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Sweet: Thursday Clinton, Obama developing storylines UPDATE


COMPTON, CALIF.---Hillary Rodham Clinton is speaking right now at the Citizens of Zion Missionary Baptist Church, heavy economic message not unlike the one Barack Obama had in Van Nuys yesterday--how to help people loosing homes because of the sub prime mortgage crisis.

Developments so far:
*Clinton-alied unions loose bid in court to shut down casino hotel precincts in Nevada caucus votes. Win for Nevada Dem party, Obama and Culinary Workers union endorsing him--the casino precincts are in the union hotels.
*Obama campaign concerned about Clinton radio ad running in Nevada hitting him for taking contributions from Exelon. (It's about $192,000 and I will try to have more to say about this later. Exelon is a Chicago based company involved in pushing to have a nuclear waste storage site in Yucca Mountain, a radioactive issue in Nevada. Obama, Clinton and John Edwards are against using Yucca for nuke storage.)

*Sen. Patrick Leahy (D-Vt.) endorses Obama.

*BET chief Robert Johnson apologizes to Obama for alluding to his drug us. Obama campaign just said apology accepted.

Earlier today, the Obama campaign hosted a conference call to respond to an ad we have up about Yucca Mountain that references the fact that one of Sen. Obama’s top donors has spent millions to store nuclear waste at Yucca. Below is a copy of the radio script and here’s a quote. I am also including a link to a FactHub item detailing Sen. Obama’s ties to Exelon.

The facts speak for themselves. While Senator Clinton has consistently stood against Yucca, one of Senator Obama's biggest financial backers is a huge proponent of Yucca.

FACTHUB: Top Donor to Sen. Obama Spent Millions Lobbying to Store Nuclear Waste at Yucca Mountain


There’s a big choice to make on Saturday.

For years, one politician after another -including President Bush- has come to Nevada making promises about the nuclear waste dump at Yucca Mountain, but they’ve all been broken.

So who will shut down Yucca Mountain once and for all?

Hillary Clinton

The Las Vegas Sun says –quote- “Of the three candidates, Clinton… showed real courage, real leadership, and real solidarity with Nevada in voting against Bush’s Yucca Mountain plan.”

John Edwards voted to keep Yucca Mountain open… twice. Once Edwards even voted to keep it open over President Clinton’s veto.

And Barack Obama? The Las Vegas Review Journal said Obama was –quote “hip deep in financial ties” to one of America’s biggest Yucca Mountain promoters…nuclear giant Exelon.

So if you want Yucca Mountain shut down for good, there’s only one choice…the one the Sun called –quote- “the best prepared, best qualified candidate.”

At 11 AM on Saturday…caucus for Hillary Clinton.



FACT CHECK: Hillary Clinton Attacks Obama on Yucca But His Record of Opposition is Consistent and Clinton Has Taken Contributions from The Nuclear Industry

Hillary Clinton attack ad script: There’s a big choice to make on Saturday. For years, one politician after another, including President Bush, has come to Nevada making promises about the nuclear waste dump at Yucca Mountain. But they’ve all been broken. So who will shut down Yucca Mountain once and for all? Hillary Clinton. The Las Vegas Sun said, ‘Of the three candidates, Clinton showed real courage, real leadership, and real solidarity with Nevada in voting against Bush’s Yucca Mountain plan.’ John Edwards voted to keep Yucca Mountain open twice, once Edwards even voted to keep it open over President Clinton’s veto. And Barack Obama? The Las Vegas Review Journal said Obama was ‘hip deep in financial ties to one of America’s biggest Yucca Mountain promoters, nuclear giant Exelon.’ So if you want Yucca Mountain shut down for good, there’s only one choice. The one the Sun called, ‘the best prepared, best qualified candidate.’ At 11 am on Saturday, caucus for Hillary Clinton.”


Obama Sent A Letter With Durbin Saying That There Should Be Local Veto Power For Nuclear Waste Dumping. The Las Vegas Review-Journal reported, “When he was in Las Vegas in March for a health care forum, Obama told The Associated Press he opposed the repository and would look to regional storage as a solution. Surely that could not have meant keeping the stuff in Illinois, where much of the nation's commercial nuclear waste is generated. On June 30, 2006, Obama and Sen. Dick Durbin, D-Ill., wrote a letter to Sen. Pete Domenici, D-N.M., who at the time chaired a key energy subcommittee. ‘Senator Obama and I want to make it clear to the chairman that any plan to create regional nuclear waste sites without any local veto power is unacceptable,’ Durbin said at the time. ‘Illinois must not become a dumping ground -- even a temporary one -- for nuclear waste brought in from other states.’” [Las Vegas Review-Journal, 5/15/07]

