Sweet: Clinton campaign hits Obama on his Iraq pullout plans. VIDEO

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What are the super-delegates going to due now?

Yesterday, I thought Obama had it wrapped up. Dick Morris still thinks Obama has won the nomination.

However, it seems like a no-brainer that Obama can't win the general election. It seems like the tide has turned.

The super-delegates must be in agony. They can't take the nomination away from Obama, yet they can't win with him.

Jan, I think you are right on target. In a year when the dems should have won fairly easily, they and their friends in the liberal media have found a way to screw it up. I say this because if the media was reporting on Obama fairly, and not trying to protect him, this Rev. Wright story would have come out four months ago and they would have sent a strong Hillary into the general election. Instead, either a scandal ridden Obama will be the nominee, or a back room dealing Hillary will be.

Shillary is reaching!

She just needs to cash it on in. I don't know what Howard Dean is waiting for here. Were this any of the other candidates, the DNC would have forced them out back in February, if for no other reason than to keep the Dems all on one page for November. Dean is proving to be gutless, as if he can't take that heart patient former President in a fist fight. Dean needs to grab a spine and grow a pair! Then he needs to tell Hillary in no uncertain terms to step the heck on with this foolishness that's doing more harm than good. The people have spoken. As ready for a woman to be the President as we are, Hillary is NOT that woman.

Let's be honest. Hillary ran disingenuously and horrendously. She overpayed Mark Penn, Harold Ickes, and Maggie Williams, of all the unqualified incompetents she could have brought onboard her sinking ship, for the worst campaign guidance to be given since Mondale and Ferraro were thrashed to their deaths in the Reagan - Bush landslide that gave us the first President to be afflicted with Alzheimers. Team Hillary just knew Obama was going to be well passed gas by the first Tuesday in February 2008. And, why wouldn't he be, since Rupert Murdock's minions at Faux Noize had been stealth in running off the other less monied, more qualified competitors? According to their less than scientific Faux Noize polls, it was Hillary's turn.

But, the ObamaNation flagrantly disregarded that memo, preferring to hear the public's real opinion in the way of VOTING! And, it seems that, ding, ding, ding, Yes, the computer said Yes! Now, every minute since South Carolina, with her grand presumptuous Presidential inevitability irreparably dashed, Hillary has been running a shameless recalcitrant obnoxious entitlement campaign of whiny nagging, replete with poorly deployed Rovian tricks. And, the world is getting tired of her Tracy Flick manure.

"Dammit, you people owe me this next Presidency for being Bill's co-President in the 90s! I will have my entitlement! And, Obama, if I deign to find him useful, can be my Vice President. But, no head shall be higher than mine! No Head!!!"

Personally, I don't know if she's pathologically narcissistic or straight up delusional. She's rather arrogantly bipolar, however. And, it's unbecoming for even a troll of her demeanor. All this shilling for Insane McCain against her own party is low for even her.

The truth is my cocker spaniel could beat Insane McCain in an election. So, it really doesn't matter which Dem makes it to November. If that Dem has a pulse, especially after 8 years of Dumya and Dick Vader fiscal and diplomatic stupidity, that nominee is going to win the Presidency in November.

Hillary should have thrown her hat into the ring back in 2004. By now, she might have been an incumbant with real Presidential experience all her own, not the scraps from Bill's resume. We realize that she is 60 years old, and that this is her very last opportunity to appear feasibly Presidential to the voters. Face it, we the people don't want McCain at 72. So, Shillary, vexed and pissy at 64, promises to be a pig on whom putting campaign lipstick will be tedious at best in 2012. That said, she may just have to settle for the matron's gown as an elder stateswoman in the senate, which is rough when she's still seen as a junior senator.

Very eloquent, Rage. I couldn't have thought it as well as you said it. You left one thing out. None of us left or right were given much to choose from this election cycle.

Junior senator--hardly. She's head and shoulders above Obama. Obie woulda had to have voted for the war if he'd had real opposition to obtaining his seat.
And isn't that the problem?
He's not yet been vetted.
I resent him not revealing his uncle cracker problem before we gave up on Kucinich and Edwards.
I resent him not revealing his Rezko problem, and the 200 g raise for michelle--the daley seat at u of c.
I also resent deeply the sexist themes he and his phyllis schafly-esque wifey have unleashed. Rage---hate older women much? You must fit right in at Obama campaign HQ.

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