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Sweet: Don't look for Obama to be at Trinity for Easter services.


WASHINGTON--Hat tip to ABC News Sunlen Miller who has the scoop that the Obama family will be spending Easter Sunday in a tropical location. The Obama schedule has no events from Sunday to Tuesday, with Obama starting Saturday in Medford, Oregon for a town hall meeting and then flying to Chicago.

Jetting off to a warm climate.--and away from the horrible who needs it snow blizzard hitting Chicago--is a reasonable decision. And it also avoids an awkward situation for the Obama's--whether to attend Easter services at Trinity United, where the Rev. Jeremiah Wright is the senior pastor and whose inflammatory comments surfacing on video tapes triggered a crisis in the Obama campaign.

Miller, an embed who travels constantly with the Obama campaign, said "sources familiar with the Obama's plans say the Illinois Democrat is expected to go on a tropical vacation with the most likely bet appearing to be St. Thomas in the U.S. Virgin Islands. Obama, whose campaign will not confirm his plans, is expected to leave Chicago on Sunday morning and will return either on Tuesday night or Wednesday morning. His next campaign stop will be Wednesday in Greensboro, N.C. ''


Ms. Sweet was on MSNBC Saturday and asked about Obama's falling poll numbers re: Wright scandal, she failed to take into consideration that those Poll numbers reflect time before Obama's speech and Richardson's endorsement and that they WOULD PROBABLY BE GOING BACK UP!

She is supposed to be politically savvy, and know this to be true, a rise again after endorsement, and yet never mentioned this fact, which I find to be very disingenuous!

Obama gained 5 points in the Gallup tracking poll today. But the media reads the polls taken right when Wright was unfolding and run with them. I wonder if any of them has any common sense anymore or they want to be on TV so bad that they would say anything

Maybe Obama's numbers will go back up, after a bloated, sexist man walks away from Hilary in a show of utter disloyalty for the one person who now can best beat McCain--but don't bet on it, Julie. If you think that "Obama's speech" is as good as the mainstream media tells us it is--that it will part the waters and pave the way for an Obamadministration, I believe you're at risk of diabetes from too much Koolaid drinkikng.
Did Obama stop war funding? No. In fact, he's embraced AIPAC much more firmly than any of the other candidates--he even went to CT to campaign for his 'friend' Joe Lieberman. The man's a hypocrite--saying Hilary is 'pro-war' when he himself knows he would have HAD to have voted for that insane war. Any criticism of the war came from demcrats in Congress with unopposed races. Do some research. Get some perspective.

Sure wish I had some of that yummy Rezko money so I could go to the Bahamas or wherever it's warm to frolic like the Obamas. Hmmmm.

In the daily Democrat Polling on Tuesday Barack Obama was behind Hillary by 7 points, and Mark Penn and some of the media where Triumphant! but yesterday (Friday)Barack was just 2 POINTS BEHIND Hillary, no comment from Mark Penn and very little form those in the media with an agenda to only be negative against Obama!

News Flash---pollls are NOT how we vote. In any sense of the word. and what does a poll mean for the national race? nada. heard of the electoral college? I don't mean to be 'negative' but do we wanna beat McCain or don't we?

Too bad nobody in Chicago reads Mark Steyn. Maybe this whole sorry chapter in our lives could have been avoided. Humor is the best way to get people's attention, and nobody is better at it then Mark Steyn. Thank-you, Canada for giving him to us.

Post ‘Post-Racial Candidate’ Things get out-of-his-tree flown-the-coop nuts on the campaign trail.

March 22, 2008
Gallup Daily: Obama Edges Ahead of ClintonDemocratic nomination preference: Obama 48%, Clinton 45%USA Election 2008 Gallup Daily Americas Northern America PRINCETON, NJ -- Barack Obama has quickly made up the deficit he faced with Hillary Clinton earlier this week, with the latest Gallup Poll Daily tracking update on Democratic presidential nomination preferences showing 48% of Democratic voters favoring Obama and 45% Clinton.

Obama's campaign clearly suffered in recent days from negative press, mostly centering around his association with the controversial Rev. Jeremiah Wright. Perhaps as a result, Clinton moved into the lead in Gallup's Wednesday release, covering March 16-18 polling. But Obama has now edged back ahead of Clinton due to a strong showing for him in Friday night's polling, perhaps in response to the endorsement he received from well-respected New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson, a former rival for the nomination. (To view the complete trend since Jan. 2, 2008, click here.)

