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Sweet: In advance of Obama event with retired military brass, Clinton team raises questions.


WASHINGTON--The Clinton campaign National Security DirectorLee Feinstein raises questions--literally, he has a list--in advance of Barack Obama's press conference in Chicago with retired military brass.

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Questions for Senator Obama

Lee Feinstein, Campaign National Security Director, Released

the Following Statement

Senator Obama has thus far failed to answer key questions about his qualifications to meet the Commander-in-Chief test. The following are questions that Senator Obama should address:

Will you stand by your definitive commitment to removing all combat brigades from Iraq within 16 months, or will you, as your former advisor said, not rely on "some plan" you "crafted as a presidential candidate or as a US Senator?”

Do you regret that you have never held any substantive hearings on Afghanistan or any other subject, since you became chairman of the subcommittee on European Affairs in January 2007?

Do you agree with General McPeak that you are more qualified to be commander in chief because you don't “go on television and have crying fits?” Are you prepared to remove General McPeak from your campaign for what is viewed by many as a sexist comment?

Are you still willing to meet separately, without precondition, during the first year of an Obama administration, in Washington or anywhere else, with the leaders of Iran, Syria, Venezuela, Cuba and North Korea? Are there any circumstances in which you would not conduct such meetings?

As voters evaluate you as a potential Commander-in-Chief, do you think it's legitimate for people to be concerned that you have traveled to only one NATO country, on a brief stopover trip in 2005, and have never traveled to Latin America?

Earlier in the campaign you were asked how you would respond to a terrorist attack on two cities in the United States. You talked about the need for an effective emergency response but were initially unclear about the need for a military response. What do you think that says about your readiness to be Commander-in-Chief?

You publicly broadcast your willingness to attack Pakistan unilaterally, a statement which caused unrest in that country. Recognizing that we need to combat terrorism wherever it exists, do you wish you would have made your comments in a way that didn't cause unrest?


Clinton Director Lee Feinstein: "Are you prepared to remove General McPeak from your campaign for what is viewed by many as a sexist comment" and which of the three offended gals would you choose to replace the General.

The sad truth...this is now an election about Race and Gender.

Mr. Obama himself has made several derogatory remarks and sexist remarks about Clinton. Yet his campaign is supposedly based on "unity". He has divided the Democratic Party.

Both groups, Blacks and Women have a history of being owned, being raped, beaten or killed when not obedient, denied an education, denied the right to vote, and discounted as 2nd class citizens. Both groups still do not get equal pay for the same jobs, and Racism and Sexism still abounds in America.

Obama and Clinton together had the opportunity to create and perhaps change the face of American Politics and American History together. Neither had the votes to win, now both are dividing the two groups Race and Gender further apart. That is a guarantee of the loss of the White House in the fall.

Unfortunately, Mr. Obama's portrayal and treating Clinton as if she does not matter has angered women to the point of choosing McCain. He cannot heal that breach...even if Clinton urges folks to vote for Obama, should she lose.

Clinton extended the Olive Branch to Obama...he rediculed her for it...he does NOT deserve to be called Mr. President in my view. His entire campaign is based on "talk" and no details. He still has not answered sufficiently the Rezko matter...his minister or why he flat out lied first in the debate..."I only worked 5 hours on one case of Rezko's as an associate attorney." or why on earth he lied about the meeting with the Canadians. That makes me not trust him. Combine that with NOT doing his job in the Senate and making a "difference" in the war in Afganistan, as a Subcommitte Chair...makes me think he is all talk and no action. He will NOT have my vote.

Anyone have an idea what "olive branch" Clinton supposedly extended to Obama? All I've seen resembles "a poke in the eye with a sharp stick".

Belle, you vote for whomever you like. I'd prefer you get your facts straight, but that's up to you.

As for Lee Feinstein...who writes that stuff?! Wouldn't you think they'd be dizzy by now from all that spinning? We know they're desperate, but what an embarrassment for Democrats.

