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Sweet: Another example of Obama lifting a Patrick line. Video.


SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS--Another example of Sen. Barack Obama borrowing stirring language from Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick.
Patrick on June 30, 2006: "I am not asking anybodyto take a chance on me. I'm asking you to take a chance on your own aspirations."

Obama on Nov. 2, 2007: "I'm not not asking you to take a chance on me. I'm asking you to take a chance on your own aspirations."

This was provided by a rival campaign.

During satellite interviews today Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton was asked about Obama borrowing material from Patrick. The two share in common a key strategist, David Axelrod.

Two questions about the speech flap with Obama, including a reference to

Asked by KGMB, the the CBS affiliate in Honolulu, about her use of
"Fired up and ready to go," a stock line of Obama's, HRC: "Oh, that's
kind of a silly comparison. That's a line that's been around a long
time. But the real issue is if you're entire candidacy is about words,
they should be your own words. And you may know that both Deval Patrick
and Sen. Obama have the same consultant and adviser, who is apparently
putting words in both of their mouths. And I think that's a serious
question to be raised because, obviously, we're asking the people of
Hawaii to hire us for the toughest job in the world."

To KITV in Honolulu, asked about Obama's speech flap:

HRC: "There's a big difference between a single word and along string of
words. Look, it's not us making this charge. It's the media. You know,
the media is finally examining my opponent which I think is important
because we're trying to pick a president, someone for the toughest job
in the world. So, I think the media is going to be putting forth
whatever facts and information it has for voters to assess on their


Bravisimo Ms. Sweet, kudos to you for printing the truth about Obama and not protecting him like most of the media is doing. I said this nine months ago that this clown Obama was a con man, and as usual I am proven right because I am an exquisite judge of character, or the lack thereof. If Obama does become President I guess David Axelrod will be the one making all of the presidential decisions. Now, don't all you Obama groupies feel like fools for voting for him?

To all those who haven't read my comment to a previous article below I am repeating it right here.

Plagiarising is a very serious crime in Europe. It is a crime against a person 's intellectual property.
Courts defend singers, songwriters, photographers, all creative people, including the intellectual product of the laborious research of a presidential candidate.
Obama not only repeatedly quotes others speeches, friends supposedly, but I was stunned to hear Obama pick up Hillary's concepts to the letter and even the NUMBERS the next morning after Hillary had made her plans public. That is an extremely serious offense, and a peril for the USA. If the man must latch on to the perfect ideas of a more competent, in fact a brilliant opponent, the States are in a quagmire if they vote for him.
Hillary: sideline this man before the Republicans get to him.

One more observation:
Obama is out of control with his hollow 'Fired Up' speech. In fact he again plagiarizes the woman from Greenfield.
His ludicrous tirade reminds me of your football team managers. Or of O.J.Simpson 's driven dribble before his attack on the memorabiliae collectors.
His campaigning job is already getting too much for him. He needs a psychiatrist 's prescription fast.

Ouch. Okay, now that's maybe not plagiarism, but it's not a class act. Particularly from a guy who corralled the embedded journalists at an event to keep them from...while he read from a teleprompter!
This, and Michelle's catty comments equivocating about whether she would vote for Hilary if she's the candidate (going to check her 'tone' first?)--how does this represent the BEST the Democratic party has to offer? Where's Al Gore? Where's Edwards? Kucinich? Richardson! McGovern's still around....

I'm sure there will be many many more. Gov. Patrick and Obama use the same language and fight the same fights. They have been friends for 15 years and share thoughts and ideas about how to get things done. The fact is that Barack is running as if he's some great visionary or uniquely gifted speaker; he's running on a campaign of having all our voices be heard. That out of many, we are one. In that sense, I hope he will use my words too someday.

I'm appalled by this not because of Obama's plagiarism, after all all candidates have speech writers, but because of how stupid the people around Obama are that they would let this happen.

I'm a republican, but I'm also a realist. I know it might not be the republicans turn. I was at least reassured that Obama was smart. Now, I'm not so sure. Go Hillary!

> This was provided by a rival campaign.

Given that the ONLY "rival campaign" right now is Hillary's...

> "Look, it's not us making this charge. It's the media."

Oops. Caught lying?

Man, she really is desperate for something, anything to make people hate Obama, isn't she?

