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Sweet: New Plouffe memo on money, delegates.


LAWRENCE, KS. --The latest "state of the race" memo issued Thursday afternoon from Obama campaign manager David Plouffe.

(regarding the dateline....Today I am at the Robert J. Dole Institute of Politics at the University of Kansas. I am speaking on a panel about the presidential election tonight.P

this from the Obama campaign...........

lynn --

I want to add some more news to David's note about the state of the race.

As you know, we've won 27 of 41 contests and have maintained our commanding lead among pledged delegates.

But today I want to share another staggering number: supporters like you donated more than $55 million to this campaign in the month of February.

That's a humbling achievement, and I am very grateful for your support.

No campaign has ever raised this much in a single month in the history of presidential primaries. But more important than the total is how we did it -- more than 90% of donations were $100 or less, and more than 385,000 new donors in February pushed us past our goal of more than 1,000,000 people owning a piece of this campaign.

From the beginning, this campaign has always been funded by a movement of grassroots supporters giving whatever they can afford. And unlike Senator Clinton and Senator McCain, we have never taken money from lobbyists or PACs.

Senator Clinton has decided to use her resources to wage a negative, throw-everything-including-the-kitchen-sink campaign. John McCain has clinched the Republican nomination and is attacking us daily. But I will continue to vigorously defend my record and make the case for change that will improve the lives of all Americans.

I need your help to continue this battle on two separate fronts. Now is the time to step up and own a piece of this campaign.

Please make a donation of $25 today:

Thank you for your support,


---------Original Message--------
From: David Plouffe,
Subject: The math

lynn --

Our projections show the most likely outcome of yesterday's elections will be that Hillary Clinton gained 187 delegates, and we gained 183.

That's a net gain of 4 delegates out of more than 370 delegates available from all the states that voted.

For comparison, that's less than half our net gain of 9 delegates from the District of Columbia alone. It's also less than our net gain of 8 from Nebraska, or 12 from Washington State. And it's considerably less than our net gain of 33 delegates from Georgia.

The task for the Clinton campaign yesterday was clear. In order to have a plausible path to the nomination, they needed to score huge delegate victories and cut into our lead.

They failed.

It's clear, though, that Senator Clinton wants to continue an increasingly desperate, increasingly negative -- and increasingly expensive -- campaign to tear us down.

That's her decision. But it's not stopping John McCain, who clinched the Republican nomination last night, from going on the offensive. He's already made news attacking Barack, and that will only become more frequent in the coming days.

Right now, it's essential for every single supporter of Barack Obama to step up and help fight this two-front battle. In the face of attacks from Hillary Clinton and John McCain, we need to be ready to take them on.

Will you make an online donation of $25 right now?

The chatter among pundits may have gotten better for the Clinton campaign after last night, but by failing to cut into our lead, the math -- and their chances of winning -- got considerably worse.

Today, we still have a lead of more than 150 delegates, and there are only 611 pledged delegates left to win in the upcoming contests.

By a week from today, we will have competed in Wyoming and Mississippi. Two more states and 45 more delegates will be off the table.

But if Senator Clinton wants to continue this, let's show that we're ready.

Make an online donation of $25 now to show you're willing to fight for this:

This nomination process is an opportunity to decide what our party needs to stand for in this election.

We can either take on John McCain with a candidate who's already united Republicans and Independents against us, or we can do it with a campaign that's united Americans from all parties around a common purpose.

We can debate John McCain about who can clean up Washington by nominating a candidate who's taken more money from lobbyists than he has, or we can do it with a campaign that hasn't taken a dime of their money because we've been funded by you.

We can present the American people with a candidate who stood shoulder-to-shoulder with McCain on the worst foreign policy disaster of our generation, and agrees with him that George Bush deserves the benefit of the doubt on Iran, or we can nominate someone who opposed the war in Iraq from the beginning and will not support a march to war with Iran.

John McCain may have a long history of straight talk and independent thinking, but he has made the decision in this campaign to offer four more years of the very same policies that have failed us for the last eight.

We need a Democratic candidate who will present the starkest contrast to those failed policies of the past.

And that candidate is Barack Obama.

Please make a donation of $25 now:

Thank you,


David Plouffe
Campaign Manager
Obama for America



"Obama/Kucinich '08"

I hope that someone somewhere within the campaign is already giving this idea serious consideration for the fall, but would urge that making the choice NOW could be a great time-filler until 4/22, and wonderful possibility for revitalizing and shoring up the campaign RIGHT AWAY!

I have thought for a long time that an Obama-Kucinich ticket made a lot of sense. What better antidote to the Cheney mode than a frank and honest vice-president who can build upon the Obama strengths -optimism and hope for a changed approach in the future.

Having just regained his seat in Congress, and being well-remembered as a "man-of-the-people" throughout Ohio would beef up the Obama vote, both there and throughout the critical "Rustbelt" states.

Even Kucinich's weakness, a lack of charisma, is an asset when found in a vice-president who also brings along some important constituencies. What's more, he may help to redefine that word in a positive way, once he became empowered to help to lead the change that such an administration could bring.

DON'T GO NEGATIVE! Instead, SEIZE THE PUBLIC SPHERE for the next month(!) while also exposing the Clinton backbiters for the idea-bankrupt, power-hungry, old-time, political-hacks that they are!

OBAMA/KUCINICH '08 * * * NOW! * * *

Obama campaign states 'we don't take money from lobbyist or PAC" He accepts money from 'bundle-rs' and from 'lobbyist groups' as well as individual campaign contributions from the spouses of wee-known Washington lobbyists . 'Bundled funds' from labor unions and Democrat 527 organizations. In other words , believe what I preach not what I do.

Obama Edwards would have worked. But the media would bring out the UFO story again and again and again until we'd all be left hoping that Rezko, the U of C Daley job and the lot would ride away on that *)&^ UFO!

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