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Sweet at the Austin Democratic debate. Live blog 1. Clinton's grit.


AUSTIN, TEXAS---This is a critical debate for Hillary Rodham Clinton and she has a strong opening, acknowledging indirectly she has an uphill fight when she talked about determination and keeping going against "insurmountable odds."

Barack Obama, who is suffering from a cold, delivers a version of a stump with no particular flair. But he has won 11 contests in a row and just needs to get through the night.

Clinton reminds the audience at the University of Texas at Austin campus she had her first political job here. She also cites her relationships with the late Texas icons Barbara Jordan and Ann Richards.

Clinton said, "And I am just delighted to be back here in Austin. You know, nearly 36 years ago I came to Austin for my very first political job, and that was registering voters in south Texas. And I had the great privilege of living for a while in Austin and in San Antonio, and .....meeting people and making friends that have stayed with me for a lifetime. And I found that we had a lot in common, a lot of shared values -- a belief that hard work is important, that self-reliance and iindividual responsibility count for a lot.

"And among the people whom I got to know who became not only friends, but heroes, were Barbara Jordan, who taught me a lot about courage. And today today would actually be her birthday. And I remember all the time about how she got up every single morning facing almost insurmountable odds to do what she did.

And another was my great friend Ann Richards, who taught me so much about determination.

You know, Ann was a great champion for the people of Texas. She also reminded us that every so often, it's good to have a laugh about what it is we're engaged in."


What I like about HRC is her careful use of words. I find that presidential. A president has to be very cautious. She's clever, too.

Of course, I disagree with everything she says, but I like the way she says it.

BO seems to like the sound of his own voice far too much. He might bore us to death for 4 years.

I think Hillary could sound like FDR, JFK, and Margaret Thatcher all wrapped up in one, and it's not going to amount to a hill of beans.

How about when you were engaged in white stains on a blue dress? Remeber that?

Both of them are great speech writers, great orators, and either of them could be at the top of the ticket. McCain's telecommunications voting record can not be explained away with comments that registered well with focus groups. (Since when did a focus group matter to the news media?) McCain will not amount to a hill of beans in the final analysis. The country is sick of the corporate military link that he represents. They know it is bankrupting this country in every way possible.
Childish remarks about Hilary Clinton go nowhere, Don. Hang it up.

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