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Sweet: Clinton, Giuliani, surprise Saturday Night Live gig. Wicked SNL cartoon on Obama sidetracking Sharpton, Jackson. VIDEO


SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS--Saturday Night Live is the place to be for political action tonight.

Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-N.Y.) made a surprise visit to NBC's Saturday Night Live show on Saturday, starring in a skit where she stood side-by-side in identical jackets with Amy Poehler, who plays her. "I simply adore Amy's impression of me," said Clinton as Poehler imitated her distinctive laugh.

"Do I really laugh like that?" Clinton said--with that laugh.

Poehler asked how's the campaign going? (Clinton has lost the last 11 contests)

"The campaign is going very well. Very, very well. Why? What did you hear?" said Clinton.

Clinton--who left the Ohio campaign trail to fly to New York to get ready for the show--told Poehler "no politics. But I would like to take this opportunity to say to all Americans, be they from the great state of Ohio, or Texas or Rhode Island or Vermont, Pennsylvania .(all states with upcoming votes)....Live, from New York, it is Saturday Night!"

Clinton appeared after a sketch where Poehler portrayed her in a take-off of Tuesday's Democratic debate in Cleveland where the SNL treatment made clear the writers thought that Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) was given powderpuff questions while Clinton was run over with a truck. During the debate, Clinton made reference to a SNL skit of last Saturday that dealt with media infautiation with Obama.

Clinton's two minute skit was billed as an "editorial response"

Political satire contains an element of truth and in a cartoon, Obama was shown to be going to great lengths to prevent Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson from being seen campaigning for him. He is shown--remember this is a cartoon--meeting with Jackson in a broom closet before sending him off on a phoney diplomatic mission and putting a dog collar on Sharpton that zaps him if he gets to close to an Obama rally.

Former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani dropped his presidential bid in January and has endorsed Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) who has not been on SNL for years. Giulianiappeared on SNL's "Weekend Update" segment.

"I would have done things differently," Giuliani said.

Specifically, what asked Seth Meyers.

"I've given it a lot of thought and realize that my one key mistake was years ago when I hosted this show and wore a dress. I really wish I could have taken it back."

So his mistake was not bypassing the early primaries?

"The Florida plan was solid. But the dress killed me."

Giuliani said his White House bid was like an SNL skit.

“It started strong, but you don’t have an ending.”


I am one of those who fails to get the Obama thing. Whatever it is that his mere presence is supposed to do to me, it doesn't work. All I see is a preacher with that same arrogant and aloofness that typifies the type.

Hillary on the other hand seems more real to me. Her appearance on SNL is just another look at the woman that I feel has all it takes to lead this country. She can be tough as nails, she is not a quitter and she has a long track record of public service.

And, she's funny!

Can SNL be any more in the bag for Clinton? Two weeks of constant shilling has to count as some sort of in-kind campaign contribution, no? You're right; good satire should at least resemble what actually happened in the debate. Clinton's whining about the media is tiresome, as is her candidacy. Run a decent campaign, and the media will cover it accordingly. Employ a vile, fat, and disgusting slob of an operatives like Mark Penn, and don't be surprised if nobody takes you seriously.

Obama's jumped the shark.

Hillary's goal is to change the narrative in the media, to make it safer to attack Barack and assert media bias against her.

Not sure how she decided to be AGAINST hope and AGAINST the person uniting the country and helping democrats across America get elected but that's the position she's staked out.

Hope that works out for the country.

It is comments like Allen's that will cost us the cohesion we will need to defeat McCain. I do hope Obama will bow out after losing Texas and Ohio, for the good of beating McCain. That will free him to go into the Senate and cancel funding for the war he says he hates, and all other manner of things we've needed him to focus on--as a junior Senator.

Sen. Clinton has become a huge media draw since the New Hampshire primary because she has dispensed with her advisors' talking points and spoke off the cuff like she did in Rhode Island when describing how the sky opens up and light comes down at an Obama rally. She should have done this long ago, but at least now that it's happened, it's clear she's not only better qualified to run the country, she's a surprisingly decent human being during a dark era of politics. Think about it - how often do we see this kind of role model on television? Never.