I will vote who I feel will do best for the country. I don't care if they say they are qualified or I'm the person for change. Clinton backs the DNC about Florida and Michigan and then tries to reverse it. Clinton makes a comment about Martin Luther King and everybody condems it. If LBJ doesn't sign the bills into laws, then what? It was a joint effort that took both men. Then Obama says he wants to change the way things are done in Washington but he takes endorsements from the Kennedy's, has David Axelrod(a former Clinton backer) in his camp as examples, so it seems like he is using old politics himself. Then as a senator he has not done much to distinguish himself as a senator for change except for a speech during the last Democratic convention. I know a used car salesman tactics when I see it. I'm sure saying I'm running a dignified campaign and then have your advisors or people in your camp release information to the media isn't dirty politics from you because you yourself isn't saying it. But I'm sure it doesn't go out without your approval. Then your wife makes a comment about not being a true American and you try to sweep it under the rug. Then Geraldine Ferraro makes a comment, that the media has been saying before the primaries started about Clinton being the first women president and Obama being the first black president and now his camp wants to go into a fit. I guess the the fact that Obama is getting in the upper 80 % of the black vote shouldn't be analyzed. I prefer to hold off who I will vote for when I research McCain and Nader's platforms. As of now, both democrat's and the DNC are annoying and seem incompetent. I can see that the Democrats could possibly lose the election because the Clinton backers will not support Obama in the general election. That would be a shame to both candidates and the Democrats.

Obama has spoken out against this country from day one.

He has Disrespected the President, The government and all affiliated with it in Office or in the military. Publicly with the world watching. He has lead and encouraged others to do the same.

He was against the war from day one, though he approved funding!

He was going to stop the war and bring the troops home, not he is going to evaluate, and re-deploy troops. Hmmmm That is one heck of a Flip-Flop. I do not think he has idea, clue, what to do with the military.

Is this called jumping on a ship to insure job security.

Obama did make another trip to Africa, with rev Wright and Farakan.

He wanted to jump over everyones heads to go talk to Cuba, so he has no respect for anyone presently in government above him, more time than him or experience than him (he is just a Jr. Senator)

He has used his race, color and religion to get votes, evendit by his speeches to all the churches he visited. His re-opening of only certain polling places in cleveland. Highly populated black areas and not others hampered by the weather. His constantly making a dividing line, stating Black/white rich/poor
African-American.(Not Americans, not all, not citizens)

He has lied to the American people, numerious times. Got Catch in them. No one Gave him headlines or demanded an apology. Why? Is the media afraid of being called racist, so they only give him favorable coverage.

His low life dirty tactics have been going on his campaign from the beginning. His pointing finger, blaming,demeaning, disrespectful comments, At The President,his opponents, and all government.

Misleading people - Telling untruths and half truths.

That has all been publicly. Do you wonder how low and dirty he is behind the scenes?

Yes Is he scary. He gives eloquent speeches, sometimes with a forked tongue.

He has spent more time making a election committee for running for office, since he made Senator, than doing his job in congress.

After seeing what he has done publicly, how can you believe his words? (are they his words, he has borrowed so many.

His friends, and dealings with them.

His speech on his parents and the reason he is here. The dates are all wrong, or he is a very old man or way younger than he says. read it and see.

I do not believe he is ready or deserves to be the President of the United states.

Please note within the list of Obama earmarks the $ 1,000,000 (million) dollars (May 2006) he 'earmarked' for 4 beds in St. Mary's hospital. This hospital has been identified in the Rezko trial as 'TR's'..Tony Rezko. What favor did Obama owe for his $650,000 lot/ house purchase by Mrs Rezko? Mr Obamo's mentor Mr Emil Jones calls Obamas favor to him and Rezko ..not pork...but..STEAK! see: Barak & Me, Todd Spivak, February 28, 2008

This whole thing about changing the way politics is done in America seems to be just talk. Not that I don't think he means it, mostly. But you know, I also really think GWB meant it when he said he was a "uniter, not a divider" GWB was kidding himself, and so is Obama. Obama just endorsed a guy, Bill Foster, who along with his opponent filled the airwaves with negative ads. I'm sure the other guy started it, and the ads were nothing out of the ordinary - except that under Baracks leadership, all that stuff was supposed to stop. When? The day after Democrats hold all the seats in the House and Senate? Who is he kidding?

The truth Obama supporters is this: Obama cannot save us from all the rancor and partisan craziness in Washington, because when it comes to politics, people (the public and their elected reps) get emotionally engaged, and conflict is unavoidable. In the case of Clinton v. Obama, the normal political back and forth is magnified do to the sensitivities (over-sensitivities) about race and gender. Both campaigns are at fault. But in truth,the leaders of both campaigns have very little control over the emotions of their respective supporters. We all should try to remember: Its not personal, its politics.

If asked, I will deny not leaking Obama's passport, security and all other State Dept info to the Clinton campaign.

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