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Sweet: New York Gov. Spitzer snagged in hooker tryst probe. Should he resign?


WASHINGTON--The Democratic Governors Association, coming to the aid of Democratic New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer--caught up in a probe of a high class hooker ring here--is asking the public to not jump to conclusions "until all the facts of this case are known."

The Republican Governors Association is asking Spitzer to step down.

A federal wiretap overheard Spitzer (D) seeking a date with a hooker last month. On Monday, Spitzer apologized to his wife and family in a very brief statement--and no questions.


This from the DGA.....DGA e.d. Nathan Daschle is the son of former Sen. Tom Daschle (D-S.D.)

Daschle Responds to Spitzer’s Remarks

Washington, D.C. – Democratic Governors Association Executive Director Nathan Daschle today issued the following statement regarding New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer’s remarks.

“We have been closely following the unfortunate news coming out of New York today. Our thoughts and prayers are with Governor Spitzer and his family during this very difficult time. Governor Spitzer is a dedicated public servant with a long record of bringing positive change to New York.

“This is not the time to play politics, particularly as investigations are ongoing. Until all the facts of this case are known, we should all exercise caution and restraint.”

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A: Yes. End of discussion.


Nathan Daschle comes off like just another...politician. As that old stud Henry Kissinger once said, "Power is the ultimate aphrodisiac," and that is why the boys run for office.

But Eliot got caught, and I think that his wife ought to be allowed to decide his future. I'd recommend Bobbittism.

I just read a funny comment on the New York Sun's website on the Spitzer story from someone called "Jan Obama". Taking a line from the Sun's article, the commenter wrote "Spitzer Left a Deposit", and then wrote "you can say that again".

Another clever Jan ;-)

If he is convicted of a felony (transferring funds across state lines to fund a crime), he's not going to have a choice.

Plus, the idiot would be disbarred.

If he wanted to stay married to me, he would resign immediately and pay the price.

She should have resigned already. He is shameless.

Yes! Betrayal of Public Trust. Should have a higher moral standard.

Bozo's Circus is on the air!

There are few people more appealing to the American public than either super hero, or a reformed whore. Spitzer had his Super Hero role when he prosecuted the Wall Street Money Changers and sent a few to prison. Now, he gets to audition as the repentant sinner. However, he needs to hit rock bottom first, and that means leaving the Governor's mansion.

I think if his wife & family can forgive him I think we all shoud.

Elliot should not resign - we have the technology to use robots to govern us but lets continue to be governed by humans

Yep, this guy was the darling of the liberal media when they were seeking to recapture the Governor's mansion for the Democratic party. I remember fluff pieces in the N.Y. Times and Time magazine. As I have said before, our two parties are different sides of the same coin.

I wish every journalist would read this:

WSJ - 3/12/08 - Spitzer's Media Enablers

What Gov. Spitzer does in his own time and with his own money should be his own business. The Gov. did not use state funds; he did not use state paid for time; he continued to do the best he could for New York taxpayers.

Why should he resign over what would be at best a misdemeanor offense?

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