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Sweet: The raucus caucus at the Wynn casino. Clinton wins popular Nevada vote. Obama 13 delegates, Clinton 12.


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(photos by Lynn Sweet)

LAS VEGAS, NV.--Raucus Obama and Clinton supporters faced off at caucus at the Wynn Hotel at the Saturday caucus. In the end, the decision was split at this casino precinct: Hillary Rodham Clinton won 189 votes and 38 delegates. Barack Obama won 187 votes and 37 delegates. Statewide, Clinton won 51 percent of the vote to 45 percent for Obama. On the GOP side, Mitt Romney scored a decisive win.

Because of the way delegates are allocated, Obama, even though he did not win the popular vote, picked up 13 delegates to 12 for Clinton.

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Chicago attorney Pat Giordano was at the Wynn precinct as part of Clinton's legal team
(photo by Lynn Sweet)

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bl1zz4rd Says:

January 19th, 2008 at 6:54 pm
Ron Paul finished 2nd in Nevada!!! None of the mainstream media outlets, including FOX News, has been reporting this. I’ve found strong mention of it in the local media, but nothing nation-wide. Does Big Media not want people to know that Dr. Paul can win? Do they not want his 2nd place showing in Nevada influencing S. Carolina? Sure seems like it….I’m reading more online from the mom & pop media outlets inside Nevada than I am on FOX, ABC and CBS. Do any of you actually report the news anymore????

Does Rupert Murdoch own Fox News and the Suntimes newsgroup????

More dirty tricks from Camp Clinton (done through surrogates, I'm sure so the great lady can't be directly implicated, as usual):

Click the link for robo calls about "Barack Hussein Obama" (name repeated multiple times) used in Nevada.

Before blaming the clintons, and it's so much fun for repugs to do, read up on the history our mainstream media's left out for about 30 years, and then back candidates who will re-regulate these profit machines. Vote for Edwards of Kucinich. It ain't over til the convention.

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