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Sweet: Home Sweet Chicago. The Obamas' vote. The scene at the 4th ward, 23rd precinct.

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CHICAGO--"It was close, but in the end I voted for Obama," joked Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) after casting a ballot at an elementary school in Kenwood accompanied by his wife Michelle.

Voting a few blocks from their home, the Obamas' took several minutes to mark up their ballots at the Shoesmith Elementary School, 1330 E. 50th, in the 23rd precinct of Chicago's 4th ward. While Michelle was hunched over her ballot, Obama turned to her a few times for what seemed like a consultation. Besides president, there were a lot of local offices on the ballot, including some races that may have escaped Obama's attention, such as for a Cook County sub-circuit judge.

Afterwards, Obama briefly talked to the national press corps, massed on the stage in the gym.

"I still think Sen. Clinton is the favorite," he said.

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Today, in Ohio, lifelong as a Republican I crossed over and voted Democrat FOR Barack Obama. I'm 72, a vet, and retired CEO. Barack may be young and somewhat inexperienced but he is a fast learner and highly educated as is his wife. Consider that Hillary Clinton never held an office and never was granted a security clearance thusly never participated in any national security matters, ever! With a solid core of experienced businessmen, pols and advisors I look forward to President Obama being an outstanding leader we can be proud of. Neil Yingling, Amherst, Ohio

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