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“I am grateful to the people of Mississippi for joining the millions of Americans from every corner of the country who have chosen to turn the page on the failed politics of the past and embrace our movement for change. Americans need a President in Washington who will bridge our differences instead of exploit them, take on the lobbyists instead of taking their money, and concentrate on fighting for your future instead of their own. That’s what I’ve done over the course of my two decades of public service, and that’s the message I’ll bring to Americans in the remaining ten contests left in this nominating process,” said Barack Obama.


Barack Obama 's win in Mississippi must be bittersweet. The vote was split along racial lines.
His campaign of unity has failed. This victory came at too high a price. It is a sad day for

Jane: Obama has won the primaries in how many states so far? How many Black voters are there in those states? How many White voters do you suppose have cast a ballot for him? Did his victory in Mississippi cause some racial discord where it didn't exist before? His campaign for unity has failed???

It's a sad day for America when the logic you use is either misguided or misused for the purpose of confusing the issue.

Sen. Obama continues to run a "clean" campaign without the "smear" tactics! Sen. Clinton is "clawing" and using high-profile ex-government officials... especially women to openly target Obama's campaign with negatives! This is a way to get women "fired up" and campaign for her, but the public knows the political game and it will NOT working. There was Geraldine on today's morning showing pretending to be visibly "upset" about comments said about her, but she knew it would bring about a charge of negativity. Geraldine "huffed" and "puffed" - a sad commentary on past leaders in the U.S. Maybe, she didn't want the world to forget that she was the first VP, selected by a man: Walter Mondale... Let's get over the Clinton circus and GO OUT AND CAMPAIGN FOR OBAMA!!!

Sen. Obama for President 2008

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