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Sweet: In Waco, Texas, Clinton speaks on national security. Video



"Yes", this is HRC at her best. "We"-"hope" she "can" win, but it doesn't look like there will be a big "change" in who will win the ultimate victory.

When the phone rings at 3am will the call go unanswered because Hillary is in the midst of another fight with Bill over his latest conquest????

NBC's Lisa Myers and Jim Popkin report that Hillary Clinton has declined to return $170,000 in campaign contributions from individuals at a company accused of widespread sexual harassment, and whose CEO is a disbarred lawyer with a criminal record, federal campaign records show. The federal government has accused the Illinois management consulting firm, International Profit Associates, or IPA, of a brazen pattern of sexual harassment including "sexual assaults," "degrading anti-female language" and "obscene suggestions." Sen. Clinton's spokesman, Howard Wolfson, told NBC News in a statement that the senator decided to keep the funds because the lawsuit is "ongoing" and because none of the sexual harassment allegations has been proven in court." This is the usual Camp Clinton Hypocrisy Spin.

Hillary and Camp Clinton is the core of what is Wrong with Washington politics, the do and say anything to win no matter what is done to the country and the country's morale. Jim Hightower, Texas columnist states, "Senator Obama represents the bright future that is possible in America when ordinary people begin to take charge. Clinton and McCain certainly have a wealth of Washington experience, but Obama has tapped into our country’s enormous democratic potential, and that’s not merely exciting, it is invaluable to our future.” The reason so many Senators are endorsing Obama is because they know with him, they have a chance of getting unity and not division, truth and not spin.

Hillary Clinton's healhcare plan will be like Mandated Auto Insurance, which will cause more suffering to people than it is worth. And, it will also be helpful to the insurance companies, with enforced penalties and fines. Hillary Clinton Was for Nafta before she was a little bit against it. Hillary Clinton will run the Country like she has run her Campaign, a disaster. Hillary Clinton takes words from her husband and Edwards, but that is not Plagiarism. Hillary will never apologize, she does not believe in that.

She is a consummate Actress from years in the Whitehouse and Scandal. Every thought she issues has been thought out and well planned ahead, she has no Genuine moments. The Real Hillary is the one who, after Barack has won a primary or caucus, comes out on stage and does her stump speech without Congratulating him at all. She does not like to apologize, nor congratulate. She is not truthful or authentic. She should disclose her Income Tax Reports. She voted for the Iraq war because she did not have enough compassion to be concerned about what it would do to the young men and women and their family who had to do the dirty work of Bush. Unfortunately she was more concerned about doing what was best for Hillary, what was so-called Politically Correct at the time.

We have heard all about how bad Hillary is. The charges and request for tax disclosures are non-stop.

How and why then do we not ask the questions about Obama?

Hillary may have made a mistake by voting for the Iraq resolution, but she did so along with countless others who were duped just as the rest of the world was at the same time. I certainly was watching the much admired General Colin wave a vile of white powder at the hearings.

Obama buys a home from his "bag man" (Rezko) a known criminal presently pending trial and whom has been fund raising for him, AND who has ties to an even bigger criminal with questionable businesses in Iraq.

Mrs. Rezko bought the adjacent property for over $600K. Both Mr. and Mrs. Rezko testified they have no money. Mrs. Rezko claims and income of mid $30K.

Two or three weeks before Mrs. Rezko buys the property attached to the home Obama buys, Mr. Rezko (Obama's bag man) receives a $3 + million dollar loan from Achi (sp), the Iraqi money man.

Mr. and Mrs. Rezko say they did not use that loan for the purchase of the property. But they fail to explain where they got the money to purchase the lot next to Mr. Obama's purchased home.

By the way, the lot was fence and the only way to get to it was through Mr. Obama's home. Mr. Obama keptb the lot mowed and maintained. Who does that for their realtor? For free? For why? For what???????????

Now all of the big boys and girls know how influence works and how money is laundered in many creative ways. This is what the situation smacks of and I would like as many answers from Mr. Obama as you want from Mrs. Clinton.

Then we can move on to whether or not Mr. Obama is speaking out of both sides of his mouth regarding NAFTA.

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