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Sweet: Obama says the Clintons' are working "tirelessly"


obamapressconfplanefeb282008 002

Obama press conference on campaign plane
Photos by Lynn Sweet

SOMEWHERE ABOVE TEXAS--En route from Austin to Beaumont for a town hall meeting, Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) held a press conference on his campaign plane. He was asked if he was ready to write the obit for Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-N.Y.)

"Remember New Hampshire," Obama said. Even Clinton was surprised when she bested Obama, who expected to win the Granite State.

With the lesson of New Hampshire, he campaign is trying hard not to appear overconfident as Obama has emerged as the front-runner.

Obama noted both Clintons are stumping hard as four March 4 contests approach. The Clintons are "working tirelessly," he said.

Obama also denied a Canadian televison story that asserted an Obama staffer told Canaidan officials that Obama was not serious about rewriting NAFTA if he were president. Obama has said he will call in Mexican and Canadian leaders to renegotiate the trade pact.


Is that Maureen Dowd in the bottom right of the 2nd photo? Looks like her...

is that Maureen Down in the lower right hand corner of the bottom pic?

Pennsylvania: Clinton 46% Obama 42%
Texas: Obama 48% Clinton 44%

I wanted HRC to win (she was the better of the two), but I'm psyched up, as I have been for months, to have Obama as the democrat's candidate. I knew he was going to win having watched the Deval Patrick campaign.
It won't be easy with McCain's age and lack of some "base" support, but I'm confident we (republicans) will win. (at least as of today)

Right from the start Barack Obama supporters and those who have come to Believe in the "movement" for Change have taken nothing for granted, unlike Hilary Rodham Clinton with the contempt and arrogance she has shown to the Voters.

Obama supporters will work hard every minute, hour of every day and Hope that the Voters will send a clear message to Hilary.

Sen. Obama is the candidate to place in the White House. Time and time again he has shown consistency in his answers. And, most notably on the televised debates he comes across as a considerate, respectful thinker... answering questions without "scalding" remarks. Sen. Clinton on the other hand will bring baggage... not necessarily her own, but baggage it will be. She has not ran a good campaign and her changing facial expressions as mannerism is alarming for a so-called seasoned politician.

Sen. Clinton has too many hang-ups, the American people wouldn't know what to expect from her day to day. It seems she's learned alot from Bush in this category.

In all this talk about NAFTA......I hope the NAFTA EXPRESSWAY is doomed!!! We don't need such easy access into our country.

It has been stated over and over that Obama lacks the experience to be president. Recently,I saw a video on one of the major TV stations that showed Obama answering questions about his thinking about running for president. Obama said, himself, that he has not considered this because he does not believe that, at this time, he has sufficient experience! How has he because so experienced so fast?

The argument being given is that other presidents did not have a lot of experience. However, they did have more than Obama. The main and important issue is that our country is faced with many serious problems on foreign issues. Unlike the economy, health care and other domestic things,this is literally a life and death situation. This is not the time to gamble on one who totally lacks foreign policy experience.

Some recent facts have just come to light concerning the McCain, Obama exchange on Al Quaeda in Iraq. ABC News reported on March 23, 2006 that documents captured by U.S. forces in Iraq showed contacts between Bin Laden & Sadaam Hussein on subjects like attacking Saudi Arabia. Those documents have been confirmed by members of the bipartisian 9/11 commission. Also, in May of last year, former CIA Chief George Tenet says in a interview on The O'Reilly Factor that in May of 2002 Al Queda commander Abu Musab al-Zarqawi shows up in northeastern Iraq. Tenet said a Kurdish Islamic group creates a safe haven for Al Quaeda in case Afghanistan falls. Now, I know how you liberals think and I know you will say O'Reilly is bias so what he says is not valid. But this is not O'Reilly talking, it is George Tenet talking. That part of the Tenet interview was replayed last night. So as I said in the previous blog on this topic, Al Queda was already in Iraq before we invaded and Obama was wrong when he said they were not. Also, a September, 2004 quote from Obama, when he was running for the Senate, will be coming out soon. I don't have the exact quote but he said that if our troops are pulled out of Iraq it will be a slap in the face to the troops who have already died. He says we need to stay to finish the job and keep the troops there until Iraq is stabilized because that will make the U.S.A. safer. Sounds a lot like McCain, doesn't it?

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