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Sweet: New Clinton ad with former Nebraska Sen. Bob Kerry


CHICAGO--Nebraska votes on Saturday and former Sen. Bob Kerry (D-Neb.) stars in this spot for Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-N.Y.) .


'Live with Dan Abrams' for Feb. 6
Fascinating transcript of the MSNBC show. Some of the best TV that I've ever heard. Craig Crawford gives his provocative opinion on the media and the Obama. He also gives some devastating remarks on the Kennedys...a must read transcript.

well maybe a closer look at this guy's war record is in order. who on earth wants the support of a war criminal? what about that bad shoot in vietnam?

Massachusetts proved that having Michael Whouley on your side is worth more than having John Kerry, Duval Patrick, and any amount of live Kennedys. Wasn't it Kerry who once refused to enter a race because Whouley was working for the opposition? I guess he forgot to heed his own cautions in this case.

Jan, the MSNBC thing was interesting. Along the same lines, last night on the O'Reilly Factor, O'Reilly was talking to two media analysts named Bernie Goldberg and Jane Hall about the media's coverage of the primaries. They talked about the favorable coverage Obama is getting, and Goldberg read a quote that MSNBC's Chris Matthews made a few days ago. Matthews said "If you go see an Obama speech in person and are not in tears after the speech, then you are not an American". I understand the desire of guilty white liberals in the media to pander to Obama, but it is starting to get ridiculous.

Hah! Despite Nebraska's own Kerry endorsing Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama swept the Nebraska caucuses by 68% to her 31%. He also swept the other states this Saturday.

Clinton's blogging/online operatives can say bad words, but they can't hide the truth. The truth is, people love Obama and they know he has the character, the charisma, the leadership, the vision, and the EXPERIENCE, too.

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