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Sweet: What Obama does not want you to know. Plus John Kerry, Dick Durbin in Nevada for Obama. Jon Corzine, Jennifer Granholm on call for Clinton


HENDERSON, NV.---At a town hall meeting here, Barack Obama is calling for change in how business is done in Washington. Yet later in the day, when he flies to California for a series of fund-raisers and other campaign events, he still refuses to disclose all his fund-raising activities or who is hosting events for him

Last week, after I and some other reporters raised a fuss, the Obama campaign decided to disclose events held in places they deemed "public" and let a pool reporter in to cover. That is laudable. But not enough. For example, today Obama is going to Pacific Palisades--near Los Angeles--for a high dollar elite donor fund-raising event, and the campaign did not deem it worth to put on his "public schedule."

Meanwhile...John Kerry, Dick Durbin stump in Nevada for Obama


I thought everything has to be out in the open.I voted for Obama and he said that he would complete his Senate term and not seek higher office.How can we trust the guy if he hides things and he don't do what he says he'll do ????? Anyway I like Romney and I going to vote for him, we know where he gets his money from !!!!!


Why are you so Obasessed with Obama? I think it is high time you got a life. I am not interested in Obama's fund raising, period. I have been reading your column for the past 2 years and it seems you naturally dislike Obama. Why?

Okay Lynn... and the problem with Obama's schedule for you poor reporters is???

It appears that "raising a fuss" isn't getting you the access you crave... perhaps a change of methodology might work. You know the old saying, you catch more flies with honey than you do with vinegar.

Any attempts to question Sen. Obama's intergrity on the ethics/fundraising issues are completely baseless...see for yourself below. Also, Sen. Obama released the list of his "Bundlers" last year--before the FEC asked for it. Do some simple research people. And quit listening to the pro-Clinton

Obama is the most transparent on fundraising/ethics. He released his list of "Bundlers" last year. He is well ahead of FEC regulations. Additionally, he has over 550,000 donors (more than all other democrats combined) most donated $200 or less.

Because so many of his followers portray him like Jesus. Everything that is said about him, is defended by saying he was attacked. Even if it was on policy. He says he worked on these things in Illinois, did he? What did he do when he was a community organizer? He helped people with voter drives? What about his no votes on controversial issues - he says he's against shrinking his principles for political reasons, for not being of conventional government - yet he PRESENT VOTES because someone told him to cover for his friends. He says for all people to have transparency in fundraising and he doesn't.

All politicians posture. But, with Obama, people think he can't do wrong. The facts are everyone covers for this guy. And if you out him, it's like farting in church.

I'm so sick of all this idolization. He's a great guy, sure. A good dad, yes. A loyal husband, fine....But there is a double standard.

Hey DING--it's called JOURNALISM--like we haven't had in about 30 years since they deregulated radio news and newspaper reporters forgot how to do their job--didn't forget--just lost the nerve to confront or question even KINGLY CANDIDATES like Sen. Obama. He's running for a JOB not a TITLE, remember? It is very telling how Obama gets his money. And how he says he'll protect consumer "information rights"--heis a senator! He can pass legislation to STOP the predatory lending--but apparently he might have offended some big money types at the pahhhteeee!. To think I campaigned for this guy's senate race! He's not doing his job. And it ain't about race. As Zora Neal Huston said, "Not all skin is kin."

I disagree with the above.When politicians have "private fund-raisers" aren't the people giving them money going to want something in return.They will want some kind of 'kick-backs" when the person wins office.If not then whats the big secret.Let the reporters in or at least give them the info they need to do their jobs.Mitt Romney has no secret fund-raisers and will not owe anybody anything when he is president.That's what we need in the white house.Solid guy with no ties.

So what, doesn't he and all the others have to disclose where their money comes from in the final analysis? You'll find out later rather than sooner. I think it's good that Obama is shutting the press out, Hillary does it all the time. Back off, press and sic Hillary.

I don't see why someone holding a priavte party with their friends (and that's what I suspect these smaller fundraisers are) should be required to include reporters who want to run around taking pictures, asking the guests a lot of questions, and eavesdropping on private conversations. The guests are coming to learn more about the candidate in a relaxed, low-key format. The hosts (and Secret Service) also don't need to worry about what pre-publicity would do to their privacy and security concerns. Unless you really believe Obama is telling these groups something different than what he's telling every other gathering, who cares?

