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The John McCain Shocker: New York Times implies affair, favors for lobbyist. Campaign says its a smear.


AUSTIN, TEXAS--The New York Times shakes up politics with this story about Sen. John McCain (R-Az.) in the Thursday paper. LINK The story implies McCain had some kind of an affair with a lobbyist and did favors for her. His campaign said the story was a "smear."

On Thursday morning, McCain, with wife Cindy standing next to him during a press conference in Akron, said he never abused the public trust.

Cindy McCain said the story was "disappointing."


The Gray Lady's bra strap is showing. A bit tacky.

Oh, magod, and there's something running down her left leg.

Don't look. Don't look.

It's too bad the angle of sex got merged in a great story about possible votes regarding telecommunication regulation being skewed by a lobbyist. The Washington Post version of the story lacked the sex angle, and was much stronger. However, the rest of the mainstream press should really pursue this story--sans the sex. Nobody cares about the sex, really, do they?
Wake me when this is over.

If you think the New York Times is attacking John McCain, that’s nothing compared to what Iran is doing to attack his character. Check out this great blog post about the Iranian government claiming McCain is involved in a Jewish conspiracy!

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