Obama Spokeswoman Said That States Shouldn’t Be Burdened With Others’ Waste. The Las Vegas Review-Journal reported, “The Obama campaign said Monday the candidate did not accept money from Exelon's lobbyists. Spokeswoman Jen Psaki said the letter shows Obama ‘doesn't believe any state should be burdened with storing the waste from others as long as the state has a storage site to deal with its own waste.’” [Las Vegas Review-Journal, 5/15/07]

Ø Obama Wrote “I Have Always Opposed Using Yucca Mountain As A Nuclear Waste Repository.” In 2007, Obama wrote, “I want every Nevadan to know that I have always opposed using Yucca Mountain as a nuclear waste repository, and I want to explain the many reasons why I’ve held that view. In my state of Illinois, we have faced our own issues of nuclear waste management. There are some who believe that Illinois should serve as a repository for nuclear waste from other states. My view on this subject was made clear in a 2006 letter to Sen. Pete Domenici, who at the time was chairman of the Senate Energy Committee. ‘States should not be unfairly burdened with waste from other states,’ I wrote. ‘Every state should be afforded the opportunity to chart a course that addresses its own interim waste storage in a manner.’ That is a position I hold to this day when it comes to both Illinois and Nevada.” [Obama Letter To The Editor, Las Vegas Review Journal, 5/21/07]

3/23/07: Obama Said He Was Opposed To Plans To Build A Permanent Nuclear Waste Repository At Yucca Mountain. The AP reported, “Obama said he was opposed to plans to build a permanent nuclear waste repository at Yucca Mountain, 90 miles northwest of Las Vegas. The senator, whose home state has the most nuclear reactors in the nation, suggested he might support regional dump sites.” [AP, 3/23/07]


Former Federal Judge Mikva: “There Even May Be 80 Or So Employees Of Exelon Who Are As Discontented With The Company’s Public Policies.” Abner Mikva wrote, “In short, the story shows that some 80 or more employees of Exelon gave individual contributions totaling $160,000. Where the other tens of thousands of Exelon employees have made contributions, if any, is unknown. (There even may be 80 or so employees of Exelon who are as discontented with the company's public policies, as am I, and based their contributions on such fact). The Obama campaign had more than 100,000 contributors in the first quarter of this year; more than 50,000 of those contributions came through the Internet, and the average of those Internet contributions was less than $25. Does that sound like a kept politician?” [Chicago Sun-Times, 5/14/07]


Clinton Has Accepted Thousands In Contributions From NRG Energy Inc., Which Is The First Company To File An Application For A New Nuclear Power Plant In The United States Since The Three Mile Island Accident; Clinton's Position On Nuclear Power Has Confounded Critics Who See A Contradiction In Her Opposition To Yucca But Not To Expansion In Nuclear Power. "At a South Carolina town hall in February, Clinton expressed concerns about waste disposal but noted that 'nuclear power has to be a part of our energy solution.' Clinton has accepted thousands in contributions from the nuclear industry, including nearly $80,000 in this election from employees and a PAC of NRG Energy Inc., the first company to file an application for a new nuclear power plant in the United States since before the Three Mile Island accident." [AP, 11/13/07]

David Crane, The President And CEO Of NRG Energy, A Nuclear Power Company, Has Raised At Least $100,000 For Clinton And Made A $4,600 Contribution. David Crane, a "Hillraiser" for the Clinton campaign, is the president and CEO of NRG Energy Inc. Crane donated $4,600 on March 31, 2007 to Clinton's campaign. NRG Energy Inc. is the first company to file an application for a new nuclear power plant in the United States since before the Three Mile Island accident. [Center for Responsive Politics; AP, 11/13/07; White House For Sale]

NRG Energy PAC Donated $10,000 To Clinton's Presidential Campaign. NRG Energy PAC donated $5,000 on 3/23/07 and $5,000 on 3/24/07 to Clinton's campaign. [FEC]


NRG Committed $5 Million To The Clinton Global Initiative In The First Year And $175 Million Total. [Clinton Global Initiative]


Nuclear Energy Institute Consultant Donated $1,000 To Clinton's Presidential Campaign. Simone Hannah, a consultant for the Nuclear Energy Institute donated $1,000 to Clinton's campaign on 9/27/07. [FEC]

Entergy Corporation PAC Donated $2,500 To Clinton's Presidential Campaign. Entergy Corporation PAC donated $2,500 to Clinton's campaign on 11/27/07. [FEC]

Entergy Corporation PAC Donated $$3,920 To Clinton's Senate Campaign. Entergy Corporation PAC donated $1,000 to Clinton's campaign on 2/1/01, $1,000 on 2/14/01, $1,000 on 3/17/05, $420 on 11/14/05 and $500 on 7/13/06. [FEC]

General Atomics PAC Donated $2,000 To Clinton's Senate Campaign In 2006. General Atomics PAC donated $2,000 to Clinton's Senate campaign on 3/23/06. [FEC]


