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Sweet: Clinton owes her school--Maine South HS--$3,161 for event costs


WASHINGTON--Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton's campaign debts include $3,161 owed to her high school, Maine South in the Chicago suburb of Park Ridge.

The school was the site of a town hall meeting--hosted by high school pal Betsy Ebeling--held the night before the Feb. 5 SuperTuesday votes. The Clinton campaign that night held events in all 22 states voting on Feb. 5.


I learned a long time ago to ask for cash in advance when doing business with anybody's campaign committee.

It's an oversight Lynn. How about covering the real fraud going on with the Texas two step the Obama campaign's doing down there.
It's like the ballot box stuffing that occurred in Minnesota, seems to me.


How does this help me decide which candidate will work to make my health care affordable? Just asking.

The Deadbeat Clintons are at it again. Maybe Ms. Bosnia and Danny Williams father can pay the high school through their corruption money.

Billary, PAY YOUR BILLS !!!!!!!!!!

She can't pay her old High School debt, it's only $3,200.00. Why should we want to intrust her with being the President of the U. S. She says she will be ready on Day One. Well pay your bills and prove to us to can be ready on day one.I doubt it.

'It's like the ballot box stuffing that occurred in Minnesota, seems to me.'

Yeah, what a shame that people actually showed up to vote.

Get over it already.

More whining from Hillary's sock puppets about another caucus state. Hey John, did Obama send his lawyers out to try and disenfranchise voters like Hillary did in Nevada? Nope. After Obama is finally declared the victor in Texas - leads by three delegates right now - will Hillary say that Texas doesn't matter? I remember Bill saying before Ohio and Texas that if Hillary lost either one she should drop out. Now that she has, will she? Will the MSM remind Bill about his quote?

Oversight John? Kind of like she "misspoke" four times about dodging sniper fire in Bosnia. You sock puppets sure do love good spin. She owes thousands of dollars across the country. That's not an oversight, that's a sign of a campaign on its last legs.


Maine South High School doesn't need the money. I don't understand who is making this an issue. I'm sure that the Democratic National Commitee will resolve any outstanding issues that remain as they did for former Sen. Brown of Illinois before the National Convention in Chicago.

It was reported yesterday that Hillary as well as having debts in about every State she has visited, many of them to small businesses who just can't afford it, she now has debts with her own campaign staff health payments, is this woman interested in anyone except herself??

Message for the undecided Super Delegates: Folks Politics is neither a game of permanent friend nor permanent enemy rather a game of permanent interest. Hillary cannot manage her campaign hence she cannot manage America a country we love and in deear need of a great leader. So, the wise decision will be one that will protect your future interest and that of your constituency, endorse the leading and obviously substantial DNC nominee to the White House - BARACK OBAMA...

maybe the folks from maine south should give her a 3am phone call.

Hillary has also NOT PAID vendorsand for sites she rented in OHIO.
She owes one vendor $25,000.00.No one their can get in touch with ANYONE in her campaign. Her campaign is 8.9 million in the red according to MSNBC. SO... I am afraid Maine South will be waiting
A LONG TIME TO BE PAID.Send her account to collections you already would have with anybody else RIGHT?

Just another attempt to discredit an otherwise fine lady Senator from New York. The High School should donate that expense to her Champaign. The Governor and his Lt. Governor are corrupt, all the Law enforcement in the state are corrupt to the core. Did we expect anything less?

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