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Sweet: Oprah Winfrey Maria Shriver, Caroline Kennedy, Michelle Obama, Stevie Wonder. Photo gallery.


(photo by Lynn Sweet)

Many commenters noticed that I did not identify a woman in the main picture. My apology. That's
Maria Elena Durazo, secretary treasurer of the AFL-CIO in Los Angeles.

LOS ANGLES-- Here's a photo gallery of Oprah Winfrey, Maria Shriver, Caroline Kennedy, Michelle Obama and Stevie Wonder at a Feb. 3 rally for Barack Obama at the University of California, Los Angeles.

IMG_5161 (photo by Lynn Sweet)

(photo by Lynn Sweet)

(photo by Lynn Sweet)


What has Obama done with the Hispanic community?

Obama does not resonate with Hispanics.

Too many African American leaders are racist towards Hispanic.

Lynne, as a Chicago resident are you concerned that the Tinley Park shooting investigation seems to be dragging it's feet? Specifically in regard to issuing a COMPOSITE DRAWING OF THE AFRICAN AMERICAN MALE PERPETRATOR? This strikes me as one of the most heinous crimes in recent memory. FIVE WOMEN TORTURED AND EXECUTED IN COLD BLOOD for (presumably) a few hundred dollars.

If it was a Caucasian male in another city, I think the ARTIST RENDERING would have been up and circulated ACROSS THE COUNTRY several days ago. It is obviously being stifled and the publicity surrounding the case is BEING INTENTIONALLY LOWBALLED.

I don't think I need to tell you why. I presume THE LID WILL BE LIFTED AFTER FEBRUARY 5. But that gives this psychopath an extra 3 DAYS TO ESCAPE CAPTURE. Not good. The price of political correctness or political favoritism SHOULD NOT INCLUDE ENDANGERING LIVES.


Hey Lynn,

Thanks for sharing your pics. I thought this even was "huge" considering how much media coverage it has received. Today I came across other pics that show a lot of empty seats at the event.

Is it normal for the media to cover an event and hype it up so much on the television and make it look larger than it was?

photo by Lynn Sweet)
LOS ANGLES-- Here's a photo gallery of Oprah Winfrey, Maria Shriver, Caroline Kennedy, Michelle Obama and Stevie Wonder at a Feb. 3 rally for Barack Obama at the University of California, Los Angeles. (FIRST PICTURE)
Hey Lynn,
In your first picture, you did not state who the "other" caucasian woman is. What is her name? Or--is she a "nobody" who just happened to share the stage, because she's not Stevie Wonder. Or am I too young to know who she is?

Some of us have a dream, but with all the high profile endorsements will we be heard?

Hillary-Obama would be the dream team at this point for Dems. If Barack would opt for VP, they could serve this country in a unique way. What an opportunity.
They could seal three major long standing issues for the country, never to be so argumentative again; 1) The glass ceiling and women's equal pay, 2) race and
3) gender.

An Obama-Hillary ticket would cover only race and gender. But would these folks actually DO the MLK thing (rather than continue to talk about the MLK thing) and put their agenda aside in selfless service to the country? That is the kind of character that creates change and builds good leadership. That kind of action is what Americans desperately crave from their leaders and Congress. Meanwhile they will cling to to anyone just using the word.

Could you please tell us who the one woman is that no site seems to identify?


The "other" woman is not Caucasian and she's one of a few California, Latino dems who picked the wrong candidate.

I don't care "what" she is or who she picked.

It seems that she's a "nobody."

Come on girl! What's her name? Heck, you propably don't even know.

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