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Sweet: Obama pressing Clinton to release income tax returns. Clinton counters with call for Obama to talk about Rezko.


CHICAGO--Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) and his team are calling for Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-N.Y.) to release her income tax returns. Obama has released the top sheets of his return, not the schedules that are almost always part of a return of anyone who owns a home and who has various sources of income. But Clinton has declined to make public ANY returns which would l detail earnings of Bill Clinton and the senator.

In not disclosing, the Clinton campaign is making a tactical decision, not any stand on privacy. On Friday, Clinton spokesman Howard Wolfson said Clinton will release returns "if she is the nominee."

The Clinton campaign in turn, said if Obama wants to talk about disclosure, asks why Obama has declined to discuss his dealings with Tony Rezko, who trail on public corruption charges is starting in Chicago.

The Obama camp counters that the issues are separate.

Statement from Obama campaign: “Why should Democratic voters have to wait until after the primary campaign is over to find out important information about Senator Clinton's finances that Senator Obama has already disclosed?

For someone who claims to be fully vetted, hiding a campaign loan from voters until after Super Tuesday and refusing to release your tax returns until after the primary doesn't seem like the best way to prove that there are no surprises for the Republicans to find once they start digging.”


Fantastically played by Hillary to ask him to release all information about Rezko.

Yeah, the two issues are different. In the Clinton's case releasing tax returns might be embarrassing if they turn out to be fabulously wealthy, in Obama's case the details are quite possibly ILLEGAL and could seriously damage his politcal career, not to mention his chances in upcoming primaries.

I'd like Barack Obama to explain how his endorsements of the IL and Chicago and Cook County politicians like Daley, Stroger, etc. is better for us.

How is this a change for the better? Is this CHANGE WE CAN BELIEVE? My taxes are 70% higher, my utilities are out of this world.

What happen to the average guy while Barack was taking donations from Rezko, and the presidents of both People's Gas and ComEd?

By the way, there is another Trib story about the crooked deals in Chicago. Todd Stroger wants to raise even more taxes!

Yes, there was change...CHANGE FOR THE WORSE. I just want to know why Barack Obama endorsed these people.

From today's Boston Herald:
Obama Taxes Baystate Friendships

Hillary has the balls to ask about Rezko? Heh, wait til he asks for Whitewater Gate and Walmart Board member records.

Robert Ethan --
Obama endorsed those folks and they endorsed him -- its Chicago politics. The answer was obvious when Obama said he was from Chicago and he knew how to play tough. I, too, would like to know more about Rezko and the money he took from lobbyists in previous campaigns? It seems we should know more than "Yes we can" and keep hope alive before we vote for president?

to Joe: Obama also endorsed former Ald. Dorthey Tillman. Think about that one? This coming a year AFTER she had screamed on the city council floor, "The Voting Rights Act only pertains to African-Americans, not them there Mexicans".

To all the childlike, intellectually challenged Obama supporters, a poll came out today that says Obama would beat McCain by only 6 points. And this is obviously before the republicans have a chance to delve into his past and expose his far left liberal views, as well as his shady Chicago connections and his connections to and support of racist Chicagoans. Hillary cannot expose him for fear of offending blacks, but republicans couldn't care less about the black vote so they don't have to pamper him. That 6 point lead will easily be erased.

The upcoming election is extremely important. As an independent, I have tried to become informed in order to vote with some knowledge.

In the process of researching candidates, I came across an article in the Chicago Sun Times about Rezko. Since then,I have been following the Obama/Rezo relationship. From all that I have read, it appears that this 19 year relationship needs to be investigated in detail.

Unfortunately every time the Rezko connection comes up, it is quickly swept under the rug. Why?

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