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Sweet: Clinton, Obama campaigns spar over delegate poaching.


SAN ANTONIO—A Roger Simon story in Politico about the possibility that the Clinton camp was plotting to poach pledged Obama delegates—not superdelegates aka automatic delegates-- triggered exchanges on Tuesday between the campaigns in dueling conference calls.

Obama campaign manager David Plouffe said he had no independent confirmation this was happening, but nonetheless said this was an example of the Clinton team trying to “subvert” the process. Clinton top spokesman Howard Wolfson strongly denied this was their plan.

Plouffe said “everyday, there seems to be a new tactic that they are unveiling that might allow them somehow to pull a rabbit out of a hat and subvert the will of the voters.

“We just think that at the end of the day, that is the kind of thing that is being rejected by voters and it will be rejected by the party elders,” he said.

David Wilhelm, the former Democratic National Committee chairman who endorsed Obama last week, was on the call and noted that even if there was not a “technical requirement” that barred a pledged delegate from switching, people believe “they are going to the ballot box believing that their vote actually matters. And for that they, to be somehow overturned…I think is nothing short of outrageous. From the point of view of the average Democratic voter, I think it is a strategy that will be roundly rejected at the grass root levels.”

Wolfson said, "We have not, are not and will not pursue the pledged delegates of Barack Obama. He said he wanted the Obama campaign to be asked “if they will pursur our pledged delegates.”


When is Howard Dean going to knock their heads together and say "Kids!" (Can he do that?) "If you don't stop all this nonsense--then just let people vote and go work your day jobs!"
The Senate. Where they didn't preserve our rights to be free from spies like BushCheney, Inc..
Go work the day jobs, kids. Then we'll talk.

"it's beginning to look a lot like christmas...everywhere you go."

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