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Sweet: Dodd to endorse Obama.


WASHINGTON--At a press conference in Cleveland later Tuesday morning, Sen. Chris Dodd (D-Ct.), who folded his presidential bid in January, will endorse Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) for president, the AP and Connecticut papers are reporting.

Dodd is not only a senator--he is a superdelegate.



It is strange that you state that this particular trip Obama made to the Wajir region in Kenya was a side trip - which you did not attend. You were told that there were too many logistical challenges. Most of the rural parts of Africa can be logistically challenging, as I saw myself while in Nigeria. This is what makes me curious why he had a sudden change of plans that morning.

It is strange that accepting a gift would make him put it on right then. The background of the photo looks like it was some type of classroom or something. Makes me wonder why Obama needed to pick right up and go to this Wajir place, yet tell you there were too many logistical challenges.

It is strange that your defense comes the day after you reported the Jewish council had questions about Obama's religion.
Your explanation and Gen. Scott Graton leaves more questions to be answered...

A Senator AND a Superdelegate.

Heck, Dodd outranks Obama.

I smell a Cabinet Appointment.

Can you buy those things?

The rats are fleeing a presumably sinking ship. I think that if the ship doesn't sink they will be in a world of hurt.....just imagine another incompetent president and the fleeing rats will be responsible.........GO HILLARY

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