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Sweet: Tuesday storylines. Obama-Clinton sniping continues. Obama meets up with woman who inspired "Fired Up! Ready to Go!


GREENVILLE, S.C.—Barack Obama has finished many a speech with the cry Fired Up! Ready to Go. On Tuesday afternoon, Obama travels to Greenwood, S.C. for a rally in the home of Edith Childs, a county councilwoman whose trademark cheerleading cry Obama borrowed for his presidential campaign.

Obama, as he has often recalled-- but less so latel, when he dragged out the story last Friday at a University of Nevada-Las Vegas rally promised to visit out-of-the way Greenwood after meeting state Rep. Anne Parks last spring.

Tuesday developing storylines from the Barack Obama presidential campaign; spillover from the acrimony-filled debate Monday night as both Obama and Hillary Rodham Clinton talk about the sinking economy:

*During a speech an economic speech at Furman University (a formal address with some riffs; Obama used a teleprompter) Obama was not confident the Fed rate cut would do the trick. He’s calling for an immediate $500 in the pot of every “working family” and again accused Clinton of copying his plan for an immediate rebate. Clinton had a rainy day fund in her stimulus plan,

Politically, Obama rolled out a zinger on Clinton, who is running on her ability to be ready to be president from “Day One.” Here’s how Obama turned her words on her. “We can’t afford a President whose positions change with the politics of the moment, we need a President who knows that being ready on day one means getting it right from day one.”

Obama got a standing ovation from the crowd, who got the reference.

*Worried about robo-calls and direct mail hits, the Obama campaign


Well...thank you Ms. Sweet! This is the first week that your articles on the presidential candidates have demonstrated your skills as a professional, objective reporter. You have been on the anti-Obama campaign for so long I was beginning to wonder whose payroll you were really on.


I agree with June. I've been very critical of your Hillary cheerleading but the last few days you have been very objective. This is the Lynn Sweet I'm used to reading.

Lynn, even your by-line smacks of sensationalism and anti-Obama sentiment -- "Obama meets up w/ woman. . ." Give me a break! How about "Obama meets the Woman who. . .[or] Fired Up. . .Ready to Go Creator Meets Obama. . .[or] Obama Travels to Greenwood to Meet Creator of. . ." There are so many ways to go here, and yet, you choose the most sensational headline to tell an innocuous story. Hmmm, I wonder why. . .

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