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Sweet: What things cost. Sky high price of flights on campaign plane.

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BROWNSVILLE, TEXAS--Travel on a presidential campaign plane is very expensive for reporters. That's true for the Clinton, Obama and McCain press corps. Here's a sampling from the latest invoices I received Friday from the Obama campaign for the ATA charter that carries reporters, Obama staffers, Secret Service agents, crew and Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) on this latest campaign swing. For example, the price for the short hop in Texas between Dallas and Austin on Wednesday was $442.12.

The prices are first class plus--call it the candidate class premium. There are lots of meals and snacks.

And there are other pricey items each news organization has to pay, besides the charter bill: buses for ground transport at each stop, food at filing centers, internet connections, plus hotels. Last night the Obama travel press stayed at a Hilton in Houston for $175 the negotiated group rate.

Alas, no Obama miles.

from the Obama billing office...

Obama For President Press Billing - Invoice: OFP12397

Feb 28 2008 Flight: AUS - BPT $428.31
(Austin-Beaumont, Texas)

Feb 27 2008 Flight: DAL - AUS $442.12
(Dallas-Austin, Texas)

Feb 27 2008 Flight: CMH - DAL $1,168.42
(Columbus, Ohio-Dallas, Texas

Invoice Total:

Obama For President Press Billing - Invoice: OFP12695

Feb 28 2008 Flight: BPT - FTW $581.32
(Beaumont-Fort Worth, Texas)

Feb 28 2008 Flight: FTW - HOU $494.93
(Fort Worth-Houston, Texas)

Invoice Total:

1 Comment

Lynn, you could be covering Huckabee... Motel 6, Greyhound Bus, cargo class, White Castle sliders morning noon and night...

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