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Sweet: Clinton campaign calling this "Naftagate."


On conference call, Clinton spokesman Phil Singer just called this "Naftagate."


Hillary knocked out a lot of Ohio families with NAFTA! A million jobs went overseas! Now Hillary is asking the families that lost jobs to vote for her? …

We counter her negative ads with our own …

Courting all Moms for Obama …

Hang On Sloopy …

Obama will bring all Americans together to end the gridlock in Washington DC!

Vote Obama 08! Join Us!

More biased reporting by Ms Sweet for the Clinton campaign

i am a last minute, undecided voter
registered republican,
willing to switch parties
if anyone is interested in being the president of a working America
keep the jobs in America- stop nafta

kindly let the people of ohio know the truth about where you stand with this
we will vote accordingly
thank you

I left a blog on, I'm concerned this nonsense about Obama and NAFTA will effect his vote tomorrow. How could the Clinton camp claim such false nonsense. Bill Clinton and his wealthy bud was in T.O. on Thursday night for a fundraiser of theirs with a hollywood group. CTV Toronto is getting a whipping for the false information and the Clinton Camp walks away clean again. What is the problem with voter's in Ohio, Clinton said practically same thing and is not a question that needs gossip, just explanation. Canada would also like 'talks' with their neighbor regarding NAFTA, so 'tweeking' this agreement is likely. Big deal. Not enough here to change a vote to an unstable Clinton Camp of a million ideas and a million moods to go with it. Having a stable leader in the WH is paramount, not NAFTA.

I would like to better understand Whitewater, Filegate, and Travelgate before I look into the so-called "NAFTAgate". The Clintons' hands are so dirty, it is offensive to have them now conducting this hypocritical smear campaign against OBAMA. Whatever his relationship is with Rezko or Canada and NAFTA, and right now it's all Clinton camp inuendo, it's nothing compared to what the Clintons have engaged in over the years. Trust me, if they are the democratic nominees (yes Bill and Hillary), the Republicans will be glad to remind us of their past indescretions in the general election.

Toward the end of the press conference, the question of Goolsbee's meeting was raised again. Obama answered curtly and then walked out after a staffer called last question. The press erupted with shouts, but Obama continued to walk out.

He paused only to say, "Come on guys; I answered like eight questions. We're running late.”

Awwww so Obama had to answer a whole eight questions from the press...what has Hillary had to do this entire campaign?

Big thanks to Lynn Sweet for the complete and unbiased reporting. I just want to see a good leader in the White House. Let's get all of the questions answered about Obama so that we can make a fully informed decision. The Clintons were previously vetted quite thoroughly at the taxpayers' expense. It seems like someone working on Obama's campaign may have acted inappropriately regarding the NAFTA issue, and Obama misspoke because he was not aware of it. If true, that does speak to his abilities to manage his administration as the chief executive of this nation.

The reason why the Travelgate crap won't matter--BECAUSE BILL CLINTON WON EVEN AFTER ALL THAT TRUMPED UP STUFF. The only thing they could 'get' him on was Monica--and look into the AIPAC connection with her. Follow ALL the money, folks. And then, let's put a VETTED candidate up against McCain--Hilary is not going away. It is BEYOND time for Obama to fold into a great veep candidate. Hilary and Bill and John Edwards can advise him on how to weather the Rezko stuff. They should just come out and SAY that the Illinois election way requires guys like this Rezko to buy all the big money ads needed to get elected. They can start working on impeachment, ending the war, campaign finance reform, you name it. Let's get down to business.
I get the impression there are campaign workers on these blogs.

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