Lynn is DEFINITELY obsessed with dissing Senator Obama and has been doing so since day one.

Ding asked why that is and the only thing I can come up with, is that she supports Hill/Billary.

Either that, or like all other Republicans, she wants to see her get the nod so we have 8 more years of GOP rule.

One thing is for certain - whether she's writing articles or discussing Obama on Hardball and other shows - she does nothing by DISS him.

It is about time the press starts covering Obama with some scrutiny. Hillary has been under the microscope for 16 years, but it seems Obama can't take the pressure. Time for him to get out of the picture, or take the heat like everyone else.

I think some scrutiny is in order for the candidates. Particularly the frontrunners.

January 03, 2008

Vote for Change? Atrocity-Linked U.S. Officials Advising Democratic, GOP Presidential Frontrunners
Independent journalist Allan Nairn and American Conservative correspondent Kelley Beaucar Vlahos discuss a little-addressed facet of the 2008 campaign: many of the top advisers to leading presidential candidates are ex-U.S. officials involved in atrocities around the world.

Here're facts on Obama Top Advisors (Birds of a Feather Flock Together) but see/hear/read the entire program above link:

ALLAN NAIRN: Well, Obama’s top adviser is Zbigniew Brzezinski. Brzezinski gave an interview to the French press a number of years ago where he boasted about the fact that it was he who created the whole Afghan jihadi movement, the movement that produced Osama bin Laden. And he was asked by the interviewer, “Well, don’t you think this might have had some bad consequences?” And Brzezinski replied, “Absolutely not. It was definitely worth it, because we were going after the Soviets. We were getting the Soviets.” Another top Obama person—
AMY GOODMAN: I think his comment actually was, “What’s a few riled-up Muslims?” And this, that whole idea of blowback, the idea of arming, financing, training the Mujahideen in Afghanistan to fight the Soviets, including Osama bin Laden, and then when they’re done with the Soviets, they set their sights, well, on the United States.
ALLAN NAIRN: Right. And later, during Bill Clinton’s administration, during the Bosnia killing, the US actually flew some of the Afghan Mujahideen, the early al-Qaeda people—the US actually arranged for them to be flown from there to Bosnia to fight on the Muslim/NATO side.
Another key Obama adviser, Anthony Lake, he was the main force behind the US invasion of Haiti in the mid-Clinton years during which they brought back Aristide essentially in political chains, pledged to support a World Bank/IMF overhaul of the economy, which resulted in an increase in malnutrition deaths among Haitians and set the stage for the current ongoing political disaster in Haiti.
Another Obama adviser, General Merrill McPeak, an Air Force man, who not long after the Dili massacre in East Timor in ’91 that you and I survived, he was—I happened to see on Indonesian TV shortly after that—there was General McPeak overseeing the delivery to Indonesia of US fighter planes.
Another key Obama adviser, Dennis Ross. Ross, for many years under both Clinton and Bush 2, a key—he has advised Clinton and both Bushes. He oversaw US policy toward Israel/Palestine. He pushed the principle that the legal rights of the Palestinians, the rights recognized under international law, must be subordinated to the needs of the Israeli government—in other words, their desires, their desires to expand to do whatever they want in the Occupied Territories. And Ross was one of the people who, interestingly, led the political assault on former Democratic President Jimmy Carter. Carter, no peacenik—I mean, Carter is the one who bears ultimate responsibility for that Timor terror that Holbrooke was involved in. But Ross led an assault on him, because, regarding Palestine, Carter was so bold as to agree with Bishop Desmond Tutu of South Africa that what Israel was doing in the Occupied Territories was tantamount to apartheid. And so, Ross was one of those who fiercely attacked him.
Another Obama adviser, Sarah Sewall, who heads a human rights center at Harvard and is a former Defense official, she wrote the introduction to General Petraeus’s Marine Corps/Army counterinsurgency handbook, the handbook that is now being used worldwide by US troops in various killing operations. That’s the Obama team.

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