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Sweet: Bush sings Gridiron farewell.


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(photos by Lynn Sweet)
WASHINGTON—President Bush surprised the guests at the 123rd annual dinner of the Gridiron Club on Saturday when he appeared on stage in white-tie and tails topped with a tan cowboy hat singing a country-and-western parody gently mocking himself.

To the tune of “Green Green Grass of Home,” Bush crooned about his anticipated Crawford, Texas homecoming as the end of his eight-year term approaches, in what he called the “first and final performance of Bush and the Busharoos,” referring to his two back-up singers. At the end, the president stood with the mighty Gridiron Chorus as all sang “Auld Lang Syne” and planted a kiss on the cheek of Helen Thomas, the Hearst columnist who is one of his toughest critics.

Bush had been secretly rehearsing at the White House with Col. Michael Coburn, the club’s music director and the director pf the U.S. Marine Corps Band, and his backup, club “ringers” Gunnery Sgt. Kevin Bennear and Staff Sgt. Sara Dell’Omo.

At the dinner—a lampoon of Democrats and Republicans—Rep. Steny Hoyer (D-Md.) subbing at the last minute for the ailing Rep. Charlie Rangel (D-N.Y.)-- spoke for the Democrats and Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison (R-Texas) delivered a routine for the Republicans.

Bush came onstage as the show wrapped up with a Bush farewell song, pegged to his attending his final Gridiron dinner. Bush had cue cards with his lyrics—as did all the performers.

“Little Crawford looks the same, as I step down from the plane, And to meet me is my mama and my papa.

Down the lane I look and here comes Barney, heart of gold and breath like honey.

It’s good to touch the brown, brown grass of home,

Yes you’re all…gonna miss me, the way you used to quiz me,

It’s good to touch the brown brown grass of home.

I spend my days clear’n brush, clean my head of all the fuss, like the big fuss you made over Harriet and Brownie.

Down the lane I look and here comes Scooter, finally free of the prosecutor.”

The references are to the beleaguered Harriett Miers, the White House counsel who dropped her Supreme Court nomination; Katrina wash-out FEMA chief Michael Brown, and Lewis “Scooter” Libby, whose Plame-gate conviction was commuted by Bush.

The presidential contenders—Democrats Barack Obama and Hillary Rodham Clinton and GOP presumptive nominee John McCain were all targets in songs. Besides the president, cabinet members, ambassadors, newspaper executives and media names, the audience included David Axelrod, Obama’s chief strategist; Mark Penn, Clinton’s top advisor and long-time McCain aid Mark Salter.

Carl Leubsdorf of the Dallas Morning News is the club president.


Where's the Hook?!!!!

I thought Mr. Bush looked terrific in the tuxedo and cowboy hat. I wish the honorable Mr. Bush nothing but the best when he goes back to his ranch in Crawford. He has earned the right to relax. I bet he can't wait to get out of that crime ridden open toilet called our nation's capital.

This is wonderfull! Gee I love this man.

So, Bush and the press find Katrina funny, Scooter's perjury amusing, Cheney's cover-ups laughable. Tragic.
Nearly 4000 American soldiers dead in Iraq. Katrina victims still homeless, and the "unitary presidency" thrives.
Shame on the press. They diparage blogs and wonder why the public finds them reprehensible.
Somethings are not funny but shameful.

I thought Mr. Bush looked like the jackass that he is in the tuxedo and cowboy hat. I wish the dishonorable Mr. Bush nothing but the worst -- maybe a skin rash? -- when he goes back to his ranch in Crawford. We have finally earned the right to relax, however. I can't wait to get him out out of the crime ridden open toilet called the Bush administration.

"So how do you like to spend your evenings after a hard day vetoing anti-torture bills, Mr. President?"

How quaint. Bush has the economy of the United States in such good shape, and the Iraq war is nothing more than a minor distraction, and his vaunted terrorists have been vaporized, I guess, so that he has ample time to amuse himself with this clever ditty, with the help of the friggin' Marine Corps Band! What the hell is wrong with this picture? Not quite up to the hillarity level of his laff-out-load funny White House hunt for the "missing weapons of mass distruction," but as the old saw goes, "Actors always want to be singers, and singers want to act." Too bad for the Country that Bush didn't want to be Celine Dion instead of "Duke" Wayne.

And don't forget all those cretins of the press that willingly joined in in all the down-home fun, and saluted this blight on history with a sentimental rendering of "Auld Lang Syne." Here's a sentence I bet you don't find in Helen Thomas's report on these goings-on: "We've had our silly little spats, but when George bussed me in front of that glowing audience of fellow searches for the Truth, why I had to catch myself from a swoon. The grinning rascal had won me over." OK, that's two sentences.

(Sound of violent retching)

A pox on all your houses.

If he would have put as much time and effort into looking into the truth about Iraq six years ago as he did for his stage dity, then maybe we wouldn't have four thousand dead americans, tens of thousands of wounded/debilitated members of our military and be spending twelve billion dollars a week we don't have. He and Cheney will leave office in disgrace and should be charged, tried, convicted and jailed for all their lies and flagrant abuses of power.

I almost lost my lunch after reading the first post about the President, but thanks to Ms. Fischer who shared some thoughts closer to those I hold, I was able to remain civil and decorous.

So Mr. Ethan feels the "Honorable Mr. Bush" has "earned the right to relax." After 7+ years of fear mongering, lying, cover ups too many to list, alienating the rest of the world (other than former Prime Minister Blair), an arrogance unparalleled in the presidency, and high crimes and misdemeanors known and unknown, perhaps he does need a rest. So do the 70% of Americans who disagree with Mr. Ethan and Mr. Bush---soldiers on their 4th or 5th tours in the Middle East; the homeless, newly divorced, and ill cared for vets who did made it back; families losing their homes in numbers not seen since the Great Depression; children somehow left behind; citizens of New Orleans, etc. Mr. Bush did find the energy to write his despicable song for the Gridiron Dinner. Mr. Ethan, you stand as testament to the ability of the George Bush's of the world to fool some of the people all of the time. I'd pity you if there weren't so many more deserving of it.

8 years of keeping us safe from terrorism. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

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