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Sweet: New Clinton Pennsylvania ad. VIDEO



To bad you did not Post her Bosnia Sniper Tale Video. "The Tale of Bosnian Sniper Fire" is outrageous and a breach of the Public Trust or should be. It goes right to the Heart of Credibility and to Character! Some in the media have gone on to say, "it's no big deal", or this amounts to "silly season." Incredulous! However, to willfully mislead the public for gain is wrong and should have no place in our politics today and certainly should not be rewarded by a vote of confidence and our votes. This is an egregious matter. Further, Politicians should not get a pass from the Media -- to be able to get away with such outrageous distortions, lies and exaggeration. They should be held to a Higher Standard than the rest of us if they want to hold the highest office in the land and to lead America to a better standard of life. This is what is wrong with our politics of today, a "do and say" anything policy that is allowed to be acceptable when on the otherhand, we raise our children not to lie and steal and cheat.

In trying to make Barack look "unelectable", by using the Words of Rev. Wright (not Barack's Words), Camp Clinton has instead by her Bosnia Tale caused us to Focus on her Words (not her Rev., not her husband, HERS!), which we have discovered to be Exagerrations! So we are left to Question, what can we believe from her, since Nafta turned out not to be true, Ireland is questionnable -- so we wonder what can we believe that comes out of Hillary and Camp Clinton's mouth, and further, what other Misstatements has she Misspoke?

Unfortunately, this race could have been over in Texas, but the Main Stream Media has been silent on telling the American people that if not for the 100,000 Republicans who voted for Hillary, edged on by Rush Limbaugh, Barack would have won Texas. The Republicans also voted for her in Ohio and gave her a substantial margin. This was done not because they have a particular liking for Hillary, but because they want to prolong the race between the Democrats to make John McCain look good, and because they think they can beat Hillary in the Fall.

Here's a Trailer Hillary's "The Tale of Bosnian Sniper Fire" URL:

Let's say -- "No More Do and Say Anything Politicians!"

I just start to worry now what Truth Hillary is saying all the time, everyone should see "Hillary The Movie"

This is an It's The Economy Stupid ad but the question I have, Lynn, is the extent of play being given in the PA media to Sen. Clinton being caught in yet another political play with her "I was an opponent of NAFTA" (oops, I almost called it a lie) remark. I would hope that any coverage of this latest ad was paired with pointing out her...flexibility with the truth.

This is all going to make a fascinating dissertaion in Media Studies for someone some day. The Clinton campaign simply doesn't seem willing to face the reality that their biggest liability is their candidate, while the Obama campaign's biggest asset is...their candidate.

Ads like this, with Sen. Clinton in the same suit, looking posed, alternating with looking over someone's shoulder, historically have gotten little traction. It's like when people like she or her husband emphasize something on the stump with that lame fist with their thumb sticking up. They look like a goodie two shoes cheerleader emphasizing a Really Important Point at a all-school rally, i.e. the kind of person who rubs most folks the wrong way.

One wonders how much, with her funds running out, such an underperforming ad must have cost them.

This reminds you and makes you wonder what happened to all of those jobs she promised New Yorkers when she was running for the Senate.

Hello Lynn
The story that I want you to comment on is this sniper fire comment that Senator Clinton put in the public domain To claim that she landed in Bosnia under sniper fire to embelish her foreign policy credentials is not misspeak it is a outrageous lie and proven so by video footage of the landing by various media organizations. Please write about this proven lie and that she is a liar and can't be trusted by the American people: ala her husband. Senator Obama has not told one lie about his experience. This woman is unelectable and she can't be trusted.
James White

The ad gives me hope that she's adopted a lot of the John Edwards ethos, along with a lot of his platform ideas. Obama did the same thing after Iowa, where it appeared to be a three way race. The media, sadly, depicted it as a two-way race. And that is why we are in the state we are with two candidates that do not have the same ability Edwards would have had to defeat McCain.
It saddens me to think that George McGovern's comments are correct--that it's harder to elect a woman today simply because of our sexist (and that means problems with women as well as men) society.
However, before Julie and Jerry jump on Hilary's unfortunate problem in remembering Bosnia--there is a reason why we have the one mistake rule in media law. In the heat of argument, people often get things wrong, or remember things wrongly. And we do not penalize them for stating something wrongly about a business, for instance.
Think of how long this campaign has lasted.
I think almost every candidate has, at one point or another, their 'Bosnia' moment. I do not wish to bring down another Democratic candidate, as I hope we do end up getting the Republicans out of office in the Fall, and I don't care whether it's Barack or Hilary so much.
I am, however, quite concerned that some who support Obama seem to not care how nasty the things they say about Hilary are. Casual comments which refer obliquely to the menstrual cycle, or demeaning Hilary's handling of her 'house' (in an indirect reference to Bill and Monica), or calling Chelsea a 'whore' (indirectly and in 'hip' lingo, of course) all have contributed, in my opinion, to a distinct anti woman in the professional sphere attitude.
I hope this sort of thing can stop being promoted by those who do not find Hilary their first pick.

What does Bosnia have to do with this thread? About as much as the revelation yesterday in the Rezko trial that Obama draft legislation to retool (EMPHASIS ON TOOL) the Illinois Health Planning Facilities Board to steer contracts to Rezko.
Now, isn't that more newsworthy, kiddies, than someone in a sleep deprived moment merging a bad daydream that hadn't taken place in a really scary scenario?
Havenj't you all been reminded by relatives that something hadn't happened the way you remembered it?
Where is Barack right now? Conferring with lawyers OFFSHORE in a swept of listening devices room about how the dickens to deal with the Rezko/Healthplanning board DISASTER!!!
C'mon! it's time to decide if we wanna watch McCain get sworn in a wee 10 months from now!

It is unfortunate that Hillary Clinton misremembered, but I have a hard time believing that it was intentional. She knows that her words get repeated in the print and electronic press and will be cross checked by the press. I'm inclined not to hold this one misremembrance against her. She brings too much else to the table, whether as a presidential candidate, senator, or American citizen otherwise working in the public interest.

I, too, am amazed by how blatantly nasty the comments are from the bloggers who favor Obama and/or don't favor Clinton. Clinton is a human being, with flaws and missteps like the rest of us, but reports across the board from people who actually know her indicate that she is an incredibly smart, insightful, caring, and engaging person, even if you don't always agree with her words or ideas (or her choice of husband). Some bloggers seek to dehumanize her and use such extreme words to describe her. Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.

I am actually more concerned that Obama thinks that Canada is led by a president instead of a prime minister. The Canadians must be wondering how someone can be a serious contender for the U.S. presidency -- leader of the Western world -- and lack knowledge about the government of one of our closest allies. So embarrassing. I hope that he studies up on foreign affairs if he ends up being the Democratic candidate (and certainly if he becomes president).

Forget "hilary the movie"---a mcCarthyistic attempt at swift-boating from whom? mccain? I hope not Obama.
Listen to the years' late NPR piece about the 'anti-war candidate' and then we'll talk, John S and Julie M.

It shows that it's beyond time for the junior senator to fold into a successful democratic campaign. Too bad Obama didn't become John Edwards' veep back when it was a three way race and both Hilary and Barack had to KNOW that the news media was inaccurately negating Edwards' chances. Where's the integrity in that?

If you are so sensitive about Clinton exaggerating her dodging bullets in Bosnia, you may want to check out the ways Obama has misrepresented facts on 'prepared' speeches or repeatedly denied events that happened (e.g. NAFTA-gate, 'Selma is home', law professor, 'no lobbyist money accepted', etc.)

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