Sweet: Clinton Thursday storyline--Obama must win Pennsylvania to show November strength.

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WASHINGTON—The Clinton psy-ops push today is to make the storyline that Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) is somehow not serious about running in Pennsylvania—with a crucial April 22 primary—and to raise the importance of winning in the Keystone state, the last mega-state on the primary calendar.

Clinton consultant Mark Penn said in a conference call with reporters if Obama can’t win in Pennsylvania, then it raises “serious questions about whether or not” he can win the general election.

Chief spokesman Howard Wolfson said “a Democrat does not make it to the White House without winning Pennsylvania in November.” He said he is optimistic about Clinton winning Pennsylvania and if she does not, then they will “revisit” the arguments they are advancing today later.

The Clintonites are headed down the wrong lane if they think that that Obama is somehow not going to be throwing resources in Pennsylvania. Obama’s field crews have been in the state for weeks. Michelle Obama will make stops in Abington, Ardmore and Villanova on Thursday.

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