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Sweet: Don't look for Obama to be at Trinity Church on Sunday.


CHICAGO--The Obama campaign plane just landed at Midway, returning from Indianapolis. Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) on Saturday continued to put distance between himself and the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, his minister until he retired. (see prior post) The word is not to expect Obama to attend services Sunday at his church, Trinity United on Chicago's South Side.


Damn! Obama wont' be in church with Reverend Wright on Sunday??? I had planned on attending his Trinity United Church, to apologize for being born white, and asking if I could vote for him anyway.....

The media frenzy really stinks. A man cannot even worship God without national news scrutiny. If he attenda a new church, that news. If he doesnt go to church Sunday, its news. After all this exclusive new news on Rezko, while don't I feel more enlightened or in a new mood swing, or feel any different about Obama than I did before?

Wright hasn't retired yet. As indicated in Mary Mitchell's article, and on the Trinity church website, Wright is still the senior pastor at Trinity (and apparently will be until June 2008).

Does anyone know of any other well know Chicagoians that attends
the Trinty UCC on the Southside of Chicago?

Are ministers allowed to use the Lord's name in vain? Hillary Clinton has never been called the N-word? She has probably been called everything else, hasn't she? So racism trumps sexism? Rev. Wright's taped comments preceded any statements that Geraldine Ferraro made and while nobody should excuse her comments, pastor Wright doesn't get a free pass either. I think the reporters will show up just to hear the sermon, whether Obama shows up or not. God Bless America...God Bless America, "Reverand".

Another "lapse" in judgment...being a member of Wright's church for all those years?

I was one of those idiots falling all over myself to prove to the world how enlightened I was by voting for Obama in the NY primary. I was really taken in by his message of hope. After seeing Obama’s preacher (and I use the term loosely), make his incredibly malicious, absurd, and obscene rant (hey, there were children in that audience who were subject to that rant and the obscene sexual hip gyrations which I consider psychological child molestation), were more in keeping with the hate filled ranting of a radical mosque in the Middle East than in any Christian Church in the world. My God, this man was advocating murdering white people!
Now I know where Michelle Obama obtained her belief system which I always found troubling in light of the fact that she’s benefited so much from this country. But after hearing the insanity coming out of Obama’s church, I now realize where so much of this hatred came from. That so many of the people in this racist’s audience seemed to be in total agreement with what he was saying was also very troubling. It says to me that you can do back-flips to help people of color get ahead in life and try to atone for past sins and they are still going to hate you.
I’ve watched Barak on tv and his statement that he never heard any of these rants in all the years he’s been going to his church stunning, or to use a Hillaryism, ‘defies belief’. Funny how Barak managed to immediately hear Geraldine Farrar’s comments though, which are nothing compared to Wright's statements. And Barack is the man we want to put in the highest office in the land who will be privy to the nuclear codes!!!! What a nightmare!!! I now think Obama’s talk about uniting the country a very dangerous ruse.
At this point I wouldn't vote for Obama for dog catcher. From now on I’m backing Hillary. And if Hillary doesn’t get the nomination, or if she makes the mistake of choosing Obama for her running mate, I’ll vote for McCain. At least I can be sure he truly cares for his country.

Very interesting post from a man (oh god and he's black--will I be called racist now?) who notices how very facile the Obamites are at playing the race card and then calling out people, like Geraldine Ferraro, for telling it like it is:
Earl Ofari Hutchison pegs Obama's Republican lite positions for what they are and notes the not so subtle sexism of his campaign. If you want to see the mainstream media foot soldiers in action on his behalf, watch this hatchetjob interview MSNBC's Ann Curry did (or tried to do) on Geraldine.
All hail fast-talking New York women!
Making the world a friendlier place for Rezko by waiting to speak, Mr. Obama, will not get you elected. Bashing women who support Hilary--or any other candidate but yourself--will not get you elected, Mr. Obama. Attacking people who oppose your Reagan-esque 'lines of the day', Mr. Obama, will not get you elected.

I guess I would have asked the Senator why it took his 20 years to realize that the Rev Jeremiah Wright was racist against white people and anti-American? And too, how could he take his two children to listen to that hate against people who look like their grandparents? It speaks volumes about the judgement of the Senator. Poor judgement.
It also answers a question as to why Michelle Obama would make the statement "I've never been proud of my country before".
It is disheartening for many Obama supporters, but the fact is he can't win the general election. In fact, I don't think Hillary would accept him as her VP now.

This must be a very sad time for Rev. Wright to have a man whom he compared with Jesus Christ to turn his back on him. With all his good years serving his church and his community Rev. Wright must be suffering the total pain of rejection. Let's hope his retirement provides the joy he so justly deserves.


It would be quite interesting if some reporter spent the $100 to obtain the CD with Rev Wright's 13 'Classic Sermons.'

I'll bet they're doozies.

It reminds me of how white radicals used to meet in the woods for speeches like this against blacks, only without damning America.

Obama will never be able to keep the much needed to win in NOV white 45 and older votes or blue collar voters, catholics and even some whites just because of his mentor of 20 years.

Even without the black/white issue it makes me question his lack of judgment. It also make him appear as a liar when he says he never heard any of those sermons over 20 years.

Last, he is so fawned over by the media he probably feels betrayed and never considered this to come up.

I would Hope Barack Obama will attend Sunday Worship, why be dictated to by cynical media comments, as I have said previously attending Church us not for The Pastor! but for fellowship and serving "Our Loving Heavenly Father"

In fact Shame on those why try to make more out of the story.

Too little too late. I know what I discuss with my close friends and we know what each other thinks on issues of great importance. To say he didn't know just reinforces what a lie he is running on.

Words do matter!

What's the sermon this week, "We still hate whitey?" or is it "Are you now or have you ever been labeled a racist by the Obama campaign?" What a uniter!

Lynn--Bill Bradley corrected himself on Tim Russert today--said Rev. Wright is in the PROCESS of retiring. Which is it? Did the Obama campaign throw him under the bus like Hilary threw Geraldine?

Of course not. Obama denounces anyting that might make him unelectable. Politics as usual and change you can't believe in.

Sen Barack Obama is not responsible for the mis-statements of his Pastor.
Rev Wright's comments were correct that America does have itself to blame for the 9/11 attacks but not because of their "big bully" image abroad.

Former President Bill Clinton fit that bully image to a "t". His attempts to "scare" Bin Laden with that weak boming attack only incinced him and probably made him step up his plans to make a strike inside America - something they railed about loudly and for everybody to hear and see.

AS seen in this campaign, racism still plagues this society. Racism, violence against women and children, especially girls in alarmingly high numbers made this country vulnerable to the attacks and still every opportunity racism rares its ugly head again... will America ever learn or perish forever?

Incidentally, white American news shows decied the alarmingly high rate of violence and indiference in this country for years to no avail also. I doubt if whites will be called America haters - in addition, some whites are members of the Al Quada network, one group, that is trying to destroy this country.

I have not heard one word of traitor, hater against these people - we'll probably get the "poor, disenfranchised babies, they turned to Bin Laden and his Muslim faith" sob tale - is that racist or what?

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