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Sweet: Clinton ad taunts Obama for not debating in Wisconsin.


WASHINGTON--Hillary Rodham Clinton's new ad hits Barack Obama for not debating in Wisconsin.

from the Clinton campaign...

February 13, 2008

New Clinton Campaign TV Ad Calls on Senator Obama to Debate Hillary in Wisconsin

MADISON, WI – Today, Wisconsin for Hillary launched a new 30-second television ad entitled “Debate” asking Sen. Obama why he has not agreed to debate in Wisconsin.

With serious challenges facing the next president of the United States, Wisconsin voters deserve to hear both candidates debate the issues that matter. Hillary Clinton has accepted an invitation to debate at Marquette University in advance of Tuesday’s primary, and is prepared to show she has real solutions for the problems facing residents of the Badger State.

Hillary is the only candidate with a plan to end the housing crisis and help people keep their homes. Hillary's plan takes bold action to stem the tide of foreclosures with a 90-day moratorium on foreclosures and a five year freeze on interest rates for subprime mortgages.

Hillary is also the only candidate with a health care plan that covers every American. Her plan allows for maximum flexibility while making sure health care costs are affordable for working families. Hillary hears the voices of Americans concerned about their future and is focused on providing solutions to the problems they face.

To watch the ad, please click here. Following is the script for the ad.


TV: 30

ANNCR: Both Democratic candidates have been invited to a televised Wisconsin debate.

Hillary Clinton has said yes.

Barack Obama hasn't.

Maybe he'd prefer to give speeches than have to answer questions.

Like why Hillary Clinton has the only health care plan that covers every American, and the only economic plan that freezes foreclosures.

Wisconsin deserves to hear BOTH candidates debate the issues that matter.

And that's...not debatable.



folks, we're about to witness one of the most tragic and sad melt-downs in american political history. it started a while back, yet a lack of dignity has allowed it to roll on. gosh. they took out an entire generation, yes?

I liked the idea of the Michael Moore debate. Why is Sen. Obama running from defending his platform? Why did he stand up Sen. Edwards (was that true?). Perhaps he does not want to answer the question of whether racist white males have put him on the Democratic ballot? Democratic party members deserve a wide open debate in the open.

Hillary has proven time and time again, she excels at sitting at a table and talking about the issues. This is what we need in a President. Someone who is quick on their feet and can volley shots. We need the best negotiator, not the best orator. Speeches are all output.

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