Poll Numbers's don't believe that a man ought to be commander and chief of our military men and women who are putting their life on the line for this country after backing a minister that spewed such hatred toward America and accused American government of making black people sick.A man that would take his children to hear this hatred toward the country they live in and the expect them to grow up trying to change what their father and his peers doesn't want to change might of made a good president if the pent-up anger hadn't showed trough.Even his wife showed her pent-up anger when she said for the first time in her adult life she was proud to be an American with a 6 figure job and a Multi. million dollar home that their buddy Rezko helped them get what would it take to make her a proud American.

This is pretty much how a lot of "typical white people" are viewing the Obama speech. He actually has a huge problem in a general election campaign.

From today's Staten Island Advance.

Sen. Barack Obama's address on race in America
The speech was more about damage-control than defining his candidacy
Sunday, March 23, 2008
STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. -- After more than a year of campaigning as the color-blind candidate of unity, hope and change, Barack Obama last week decided to address the topic of race in America.

And why not? Even such a weighty topic as race relations is no doubt preferable to dealing with the anti-American hate speech of his close family friend and now-former pastor, the Rev. Jeremiah Wright.

Obama's "bridging the divide" address in Philadelphia last week, despite its gauzy haze of uplifting language and thought-provoking passages, was as much about damage-control as it was about race.

Obama knew that Wright -- who, among other things, blames American foreign policy for triggering 9/11 and said that the white-dominated U.S. government invented the HIV virus as a means of genocide against blacks -- had dealt a serious blow to his campaign.

And the timing couldn't have been worse: Obama was already lagging behind Democratic rival Hillary Clinton in Pennsylvania, the next red-letter stop on the presidential primary calendar.

A CBS poll last week showed that a third of voters who'd heard some of Wright's comments said they made them feel more negative about Obama.

The day after the speech was given, a Zogby poll showed that Obama's 14-point national lead over Hillary had evaporated to a "statistically insignificant" three points. Obama was also shown trailing GOP candidate John McCain in the same poll.

By the end of the week, Gallup was showing Mrs. Clinton with a national lead over Obama.

If CBS, Zogby and Gallup saw the deteriorating trend, surely Obama's internal pollsters did too.

A blowout loss to Hillary in Pennsylvania, a state the Democrats absolutely must hold in the general election, might give some nervous, undecided super-delegates all the justification they'd need to run to Mrs. Clinton.

Especially so if the loss were to be seen as being attributable to doubts Mrs. Clinton and others have raised about Obama's judgment and ability to lead, doubts that Obama himself has help fuel through the Wright controversy and his own bungled handling of the NAFTA issue before the Ohio primary earlier this month.

That's why Obama would take the "politically risky" move of tackling race in America. And that's precisely why the whole thing rang just a little hollow.

Why address race now? Why not after the incendiary South Carolina primary, for example, when Bill Clinton's stirred up a racial hornet's nest that helped spur Obama to victory? Failing that, why address race at all?

Because, like any other good politician, Obama needed to do something to shift the focus away from an issue that's hurting him.

Meanwhile, we had to chuckle at Obama railing against Wright's comments being played in endless loops on YouTube.

As if we haven't been inundated by all those celebrity-drenched, hip-hop campaign videos of Obama's on the very same Web site.

And as if there's any way to misinterpret or take it out of context when Wright says things like "God damn America" and calls America the "U.S. of K.K.K. A."

Not to rip the scab off the "Isn't-Obama-Muslim?" controversy, but that's exactly the kind of extremist talk you'd expect to hear coming out of a radical Islamic madrasa, aimed solely at reinforcing ethnic, racial or religious stereotypes, particularly in the impressionable young.

No wonder Obama's wife, Michelle, who attended the now-retired Wright's church with her husband for years, hadn't felt proud of America in her adult life.

Oh, and nice of Obama to throw his white grandma under the bus, saying that the woman who loved him and raised him had some racist tendencies of her own. We're sure the entire Obama family was proud of him on that one.

Barack Obama: toxic mentors start to corrode pristine campaign
The Democrat was surging ahead but now revelations about the men who helped shape him are putting voters off

Eric, you know whats sad. That 'typical white woman' was the one who raised Obama, helped him with his homework, paid for those private schools he went too, cared for him when he was sick, and totally sacrificed for him. Where was his father and that side of his family?

As far as I'm concerned if the super delagates vote for Obama after seeing that raving lunatict they are going to see Democrats staying home for the general. I believe if people could revote in other states ob would have lost all of the states that weren't mostly black. Being they (supers) didn't bother to check his association with Rezko, Rezko connection to Nadhmi Auchmi and Auchimi's connection to Saddam and the money funneled into this country from them. Just connect the dots and add Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton who by the way are laying low so they don't have to answer questions about Wright. Do your homework brcause if you don't we will forever tagged as the party of racists because of ob ,Michelle and the rev

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