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Sweet scoop: McCain, Obama, Clinton come in from campaign trail for Iraq hearings April 8.


WASHINGTON—The Chicago Sun-Times has confirmed that all the presidential contenders-- Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.), Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-N.Y) and GOP presumptive nominee Sen. John McCain (R-Az.)-- will drop off the campaign trail on Tuesday, April 8, to return to the Capitol for hearings on the Iraq surge featuring Gen. David Petraeus and Amb. Ryan C. Crocker.

The testimony of Petraeus, the U.S. commander in Iraq, and Crocker, the U.S. Iraqi ambassador, before House and Senate panels comes as 4,003 U.S. soldiers have died since the war began. Democrats in Congress are gearing up for tough sessions to question the progress of President Bush’s surge, which McCain has defended.

On Tuesday morning, Petraeus and Crocker will appear before the Senate Armed Services Committee—with McCain and Clinton—and in the afternoon Petraeus and Crocker will be testify in front of the Foreign Relations Committee, where Obama has a seat. Obama and Clinton have been wrestling over their Iraqi troop-withdrawal plans.

Spokesmen for all three candidates said they plan to attend the hearings.


Finally some NEWS after watching both candidates scare people and cows in Pennsylvania!
A couple things you may want to follow up on.
And one proposal.
Lynn--wasn't there a debate out west (was it before Vegas?) where Hilary or Barack looked at the other senator and basically dared the other to propose some sort of bill to deny funding for further adventurism in Iraq?
At any rate, it's nice to hear that Barack and Hilary will get to act like adults again, and journalists will get to quit writing like it's for Tiger Beat. Next week, the candidates and the journalists can take a break from the diners and farmyards and college unions and bowling alleys.
And we readers will get a chance to see if our tax dollars and soldiers (they're not 'troops' they're PEOPLE) will get 'HELPED OUT' of IRAQ. I fail to see why we should have to wait for the election or even the nomination to be decided for this hemorrhaging to end.
One other thing I'm hoping journalists can follow up on--an article from the Huffington Post saying that Michigan and Florida may be in the mess they're in due to a Republican plan, not the DNC fouling up? This is not to say that Dems didn't screw up with the Michigan/Florida 'plans', but apparently the push to move up the vote (and thereby 'lose' it) was hatched by Republicans in both states.
Say it ain't so!
Worth following up on? Well, okay, then here's a proposal from a economic refugee from the Michigan economy of the 1970s.
I have nothing but great respect for my former, hard-working, truly liberal Senator Carl Levin (I remember him dropping by for an interview late on a Saturday night in Battle Creek--back when every station had to do news-- smart and gracious guy), but it appears he may have been among those duped with the 'don't let them vote' notion.
So, I think the Democratic Party is really messing up by not letting MI and FL vote, given the circumstances.
Then again, maybe Michigan MUST be punished for letting its car corporations suppress the innovation we need ("Who Killed the Electric Car?") after ruining our mass transit in favor of suburban sprawl/mall culture (Got R.E.I.T.S.?). [*Come to think of it, could Michigan have kept GM or Ford from doing ANYTHING?]
Then again, maybe Florida MUST be punished for FEEDING all those elderly people those early bird specials. What did we get out of that? I mean, it's not like they could effectively challenge those beefy khaki clad College Repubs who stopped the count in Del Ray Beach. [*Come to think of it, has anybody lately stopped the Republicans from doing ANYTHING? Where's Tip O'Neill? ]
But, if Michigan and Florida can't do a real vote, then maybe we should just scrap the whole nominating apparatus and do a one-day, nationwide vote with all the candidates who've not yet pulled out.
That would bring John Edwards back to the ballot.
C'MON! THINK ABOUT IT! We could have ads like those breathless shouting announcers on the car-race circuit, too! ONE DAY! ONE DAY! ONE DAY! --WINNER TAKE ALL! (Okay, that's kind of an April fools joke. But admit it--you laughed!) And then our Senators can focus on what some have termed their 'day jobs' and maybe take some action on what they've been discussing during the primary season.
So, all three candidates could take their chances--and only registered DemocratIc party members could vote (sorry Republicans--one Democratic primary you don't get to play with).
In the privacy of a voting booth. (No voting twice like the kids in Minnesota, now! We'll print up lots and lots of ballots.)
And we'll see who the nominee is.
It only seems fair. If Michigan and Florida voters are to be thrown on the scrap heap--then put all the prior voters there, too.
I hate to see the state I grew up in surrender to what might very well have been a Republican plot to mess the Democratic primary up. Hasn't Michigan (and Florida) suffered enough?
Haven't we all?

