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Sweet video: Barack and Michelle Obama vote.



Barack and Michelle Obama voted at the Shoesmith Elementary School at 1330 E. 50th this morning; this video I shot shows them taking a few minutes working on their ballots and Obama taking a few questions from reporters.

"I think everybody is flying blind on this one," said Obama, asked hours before the polls closed about the outcome.


Michelle Obama is so real. This morning she was able to vote for her husband as the first African American President of the United States. She got up, pulled her hair back in a ponytail, got her kids dressed and rolled with it. I love her!

The polls show a wider chance of Republican gains all the perks, but most of those races are now only about 2% lead on the democratic opponents. In some other words, it’s not within the bag. There will end up being a Republican gain, but nothing shows it as a proven landslide. This isn’t your 2+2=4 situation.

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