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Sweet: The Tony Rezko primer.

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FLORENCE, S.C.--My Chicago Sun-Times colleague Tim Novak tells you the eight things you need to know to understand the Barack Obama/Tony Rezko storyline. LINK

My other colleague, Mark Brown, a Sun-Times columinist, calls for Obama to come clean about Rezko. LINK

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I really think the problem here is that Senator Obama has refused to expand on his dealings with Rezko. By doing so he has given the impression that there are things that HE does not want known, things that may, in his mind, further damage his credibility in the campaign. Now the the Hillary and Bill crew has gotten the jump on it, they will not let it rest, it's percieved as a "chink in Obama's armor" and it's probably too late to stave off further negatives. Even IF Obama comes clean!

If his handlers advised him to keep quiet, they were, in my opinion, dead wrong and may have done serious damage to Obama's campaign. If he was the one who made the decision, it shows he has not developed the experience needed to guage what is important, even for himself let alone the country. How can we expect him to second guess our enemies when he can't handle Hillary?


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