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Sweet: Oprah, Caroline Kennedy, Michelle to stump for Obama in Los Angeles on Sunday


LOS ANGELES, CALIF.--Barack Obama won't be in California again before the Tuesday primary here--but he is sending in a powerful team of surrogates--Oprah Winfrey, Caroline Kennedy and wife Michelle, all to appear at a rally here. Oprah hosted a fund-raiser for Obama at her home near Santa Barbara last year and stumped with Obama in Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina.

At a news conference on Friday morning here, a California reporter asked him if he was skimping on California.
“We'll see. I don’t share that view," said Obama who probably knew that an Oprah visit was in the works. “I think this is gpoing to be very competitive. But we’ve got 22 states,” Obama said. “And just from a purely strategic perspective, I think everybody understands that if we are spending all of our time in one state and not spending time in the other 21, then that might not lead to the most delegates"


CHICAGO, IL -- The Obama for America campaign today announced that Michelle Obama, Oprah Winfrey and Caroline Kennedy will hold a Get Out The Vote Rally this Sunday in Los Angeles. The rally will be free and open to the public. More details will be released when they become available.

WHO: Michelle Obama, Oprah Winfrey, and Caroline Kennedy

WHEN: Sunday, February 3rd

WHAT: Get Out The Vote Rally

WHERE: Los Angeles, CA


This is the most amazing thing I have ever seen in my life as it relates to politics.

Obama may not win California but I'm even more sure now that he will get his fair share of delegates.

Please vote strong for him back home in you know this thing will come down to delegates, not popular vote as both Al Gore can tell you...and yes even Hillary (she lost the delegate count in the NV primary) can tell you. Illinois should be at least 59% Obama. Make every distict count.


Awesome, three very powerful women!

Doesn't Oprah have any pity? Weren't DR Phil and Gov. Arnold enough? When is she going to learn to butt out?

Weren't DR Phil and Gov Arnold enough? When is she going to learn to butt out? Enough is enough.

The closer we get, the more I want Al. I just sent email to the feedback address on the Gore-backed I asked him to consider the "fierce urgency of now" and endorse Obama before Super Tuesday. Why don't YOU do something active and send him some email yourself because I know when I'm nervous or worried about something I always find that actually DOING something instead of sitting around makes me feel better. I think it might help you get through this weekend, too: Put 'Please Forward to Al' on the subject line and tell him what you think about Obama and ask him to do what he does SO well...get people to pay attention to things that are so important.

I don't think he responds to Al.

RE: The Kennedy's endorsing OBAMA is an OPRAH connection

Why can't the news people do a little research? Why is it such a shocker that the Kennedy's are endorsing OBAMA? Doesn't anyone get it? If you do some research you will find that there was probably an OPRAH connection with the Kennedy's. It is a well known fact that OPRAH and the Kennedy's go way back for many - many years. Maria Shriver and OPRAH have been side by side all the way back when OPRAH was a reporter just like Maria. They are big time pals. There is definitely an OPRAH connection. OPRAH will be the one that will get OBAMA in the White House. She helped Arnold become Governor of CA. She paraded him and Maria on her show. Could just once someone explain what the CHANGE is? Change - change is all we hear. What will it be? I think it is horrible that someone would be nominated for race or gender. Who ever does is selling our country down the road. Everyone says yes to change, what is it? If we could throw all the candidates together in a bag and shake them up, we may get a descent President. MAYBE???

Way to go Char! I do not want to elect a President because of a slogan. I want to elect somebody whether they are a Dem or Rep that has ideas and plans.

This would be a travesty to elect somebody based upon there color. No wonder why other countries question our intelligence.

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