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Sweet: Susan Werner, Chicago singer songwriter, "Barack Obama Get Happy."


SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS--Here's a clip of Chicago singer songwriter Susan Werner with her "Barack Obama Get Happy,'' performed Friday in Tulsa.


"You know that you're someone when you're swingin' with Oprah and Gail," is perhaps the best line. As for winning Iowa--How do we KNOW he won Iowa? When high school principal is in charge of the caucus--how you 'spose the young teachers are gonna vote? It's a flawed way to pick who is 'electable' and who is 'not' electable. Reports from Minnesota are that they ran out of ballots by HALF and were using a street side cardboard box to collect makeshift ballots. And THAT was done by candidate officials--not voting officials who'd gone inside to do the issues caucus. So, Minnesota, which normally has a private vote on candidates, arguably did not. AND--there was nobody after the polls 'closed' (but remained open for people lined up for blocks) checking to see people were not voting twice or more! Way to go Democrats! Why not a silly song to pick a candidate!

From the song:

"Barack Obama is not a Muslim as he always trying to explain"

What's wrong with being a Muslim?

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