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Sweet: Chris Dodd solution for Michigan delegates


WASHINGTON--Former 2008 presidential contender Sen. Chris Dodd (D-Ct.)--whose name was on that Jan. 15 Michigan ballot--has concerns about a private-funded re-do. His simple solution to make sure the state gets seated at the Denver convention--just apportion the delegates between Clinton and Obama. That's tough for Obama to agree to, because he pulled his name from the Michigan ballot.

In case you have not been following this controversy, the Michigan and Florida Democratic results don't count because the states violated Democratic National Committee rules about only have four states have primary and caucus votes in January.


WASHINGTON, DC – U.S. Senator Chris Dodd, a former candidate for President and former Chair of the Democratic National Committee, released the following statement today on Michigan's delegates to the Democratic Convention:

"Even though I left my name on the ballot, it is clear that the results of the January 15th primary should not be used to apportion delegates. Many candidates were not on the ballot and many voters who might have voted in the Democratic primary did so in the Republican primary. Now, those voters would not be able to participate in a re-do election.

"For that reason, as well as concerns about private funding and concerns raised by clerks who would have to administer this election, the best outcome is to come to an arrangement where the delegates are apportioned fairly between Senators Obama and Clinton, so the Michigan delegation can participate fully in the Denver convention."


Obama collected all the uncommitted votes, because in the Daily paper and on the TV news, Voters were told to vote for him that way. I know because I voted democratic in January .

Senator Dodd has completely lost credibility as he has regularly been sacrificing common sense in his public remarks in wholehearted support of Senator Obama. He must think he really has a good chance at the VP slot, should Obama be the Democratic candidate. He cannot be viewed as an objective commentator on this issue.

Given the most recent polling (following some of the recent better-late-than-never vetting of Obama), and the demographics in Michigan, and the results of the earlier primary in Michigan, it looks like Senator Clinton would win in a re-vote in Michigan, possibly by a significant margin. Obama -- for all of his sweet talk about change from old politics -- doesn't want to give the people of Michigan a real voice in choosing delegates when it looks like he wouldn't actually be in the lead. That's a pretty silly way to treat a big state with lots of voters. Splitting the delegates down the middle is not right or fair. If I lived in Michigan (or Florida), I would be outraged that my vote didn't count. The Democratic party will turn off voters in the fall if it doesn't give them a proper voice now.

JP, you can turn the argument the other way, why does Hilary want a re-vote? because she is desperate! why does she not tell the people of Michigan that the Ten Rich Democrat Backers who will finance the re-vote are all Clinton backers and five are on her website as Major Backers.

It is wrong what has happened in both Michigan and Florida, but that is now sadly history, you just can's keep changing rules that have been agreed or we would have chaos, everyone who feels hurt with a decision would demand a rule change. It has to be put right for the next time, but not this year and race.

I am a Democrat in Michigan and voted for Sen Clinton and have relatives that voted for her in Fla. We had no choice as to the time or method to vote( as what difference does it make?) we were
told to vote so we did. Now the DNC says they don't count. It leaves us no alternative to vote for a party that counts our vote.

Hardburly--you were between a rock and a hard place. Too bad the state party moved things up in violation of the 'rules'--maybe it's a good thing. Now we know the primary set up is whacko. I grew up in Michigan and was appalled by how the place changed after Reagan. The education system used to be great. We did have well financed schools even in rural areas. Then the auto companies showed their true colors. And they never were red white and blue. So glad I left the place in the late 70s when the rot was setting in.
Still, I am appalled by those who say there is no need to revote Michigan. Playing devils advocate, maybe Michigan doesn't deserve to be reseated--they let the auto companies ruin this country by building cars (and therefore huge suburbs) after tearing up the mass transit major and minor u.s. cities had. (It took me 4.5 hours to get 16 miles in St. Louis area from a train to a hotel this week on what mass transit they've got). Maybe Florida doesn't deserve to revote either, as they let the Republicans steal their votes in 2000--no wait, they have a LOT of money and we can't let all that dough get away.
I've got an idea--let's revote the whole darned country. Let the Democrats add back those who are not yet committed, but were still viable when they pulled out--that leaves out Kucinich and Richardson, unfortunately. So let's start over with a one day vote nationwide between Clinton, Edwards, and Obama.
Why not? Makes about as much sense as what's been happening. Let Barack and Hilary blow all that media money. Something tells me Edwards might still come out on top!
I mean, by now, we dems must realize that the rules don't seem to matter for our ruling class. Yes, let's just start over again. I know--that won't happen. Why not?
I like the explanation from The Good Shepherd about what we're experiencing:
Joe Pesci's mobster family guy says to Matt Damon's start up CIA guy that he's really scared by the CIA types. He's not buying Damon's claim that rather than starting wars, the CIA keeps them small. He wonders what's in it for you (wasps): "We italians have got the family and the church. The Irish have their homeland. The Jews have their tradition. The (blacks) have their music. What do you people got?" Damon's character countes, "We've got the United States of America. All the rest of you are just visiting."
Visiting indeed. Unless you get enough campaign funding to make you rich enough to sustain a bruising run for office. And adjust the rules as you go.

I think it is unfair for the delegates to be seated because my vote would have been different if Obama was on the ballot. I believe we are only getting Hillary support because she needs the delegates, if the shoe was on the other foot and she was leading and her name was not on the ballot. She will not be fighting for Michigan.

My opinion for Florida is different, I believe Clinton name recognition worked for her in Florida, they shoud come to an agreement to split the delegates by 52/48 split toward hillary.

Floridian's, you do know that Hillary would not be fighting for you if she wasn't going to benefit, right?

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