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Sweet: Michelle Obama greeted "first lady" chant in Houston.


HOUSTON, TEXAS--Barack Obama wrapped up Monday at a rally here with his wife, Michelle. She was greeted by the crowd with the chant "first lady," "first lady."

"Wait," she said.

"We have a little more work to do."

Said Obama, "we are building not a movement but a democracy in this campaign."


The Republican's New Agenda is to Stop Obama, they want to run against Hillary. They have so much dirt in their Arsenal on the Clintons just waiting to be Unleashed (movies, scandals, lawsuits, books) -- that is why Rush Limbaugh is Begging, Begging his listeners to vote for Hillary. Limbaugh declared: “I want the funeral music to play at some point to the Clintons, but not this early.” America, if Hillary becomes the nominee, we haven't seen nothing yet!

Who released the Canadian Memo and distorted its contents--, where did that come from and who called Goolsbee to a meeting and conveniently set him up? Who pushed up Rezko's trial which, was to start much later this year? Why did the Somali picture come out, along with Farrakahn endoresement and a radio jock mocking of Obama's middle name? Which was allowed to be played over and over again by the Main-stream media. We have to ask these things? Who wants to Kill unity and hope? Was this part of the Kitchen Sink or may be the Basement (Swiftboating)? I do know its dirty politics and until we reject this kind of politicking in America we will be a pawn in their hands, the people of power, and never find our true Independence and Voice which Obama is offering. The Evil Ones are just getting started, warmed up. Someone is trying to pull our strings. The Truth will come out, however. Hopefully, America we can see through this Rouse this time and elect CHANGE!

(I have left several posts on this blog and they are never posted, I wonder why)

Question: If Rezko had been awarded all that money to rehab those properties in the district that Obama led, and the recontstruction did not take place as has been suggested, then why did Obama not demand explanations from Rezko for the delays? It was his district and his constituents who would have benefited so why was he not demanding answers? This is not presidential material if this is the case since he obviously was not looking after his own.

We have a democracy to BUILD?

So, American has not been a democracy all these years? To her mind only her husband's campaign can MAKE the US a democracy?

No wonder she hasn't been proud of America until her husband became a rock star---and no, not president.

I'm sure Adams, Jefferson, Lincoln, FDR who envisioned and fought for democracy are relieved Obama finally accomlished what they couldn't and sealed the deal.

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