Why has there been no coverage of the $170,000 in donations that Clinton has refused to return, which come from individuals in a corporation indicted with widespread sexual harassment charges? 718285.aspx

when obama becomes president and has his own 'cuban missile crisis', god bless america! obama is no jfk. america is in for a major letdown. great speeches do not make a man. hell, even christ has to prove himself!

Since when was SNL authoritative, high-standard journalism? If your campaign rests on a COMEDY show that is mostly watched by teens, you've got problems.

Hillary's appearance on SNL is a blatant display of her power, influence and connection to the establishment (yes, Lorne Michaels, this includes you) that Barak Obama realizes must change if this country is going to embark on a new course.

Thank you SNL.

That was wickedly funny.
I feel a bit vindicated by that, how about you?

We are being bamboozled.

I doubt that casual news watchers/readers see enough to share our concerns. BUT, the press deserved this for their inexcusable treatment of this election.

Selecting a nominee for POTUS is a serious endeavor. ALL candidates should be questioned and scrutinized.

Shame on almost all of the MSM and most of the blogosphere. You, the supposedly free press, cheapen our Democracy with your behavior.

We get that you hate the Clintons. After almost 20 years of your obsession to make us also hate them, some of us are so numb and immune to your Clinton hate that if you had footage of them actually boiling babies alive (heard that one somewhere), we could not even believe you.

I hope some of you see the necessity of rebuilding trust between we the people and the press.

All we the people ask is that you report the news, not create it, ok? Opinions are okay on other shows. NOT on the news.

Example of news:
The red vehicle slid into the blue vehicle.

Example of creating news:
The psychotic bitch driving the pimped up red car intentionally slammed into the poor hard-working god-loving family man's blue vehicle.

Apparently, SNL has more courage than most of our leaders.
Thank you SNL.

All the free time the writers had during the strike must have softened their brains. After all this waiting, this weekend's show was a major letdown. Usually a bunch of celeb cameos is a gimmick used to strengthen weak material -- I don't get how a pop in by Vincent D'onofrio is supposed to be inherently funny. I agree with the notion that SNL appears to be in bed with Clinton on who-knows-what level -- Fey couldn't have made that clearer when hosting week before last. Armesen's impersonations are usually spot on, and I was with his Obama till he opened his mouth and it unraveled. It begs one to believe it was more of a pot-shot with ulterior motives.

Barack represents hope. He embodies what Hillary was trying to do 20 years ago. Since then, she has learned that the Republicans aren't going to fall in line and will fight change. Hillary Clinton represents intelligence, substance and the ability to affect change. Obama can do that in 8 years, after she's done...if the media, who has mainly given heed to Obama, will openly give access to both candidates, she win this race because she's the right person for the job right now.

I am one of those who spotted that Mrs Clinton has a falsehood, gone arrogant and very mean; since her husband too had given false statement that was deliberately presented as being true. Whatever it is that she present to the world, can't work. All I see is a arrogant parrot with that same foulness that typifies this sort types.

Obama on the other hand is young, fresh and outspoken to his constituents. His appearance gives momentum to USA high moral standards and just another look and all it takes to lead this country and the rest of the world. This young man can be tough as a rocket, and very assertive and has a no nonsense approach as an arm track to Public Service. He want to reorganise the Business Administration, from a better approach with another think tank.

He has the righteous judgement, is clean-handed, high moral convictions, readiness, good assessments, ability, freshness and strength!

That is what we need!!

I have watched you for many years............. having Clinton in your show at this time, just show your support and endorsement for this one individual. I have also noticed your biased comments and to an extent racist coverage of Senator Obama.........Shame on you SNL.. lost one more viewer.

while i know most of the media has for years supported the Clintons and the status quo I had higher hopes with SNL,.. Shame on you!!

no wonder Rush calls you Network for Bill Clinton

Saturday: Her skit on SNL was fine.
Sunday: Her answer on 60 Minutes to the question about the whispering campaign about Obama being a Muslim was odd - she's either playing nasty games or has a completely tin ear for what she says. (Imagine her as President being asked a simple question about a foreign leader and saying something similar - that red phone is going to be ringing off the hook round the clock!)
Monday - The Daily Show. We'll see.

Hillary just endorsed McCain. No, really. She did. All you Clinton supporters out there need to know that fact. She just stated, "I have a lifetime of experience, Senator McCain has a lifetime of experience, and Senator Obama has a speech he did in 2002." WTF is that??

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