It is obvious that McCain has the experience and knowledge of the issues in Iraq. Hilary has been to Iraq 3 times and Sen. Obama only once. Interesting, Sen. Obama has been to IRAQ ONLY ONCE. Iraq is a huge issue for the US and Sen Obama is making comments and judgements after only being there once. He does not have the experience to run this country & the Americans should really think about this fact. Sen Obama has lots of words but he does not have the qualifications yet to run this country. Perhaps he might be a good vice president, but NO WAY will I vote for Obama as president. John McCain gets my vote before Obama. Sen Clinton would be a great president as well. The big thing is that John McCain does have the experience to handle foreign affairs, national security. Let's not forget 911. Also, the world is very dangerous place these days. Yes, the US economy is bad, but the US is not and cannot live in a bubble. Americans have become FAT, DUMB and STUPID. Young people have far over spent beyond their means & have had to have things, big new cars, houses,cell phones, false fingernails, expensive hair cuts, exotic vacations, jewelry, coach purses, colleges that cost 45000.00 a year, etc. It took their parents 30 years to work for such things. (Accumulated wealth). Why is it Americans think the Government has to bail them out when they are ones that OVERSPENT & OVER ATE. People should be put in jail for overspending when they don't have the money. Our culture has become rude, loud, fat, irresponsible, disrespectful to life & environment. Our streets are full of black youths killing each other, drugs, etc. Young teenage girls & boys are getting all kinds STD's like never before, divorce, family values down the tubes. Young girls dressing like movie stars and sex symbols, encouraged by their mothers & fathers. Americans have been spoiled and forgot what it is to need each other. We are the throw away generation & if it is not brand new & shiny they throw it out. It use to be that we had tailors, shoemakers, and other trades to repair. It was to expensive to throw something out, we fixed it. AMERICA WAKE UP, GET BACK TO BASICS AND start with some self discipline. I have met so many people that are not reading or informing themselves to what the candidate is about, they don't have the facts about the person, they are doing what the others are doing. Americans are like sheep. Our culture has become lazy, we are followers. This election is critical, and people really need to be more informed of world affairs, spiritually, financially, environmentally, military, culturally. I don't think people really understand how important this election is to this country as I think we are in trouble. As a US Citizen I am frightend for us as I think of our future for this country. It seems the US in such trouble with everything from a seriously broken economy, global trade, social security, health care, educational and academical decline, environmental issues, national security, global reputation, crime, etc --- HOW CAN A PRESEIDENTIAL CANDIDATE MAKE PROMISES that will resolve all the serious issues we are facing? AMERICANS need to pull together & mobilize to fix the problems & make a difference. Unfortunately people don't change until they are forced or until they are broke, poor, ect. I am VERY disappointed in Sen. Obama, Rev. Wright -- they put another wedge in our culture, unfortunately we are not progressing, it seems with their kind of speeches, we are declining and cannot get beyond the issues of race to get to real needs. The Democrats are a mess. Sen Obama SHOULD NOT be the candidate for president as he is playing the Americans for his own selfish needs. Thanks to blogs I can vent! Vote for McCain or Clinton

Katrine--even this April Fool ain't crazy.
McCain of Clinton--like they're even similar at all?
My point was that I'll vote for Clinton or Obama, but I wish we could have just a bare bones, well-regulated primary vote. I resent deeply that Edwards was forced to the sidelines by a news media I believe ignored his campaign and focused then and now on superficial things about both remaining Democratic Party candidates.
Both of them are mental and moral giants compared to any person the Republicans have put forward, in my opinion.

I monitor CDC Health Statistics to compare IRAQ War Deaths with non'combatant USA deaths since the Media does not like to compare war deaths. It wouldn't suit their purpose. About 4,000 IRAQ War deaths have been recorded in 5 years of war. In the same time period, non-combatant deaths per 100,000 per 5 years are about 4,245, using the 2006 (latest) CDC health statistics for Mortality in the USA. If we used the same yardstick for troops,(deaths per 100,000 per year), it is even more obvious how LOW the Iraq death rate is compared to non-combatants. Compared to any other war, Bush has held the "death toll" to a very very low value. Three Cheers for George Bush!!! Boo to the Media for a job poorly done

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