Probably worth noting that in the past, Obama has credited Patrick specifically for the phrase in the video. From ABCNews:

"But you know in the end, don’t vote your fears. I’m stealing this line from my buddy (Massachusetts Gov.) Deval Patrick who stole a whole bunch of lines from me when he ran for the governorship, but it’s the right one, don’t vote your fears, vote your aspirations. Vote what you believe."

I like the part where Clinton says it's the media's fault...I suppose that "rival campaign" releasing videos is Ron Paul?

If your entire campaign is based on your rhetoric and words, then you shouldn't steal those words. It is pathetic that the only selling points for this empty suit Obama were stolen. For once I agree with Hillary.

HRC: "There's a big difference between a single word and a long string of words."
How long does the string have to be?
Hillary's book, "It takes a village..." was written by another writer after numerous interviews with her. But Hillary was the only author mentioned.

HRC: "Look, it's not us making this charge. It's the media."

Hillary Rodham Clinton She said she voted to give Bush authority to send weapons inspectors to Iraq, and that her vote was not an endorsement of pre-emptive war.

While campaigning in Iowa, Sen. Hillary Clinton defends her vote in favor of the so-called "Lieberman-Kyl" resolution on Iran, calling it a "vote for stepped up diplomacy" and not permission for the Bush Administration to invade the country.

Is it Universal Health Care or Universal Health Coverage?

Does anyone see a pattern here?

well, it's time for mr. axelrod to step up. i've always stated.including on this web site, that the guy is like the chess bros. and their relationship with muddy waters, to fess up. he double diped. political consultant? the pherasies.
hillary contributed dollars to axelrod's daughter's health care.
lets's get real as this goes on. axelrod...look at that!!

Folks who are pushing this plagiarism thing are missing the point completely: Barack uses OUR voices on the campaign trail, constantly incorporating riffs and phrases that communicate his theme of change coming from the bottom up. He borrowed "fired up and ready to go" from the sweet lady in South Carolina, "we are the ones we've been waiting for" from Maria Shriver, and I'm sure there are countless others.

This guy doesn't believe every single good idea has to originate inside his own skull to be relevant. He had absolutely no input into the "yes we can" video, yet there it on his website. He doesn't micromanage, He INSPIRES. And he doesn't exclude, he INCLUDES. Other's voices, other's ideas, and yes, other's words. He has core principles that guide him, but he's willing to listen. And he knows effective ideas and thoughts when he hears them.

When I heard the 2004 DNC speech I jumped up and yelled "YES", because he was ECHOING what I felt. It wasn't a new idea at all, in fact it was as old as the founding of our country. But to hear someone else say what I was thinking made me cry.

And I expect Barack Obama to govern the same way. Incorporating good ideas from all over into his policies. All good ideas don't have to originate from inside his head to be relevant, nor do they have to originate from our side of the aisle. That is the very heart of why this campaign is different.


Certain assumptions need to be challenged in this petty assault on Obama's character. Obama's campaign is NOT based on words or oratory. He has said countless times that his is based on good judgment as opposed to experience and bad-judgment. If someone else used words that fit this occasion there is nothing that stops stops him from "borrowing" those same words to convey a similar message. That alone makes this attack diversionary and it should be treated with the contempt it deserves.

Do all politicians write their own speeches?

Here is a quote from Devel Patrick himself discussing his collaboration with the Obama campaign.

Two days after the Clinton campaign first published videos on YouTube that sparked allegations of plagiarism on the part of Barack Obama, the press was still on the case. And in an appearance on ABC News' Good Morning America on Tuesday, Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick, an Obama friend and supporter, addressed the issue.
Patrick was the source of Obama's allegedly lifted words, and he laughed off the accusation of plagiarism, calling it "elaborate" and "extravagant."
"I think it's a sad comment on the state of the race and the state of our politics that the Clinton campaign is taking this particular tack," he told Diane Sawyer.
The Democratic governor also said it was not necessary for Obama to credit Patrick for drawing from his words.

Having been in academia, I understand the seriousness of plagiarism. I also understand that it's silly to even think that Obama is guilty of plagiarism in this case. When Obama and Patrick admit that they've shared and taken ideas and lines from each other, where's the plagiarism? I remember when the Clinton Attack Machine was something fearsome. But, I guess it's gotten a bit long in the tooth just like Hillary's politics. What's next - revealing that Obama wrote in a school essay that he wanted to be President? Oops - they already tried that. This is just another example of the old politics of dirt and deception. My worry is now that Hillary will do all she can to help McCain win the election if she can't have the nomination.


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