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Sweet: Bill Clinton in Chicago for fund-raiser on March 29


WASHINGTON-- Former President Bill Clinton hits Chicago on March 29 for a fund-raiser at the North Side home of Raj Fernando. A check for $2,300 gets you a photo and the reception.


Breaking news! Forgive me Ms. Sweet, as I know this is off topic but please print this. Fox News has re-printed a quote from Obama to ABC News from 11 months ago where he calls for the firing of Don Imus for his comments about the Rutgers basketball team. Obama says "this comment plays into the worst stereotypes that my daughters have to go through". He also said "If anyone who works for me had said something like this, they would no longer be working for me". Yet, Obama's pastor has said much worse things than Imus and has said them for years, but Obama stands by him. But Obama calls for Imus' firing after one offensive comment, which was a failed attempt at a joke. Is it because Rev. Wright is black and Imus is white? I report, you decide.

A typical example of the BIG difference between the two candidates!

One Movement is built on people working together for Change! people who have never voted before, every race, age, faith and gender. Voters supporting a political candidate for the first time, everyday people making small donations. Together we have Hope that we can bring down the barriers and take our Country back.

The other is the old politics of the past, decisions made in private in smoke filled rooms, decisions made by lobbyists for $$ support. The Dynasty taking people for granted and then as this story says $2,300 get you a photo and the reception, are these the people who can't afford health care, who struggle to live and often have to do two jobs to survive, No! that is why we want Change and to have once more a UNITED States of America.

John B Sheffield: Senator Obama holds these same types of fundraisers for large donors. For example, check out

This article describes an Obama fundraiser where attendees were required to pay $2300 to attend a reception at the Beverly Hilton Hotel. And individuals who raised $46,000 got to attend a private dinner at David Geffen's house afterward.

Senator Obama is no different than any other politician. He gets big donations and has plenty of wealthy supporters.

Jerry is off topic as usual. It's the war! And the money sucking media that promotes it and requires constant stoking lest we 'get a defeat' as they say. John--of course the Clintons must raise money. You think Rezkos grow on trees?

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