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Sweet: Clinton suggesting Clinton/Obama ticket.


Hillary Clinton talks about a Clinton-Obama ticket on Wednesday morning.

From CBS
HARRY SMITH: And very quickly, we talked to a lot of people in Ohio who said there really isn't that significant a difference between you two, and they'd like to see you both on the ticket.

SEN. CLINTON: Well, that may, you know, be where this is headed. But, of course, we have to decide who's on the top of the ticket. (Laughs.) And I think that the people of Ohio very clearly said that it should be me. And, after all, no one in recent history has won the presidency who did not win their party's primary in Ohio, Harry. You know, Ohio --

MR. SMITH: As Ohio goes, yeah.


Obama plays "Chicago style" politics in Cleveland. Obama's campaign asked for, and received, a court order by Judge Solomon Oliver to have some mostly black voting locations in Cleveland stay open an extra 90 minutes. There was no problems with the voting machines or ballots to warrant these locations staying open longer. These locations were cherry picked by Obama and his campaign because they knew these would be strong areas for Obama. The Clinton campaign has acknowledged this tactic by Obama but is reluctant to speak out about it for fear of offending black voters. As the days go by, people are really starting to see what I have been saying all along, that Obama is nothing more than your typical corrupt Chicago democrat.

I won't vote for McCain, but a Clinton-Obama ticket is one scenario which would induce me to vote for Clinton enthusiastically given what Michael Tackett referred to as her "kitchen-sink" attack strategy that has been very effective. Pwrsonally, I'd rather have Obama answer the 3:oo AM crisis call. I think Obama as VP is the only thing might enable a Clinton victory over McCain - otherwise the kids,idealistic first-timers, and some African-Americans may be disilluiosned and stay home in November. Heretofore, the consensus has been that Clinton would never pick Obama as her VP. I was impressed by the margin of Clinton's victory in Ohio. But i have not given up on Barack Obama yet.

Hillary wants Obama to be HER VP? Must have been quite the celebration she had last night. She should share whatever she was smoking...

When I went to school, Obama's 1477 delegates would actually be MORE than Hillary's 1391.

Well, I think it would be good for the party to stay unified if they were on the same ticket... either way. However, if Senator Obama wins the Presidential Nomination, I think Hillary's ego will get in the way of her accepting the Vice President Role.

Here is how I see it...

Obama President
Clinton Vice President
Edwards Secretary of State or Attorney General
Colin Powell Secretary of Defense (hey its a long shot but why not)

No chance of Hilary ever showing any modesty? when will she accept that at this important stage of the November Election what is most important is the interests of THE PARTY & COUNTRY not personal ambition, self important and what is seen by her as a divine right, last night was one night! and BARRACK OBAMA is so well ahead still in the Delegate Count!

Hilary you are giving The Republicans a GIFT! while you personally divide the party - how many days before the next dirty and nasty personal attack on Obama from the Clinton campaign and she talks about about a joint ticket.

"no one in recent history has won the presidency who did not win their party's primary in Ohio" so says arrogant HRC, then let's HOPE we see CHANGE and History is made with OBAMA!

A Clinton-Obama ticket would be very formidable and would compel McCain to choose a dynamic running mate (Bloomberg?).

A lot of people are still voting for Clinton, so, even as someone who voted for Obama, I think that she has every right to see how the rest of the race plays out. The calls for her to pull out for "the good of the party" are a bit premature.

Obama CANNOT be the top of the ticket until about 8 years from now, about 20 million cheesburgies mit fries from now, and a bunch of heart attacks and strokes from now. That's when the 2 generations LBJ (yes, he did say we shall overcome while telling congress he would sign that bill) knew he'd lose in the south or in 'red' states will either go to their resting place, or switch from Repug to Demo when they need their SSI. That's how that works. But, with Bill Clinton's help, YES WE CAN elect Hilary as prez, with Obama as veep. But we'll only do it if the newly interested political people stop the trashing of Hilary every blog chance they get. Let's get to work.

Here's my dream ticket:
Colin Powell-Vice President

Obama-no way, never!! I think some big skeletons will be emerging from that closet.

Please! obama does not need her to beat McCain. Hillary is a deficit to any campaign at this point.

The sooner she returns to the Senate and adjusts to her new role as ELDER STATESWOMAN, the better we will all be. Her 45 minutes of political infamy need to be drawn to a very discreet close before she casts her husband's Presidency into any further public scrutiny with these divisive antics.

The amount of arrogance shown by Clinton is just incredible. She's suggesting Obama be VP when he has more delegates?

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