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Sweet: Obama, on campaign plane says he does not read blogs.


ABOARD OBAMA CAMPAIGN PLANE OVER TEXAS-Sometime after the beef brisket bbq and before the aircraft landed in Austin, Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) strolled through the campaign plane for a brief visit with his travelling press corps.


wan dan


Doesn't read blogs? Well,he's busy. It's a journalism wonky thing, perhaps. It would perhaps be like an actor focusing on the performance and not the NY Times review--bad analogy. But by reading blogs, we journalistic types learn interesting things we can ask our leaders about, such as:
1. David Frosts's Nov 6, 2007 interview with Benazir Bhutto in which she said she'd been warned: she was being stalked by the 'man who murdered Osama bin Laden." Past tense.
Here's that url, courtesy of a blogger:
2. The stacking of an FCC hearing by Comcast such that the public interest was kept away from commissioners in Boston.
The blogger is like Dickens' Tiny Tim--goddess bless'em every one!~

Why would you bring up Benzair Bhutto being warned? Are you trying to convey something to Obama. Must he fear? Must you incite fear?

in fact, by reading blogs, we might even learn that Barack is funded by regular Americans, all 1 million of them, not special interests or lobbyists. we might learn that bringing regular American back into the political process is why people are excited this year around, whether you be a democrat, independent or republican.

Obama doesn't read blogs. Kind of like how George W. Bush says he doesn't read the news.

Julie Mack--My general point about blogs or bloggers is that they are like ("Citizen") Tom Paine--great early alerts to possible news the media misses or outright ignores. It can be harder for a big media organization to shift gears as quickly as 'the little guys and gals'. That is why I noted the attempt by Comcast to exclude the public from an FCC hearing. Also, please remember that messengers like pamphleteers (such as Tom) are frequently targeted for ire and accusations over their posts. Elizabeth Edwards, spouse of not just a presidential candidate but a possible president elect (they did not recount Ohio in 2004, sadly--hope that's not inducing any fear) called bloggers the new pamphleteers. The reference is to people who are not shielded by money and publishing organizations. They are, as they say, in the street and of the street. I realize it can be brutal.
But it does not need to be.
People do not need to accuse people of nefarious motives if they disagree with a post.
It happens too often.
As for what I was alluding to, and why--here goes.
Why bring up Benazir Bhutto being warned she'd been targeted by the same people she claimed had killed bin Laden? Well, if bin Laden is dead, then claims for military adventurism to 'go get him' are kind of null and void, right? Might that save us about 3 Billion a week? And then, maybe some parties who allegedly killed bin Laden and Bhutto might be in common?
I'll let you do the math.
Does this incite fear? Facts are what they are. I always feel more secure when I have more information. Not the other way around. I am not new to journalism. I am not new to political campaigns. I get the sense that when people are new to both, they rail mightily at the least offense. Our news media has not helped. In many ways, the narrow frames of debate seem to encourage the use of McCarthyistic tactics against those who disagree with us even the smallest degree. And so, I'll end by wishing us both a great weekend.

Nowadays, he probably doesn't have the time. Certainly, he has some appreciation for the blogs, considering he's posted on them:

If he read blogs, he wouldn't get anything done. Ask me, it's all I do.

Why would he read progressive blogs? As stated, he owns them but will not go anywhere near them. I think he gave a very clear message to the big orange and other blogs in that he just does not particularly like them. He was dissed on the orange and never came back.

Why would he ever read them anyway. His message is the opposite of the out of control blogs...change is not what most of the blogs are about. They think that by supporting him and debasing his opponents they're being good little players. it is not's called revolting and Obama, bless his heart, is not about revolting. He is about conciliation. He is about BOTH Republicans and Democrats coming together. He is the opposite of Karl Rove and conservative principles. He is for one glorious come together, have lunch and compromise.

Obama is telling you that liberalism is dead. He does not often use progressive in defining his base. He does use independents and
republicans for defining his direction. Finally. A Candidate that sees us all as human beings who got stuck in some silly labels.

We must forgive the neocons and love them. We are one now, fighting for our country. Repeat 5 times a day: republican principles are good enough, smart enough and goshdarn, I like them.

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