle's financial records for the past 20 years. ALL OF THEM.
In this manner, we can learn how much of their power and clout in Chicago are due to Rezko and other corrupt players.
2. We need to learn whether Barack knew of all the race-bashing his spiritual advisor was engaging in. Only a hypocrite could call himself a 'uniter' while sitting in the audience hearing those comments.
3. Stories #1 and 2 are far more important than any endorsement, any state department investigation of passport spying. Since our passport files are being spied upon and Barack (nor Hilary for that matter) are not filibustering to prevent all the spying on YOU AND ME why exactly should I care that his passport files were spied upon?
Remember--he's a candidate, not a messiah.

Yes, such spying is outrageous. Which of course is why I saw both Barack and Hilary campaigning NIGHT and DAY against such spying against we little people when the FISA bill with the protections back in it LOST in the Senate. It's not enough to vote it up--I wanted to see BOTH of these senators campaign against it. Only they were too busy attacking each other for the sake of silly soundbites.
Maybe they'll unite against blackwater and other military contractors. Truthout says Hilary has made a statement against private contractors for military 'work'--will Barack do the same?
Imagine if Barack had spoken in Philadelphia about illegal spying on Americans, MIC profiteering, an emergency proposal to INSTANTLY END the war in Iraq and blow up our underground installations in the middle east which AIPAC-driven funding for Israel instead of Rev. Wright and his grandmother. That would have been a GREAT speech of Eisenhower stature. Denounce a minister? Not needed. So that's why he got a full 30 minutes from major networks. Nobody agrees with 100% of what comes out of whatever pulpit they attend anyway, do they? And why didn't he get in as much trouble for traveling to CT to support his 'friend' Joe Liebermann as he did for attending Wright's church?
THAT would have been a great speech of Eisenhower stature. (Aren't our problems are more class-based than race-based at this point?) Iraq War and AIPAC-led funding ruins our economy--not so much the subprime lenders. Can Hilary and Barack unite and stop the real and financial bleeding before the election? They've both got the power to do so. But their campaigns and the media kind of like all the drama (and ad buys) to continue.

to golden oldie: I agree. If he's demanding the Clinton's show their tax forms and earnings than so should the Obama's. BTW, Hillary, Obama, and McCain all had their passport records breeched. You run for president you become public fodder. Expect it.

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