Clinton Justified Previous Inaction On Yucca Mt. Issue, Saying It Was "A Waste Of Time To Ask Questions" To The "Republican-Controlled Congress." Hillary Clinton recently called for congressional hearings on the proposed nuclear waste repository at Yucca Mountain. This move sparked criticism due to her failure to attend 2 previous hearings on the issue. Clinton said it would have been "a waste of time to ask questions" in the Republican-controlled Congress and that" no matter what questions were raised, there was a very strong momentum that the administration and their Republican allies in Congress… to move forward on Yucca." [Las Vegas Review-Journal, 7/30/07]

Senator Questioned Clinton's Opposition To Yucca Nuclear Repository Because "She Was Missing In Action" For Repository Hearing. Senator James Inhofe, R-Okla., challenged Hillary Clinton's promise to "not go forward" with the proposed Nevada nuclear waste repository at Yucca Mountain because she failed to attend 2 nuclear waste hearings held by her committee on Environment and Public Works. Senator Grey said: "When Senator Clinton had the opportunity to ask 'hard questions' of administration officials about Yucca Mountain, she was missing in action." The Clinton team said her absences were because of "important Senate business on behalf of her constituents, and issues of national importance." [Las Vegas Review Journal, 7/26/07]




"Today, U.S. District Court Judge James Mahan, of the District of Nevada ruled in favor of the caucus process the Nevada Democratic Party established last year and maintains the right of workers and minorities to participate in the Nevada caucuses at their work sites," State Party Chair Jill Derby said today. "We began this process to highlight the participation of westerners, minorities, including Hispanics, and labor in choosing the Democratic nominee for president and today that effort was affirmed by the courts.

"Despite the characterization of some, this process is fair to all Nevadans, union member or not, whether they work within a 2.5 mile radius of the Las Vegas Strip or will caucus at their home precincts. With 520 sites across the state, we look forward to having fair, inclusive and decisive caucuses at 11am on Saturday, January 19th with participation of a record breaking number of Democrats."



I have a question --
if you provide a link to a fact check for an article you publish -- why not provide one that is not affiliated with one of the campaigns??

There are fact check sites like Annenburg Center and others that surely are more objective that YOU providing a link for an anti-Obama story to a HillaryHub fact check

Isn't that only fair?

By my calculations, Obama has received $192,000 in campaign contributions from the company seeking to develop Yucca Mountain, versus $9,400 to the Clinton campaign by sources who really had nothing directly to do with Yucca Mountain.

There is math, new math, and if you really want to be baffled by bullshit, Obama math.

why are all the comments I sent yesterday not appearing?

they were perfectly calm - just pro Obama
I left comments on three threads and none are here the next day

Just curious

I inherited a couple of shares of Excelon stock. If I thought the management or directors of Excelon would listen to me, I would force them to take responsibility for the nuclear waste they produce - WITHOUT dumping it where they don't think the locals have the gumption, or the clout, to object. Disposal of nuclear wastes is a cost of producing nuclear energy, and the citizens of Nevada should not be forced to pay it.
The contributions my husband and I have made to Obama are worth more the value of my Excelon stock. It is possible that the Excelon employees contributing to Obama feel as I do, that if they can't make their company do right, if they can't afford the luxury of quitting in protest, maybe they CAN make a difference by contributing to the candidate who is on record as being consistently and unequivocally opposed to dumping nuclear waste at Yucca Mountain.
In 2000, when I had recently moved to Ohio, I was shocked to hear local environmentalists say they couldn't support Al Gore because he had promised 1992 that a local coal burning plant that flagrantly violated clean air standards would be shut down, and it didn't happen. I don't think it was Al Gore who broke his promise, and I do not doubt he was sincere. I just don't think his concern for the environment was a high priority of the Clinton administration. I do know that fundraising WAS. It is no consolation to me to know that, in retrospect, these environmentalists are really, REALLY sorry that they failed to support Al Gore's campaign for the presidency.
So,as far as Obama's accepting contributions from Excelon employees goes, I have no big problem with it, as long as he can meet the standard once articulated by the late Jesse Unruh: You have to be able to drink their liquor, 'dance with'(sic) their women, AND VOTE AGAINST THEM IN THE MORNING. The bottom line for me is that candidates be open and aboveboard about who their supporters are and where their money comes from - and willing and able to tell them things they don't want to hear, but need to understand.
I am sick and tired of candidates pretending they can satisfy the conflicting priorities of every donor, interest group, region and ethnicity they hope to represent. Competing, contradictory agendas have made the Democratic party and the American government completely dysfunctional.
It isn't enough to beat the Republicans just because they are such losers. Constituent service and real leadership are two entirely different things. I want a president who appeals to the best impulses of Americans to find common ground and solutions to the terrible problems we face. I want to prevail in the 'war on terror' not because our enemies are evil, but because we are good. That's why I am supporting Barak Obama.

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