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Sweet: CNN scores hit with Austin Democratic debate.


HOUSTON, TEXAS--The high number of viewer --7,576,000 million -- who watched the Thursday Democratic debate on CNN showed that people are engaged in the primary, especially when it features a one-on-one with Barack Obama and Hillary Rodham Clinton.

The debate at the University of Texas at Austin was the second most watched on CNN. The Jan. 31 debate at the Kodak Theater in Los Angeles drew 8.2 million, the highest rated primary debate in cable news history.

This from CNN.....

7.6 Million Viewers Tune in for the CNN/Univision Texas Democratic Primary Debate

CNN Has Aired All Top 7 Debates in 25-54 on Cable This Election Season

Live Video Streams on Hit All-Time Record

7.6 million viewers tuned in to the CNN/Univision Democratic primary debate from the University of Texas at Austin last night, making it the second highest-rated primary debate in cable news history. The debate drew 7,576,000 total viewers; 1,257,000 18-34 viewers; 2,812,000 18-49 viewers and 2,986,000 25-54 viewers. Among younger viewers age 18-34, the debate tied for first place with the CNN California Democratic primary debate from the Kodak Theater in Los Angeles on Jan. 31, which also drew 1,257,000 18-34 year-olds. had more than 764,000 live video streams yesterday, the site’s highest on record, according to Omniture SiteCatalyst data for Feb 21, 2008.

CNN has dominated this debate season, airing ALL top 7 cable debates this election cycle. See below:

Nielsen Fast Nationals - Live + Same Day data

2007-2008 Political Primary Debate Tracker


I wish Hillary would stay in the race, so we can watch more debates.

I wish this fight would go on forever because

I dread the November election. I'll dread saying the words "President Obama".

I'm appalled by the fact that the Obama's pastor gave Louis Farrakhan an award last December.

I'm appalled by the racism of Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam's Minister of Health, Dr. A. Mohammed.

I'm appalled that the doctor says that whites or ("the religion of the gutter") caused AIDS to reduce the population of nonwhites and the Palestinians.

I'm appalled by Michelle Obama saying that as a black man her husband has to fear getting shot just going to the gas station.

Why does the MSM give the Obamas a pass?

If the MSM won't you treat the Obamas like any other political family, then that is its own form of racism.

7.5 million viewers - 8.3 million including online viewers - out of a population of 300 million? It may be high compared to other debates, buts it's still low.

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