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Sweet: Latest air invoices from Obama campaign.


SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS--Here's my latest installment of What Things Cost on the campaign trail, an invoice from the Obama team for flights on the campaign plane last week. One day, Feb. 29, cost $1,092.56 for two flights in Texas. The tab for flying on the ATA 737 charter includes in-flight food service.

(Check a previous post for earlier billings)

Click below for invoice.



Obama For President Press Billing - Invoice: OFP12955

Feb 29 2008 Flight: BRO - SAT $510.54
Brownsville-San Antonio

Feb 29 2008 Flight: HOU - BRO $582.02

Invoice Total:

Travel Expenses for Lynn Sweet - Chicago Sun-Times


Lynn, why don't you bring up how Peter Paul and his campaign fraud relationship with the Clintons. Just because Peter Paul has a dark past as a con man, does not mean his case regarding the fraudulent Clinton campaign null.

Why do you insist on bringing up Rezko and Obama rather than Peter Paul v. Clintons?

Thanks for sharing the details. I always wondered about the logistics of journalists flying on a candidate's chartered plane. So . . . how is the food?

Hello Lynn,

Is this a complain or a comment?
Next time stay at home and watch the news on TV.

One love

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