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Sweet: Conference call showdown looming Sunday. Axelrod, Gibbs (Obama) vs. Penn, Wolfson (Clinton)


HIGHLAND PARK, ILL.--Notices of dueling conference calls with the Obama and Clinton campaign heavyweights just arrived via e-mail. iWith Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) working to clear his deck of Rezko and Wright issues, watch for his troops to crank up pressure on Clinton on the ethics fronts.

Obama's camp came out first with a noon central time call with top strategist David Axelrod and Communications Chief Robert Gibbs. Then Clinton's team teed up a call for 12:15 p.m. central time with pollster and adviser Mark Penn and chief spokesman Howard Wolfson. That's the nightmare scenario for reporters, two important conference calls happening at the same time. The Clinton people just sent out a time change...they're moving the time to 1 p.m.


I am glad Obama started with a Prayer in Indiana. His message and Rev. Wright's message that was played on the air, is completely at odds with one another and does not represent Sen Obama's views at all. He has from the beginning called for Unity, the unity of a Red state, of a Blue State, making the United States, and it is the messengers of separatism who want to unite him with Rev. Wright and that message, and not the message of unity that Sen. Obama has always reiterated, talked about and lived. I hope thinking people and feeling people can see this latest Ploy for what it is, a smear and a lie of what Sen Obama is and what he truly represents. They have done all kinds of things these past few weeks which should be beneath the tactics of ethical an moral people who are running for the highest office of the land. They are swiftboating him like they did Sen. Kerry, making him something completely different than what he is. It should be illegal or a crime to assinate a man's or a woman's character -- to purposefully lie and distort for one's personal and selfish gain. Barack has always said and states Out of Many we are One! Don't let the forces of separatism destroy Sen. Obama's message and new People Coallition for the power is truly in the people!

Lynn--put down the speaker phone--it sounds like it's just more 'political theatre for the little people done by the big people who run things'--didn't we get enough of that last week?
"Is (former Congresswoman) Geraldine Ferraro more of a 'racist' than Rev. Wright (aka Barack's crazy uncle in the attic?)"
"Will Hilary fire her for same?" Will Barack fire him for same?
"Do we have an uber class of political men who get a little bit of Amsterdam and Vegas on the East Coast because, well, they CAN?"
I like how I like how The Nation broke down how this 3 billion a week war is ruining our economy.
It's not sexy, but it's real.

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