Sweet: What things cost--Obama Indianapolis/Chicago flight $1,245.59.

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WASHINGTON---Prices for travel with presidential candidates are sky-high. A Saturday trip from Chicago to Indianapolis and back with Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) was $1,245.59. Here's the invoice for the ATA 737 flight.


Obama For President Press Billing - Invoice: OFP16924
Mar 15 2008 Flight: IND - MDW $614.49
Mar 15 2008 Flight: MDW - IND $631.10
Invoice Total:
Travel Expenses for Lynn Sweet - Chicago Sun-Times


Have you checked with other members of the press yet? Were they charged the same amount?


I checked the ATA Airlines web site and they do not offer regular commercial service between Chicago Midway and Indianapolis. I suspect you were on a "chartered" flight which cost significantly more.

More importantly, what's your point?


I'm going to Indianapolis tomorrow with my daughter! We're driving, though, so it probably wont' cost so much. And our room at the Doubletree? Got a special rate -- just a little more than $100!

All I can say is Yikes! Sure hope you got more than peanuts. Were the drinks free?

Obama's campaign has raised over 150 million dollars and is charging you over 1200 for a flight between Chicago and Indy YOu can fly NY to Hawaii for less than this...

You would have paid even more in the UK to fly with Tony Blair!

But why we are talking about paying and costs, it is no wonder Hilary paid a visit to Michigan to push for her Re-Vote!, all in her desperation for Power & Greed!

Now we find out that that the ten wealthy Democrats who have offered to pay for a new presidential primary in Michigan — ALL have ties to Hilary Rodham Clinton, no wonder she showed up in the state Wednesday seeking a re-vote.

Five of these Rich Friend donors are listed on Clinton's campaign website as among her major fundraisers. All 10 have contributed to Clinton's presidential or Senate campaigns or the races run by former president Bill Clinton, according to federal data compiled by the non-profit Center for Responsive Politics!

Does this stink? no one will ever split her away from the Washington we are sick of tired of, the life of Grace & Favour, the Rich Friends and the smoke filled rooms who make decisions for us in private behind closed doors and let's not forget the lobbyists!

You put this in print to relay exactly what message ?

John--you working for the Obama campaign? What message? Well, gee, here's a guy fund-raising and is his campaign profiting from having the media scribes follow him around to take down his words? Why isn't this relevant?

Book your own travel next time or drive yourself!

River red--do you really not understand how coveirng a campaign works? Clearly Ms Sweet is being punished for not drinking Julie Mack levels of koolaid--for being a journalist.

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